Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update – Sudama convinces krishna to kill him

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sudama telling Rukmini this way my friend had promised that I will also take you into me one day so Rukmini says how can this be possible so he explains her I was also confused once but now he has to kill me to save this world.
Mayavi is talking with his gurudev in vaikunth & he explains him that’s why I had blessed you for our asoors so guru gives him a weapon telling him that this weapon cannot be stopped by narayan too so he takes the weapon while Krishna comes stopping him & telling him to not to do this then mayavi is telling Krishna are you scared then he explains him you will be killed & nothing will happen to me but guru intervenes telling Krishna that you don’t try to stop asoors to fight but Krishna tells him you are already blamed then guru talks arrogantly with Krishna telling you are scared so Krishna explains guru telling you wanted to become a big rishi but you could not get that status so you have become arrogant & I am doing my job to stop my devotee then mayavi tells Krishna to do your job & I will see what to do & they leave laughingly.
Rishi’s are moving in vaikunth unknowingly what place is this while Krishna comes blessing them & Krishna explains them about vaikunth.
Mayavi & guru are confused thinking where all rishi’s have gone so guru says this can be trick of narayan so let me understand with my internal powers & narayan is talking with rishi’s explaining them that they are in vaikunth & what vaikunth is they study from narayan & they get impressed by getting knowledge of vaikunth which is such a pure place to become eternal as they are blessed with not doing any evils.
Guru understands that narayan has instigated rishi’s to do good deeds but mayavi tells guru how can they be blessed by Narayan as thay had did evil deeds then guru tells him that you are blamed for their evil deeds & not done by their wishes so he gets annoyed shouting I will kill them all as this should not happen.
Rukmini comes telling Krishna to see what sudama is doing & sees taking Samadhi to get killed & they both talk within each other emotionally & finally Krishna accepts you have to be killed for good cause. Krishna uses his chakra to kill sudama & sudama becomes soul free from his body & prays Krishna telling him I wished this itself then Krishna tells him you are just now killed but your soul is sustained for timeline as your end has not come still.
All rishi’s are performing yagna while mayavi & guru come to destroy their yagna’s but they are replying telling them that you are doing wrong as this place is of shri Narayan who has blessed us so sudama sees mayavi fighting with rishi & he thinks to close this door. Mayavi destroys their yagna with his powers.
Sudama is seeing all evils are coming in this vaikunth who are disturbing rishi’s doing meditations & also women so I will close this door finally to not to allow evils to come here. All rishi’s are alive with attack of mayavi & he gets angry on gurudev how this has happened as your weapon can’t fail so how come they are alive then rishi says we are devotees of Narayan so we are saved then guru says this is not possible as some trick has happened. Guru brings one more weapon of light & says that now this won’t fail but that too gets failed then mayavi asking guru why this is happening then guru says I am also confused then dev rishi comes explaining them that now evil killing has stopped by you both as vaikunth door is closed by shri krishna’s devotee itself so your any weapon won’t work now as all killing is stopped of yours.

Precap: Mahadev tells Krishna I can’t disobey my policy so I will kill sudama but Krishna tells him I will save sudama & this biggest war will happen.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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