RadhaKrishn 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna And Kans’ Epic Battle

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Krishna opens Kans’ palace’s main door and walks in with Balram and Mathura citizens. Kans greets him and says he will fight with him on this land and will kill him. He orders guards to lock door and tells Krishna that he will make sure Krishna is dead today, is he afraid of him now. Krishna says only an asur like him can think that Krishna is afraid of him and would plead for his life; he will give him one chance to change for his father’s sake and now the door will be opened only if he changes himself or die from his hands. Radha watching the event via Shuka’s eyes says Krishna should give Kans a chance to change for Kans’ father’s sake.

Krishna tells Kans that he can achieve mukti via karm/deed, bhakti/prayers, or gyaan/knowledge and he should mend his ways, else he will meet his end via his hands. Kans laughs and says he and all his supporters will die today instead and calling Devaki and Vasudev says their son has arrived. Devaki gets emotional seeing her son. Krishna also gets emotional seeing his parents. Devaki orders Krishna to end Kans.

Kans warns Devaki that her son’s time is nearing. Krishna says as she wishes and says first he will free them from shackles. Vasudev asks Krishna to let it be as he wants to see himself free only after Kans is dead. Krishna lifts Kans holding his throat and says his end has come. Radha plays damru seeing that and prays god. Kutila scolds her for praying in afternoon. Radha says it is her tribute to Krishna. Ayan joins Kutila and yells and warns Radha, but she doesn’t budge.

Krishna continues punishing Kans. Kans throws him on ground and laughs saying a mere cowherd cannot kill him. Krishna trashes him again. Kans replicates himself in 8 Kans and asks Krishna how will face 8 Kans now. Krishna kills 7 replicas and attacks Kans. Kans injured uses black magic, but Krishna continues trashing him. He says Kans loves his throne and crown and breaks them with his punch. Kans shouts no.. Krishna pins him down and trashes his chest. People ask him to kill Kans. Kans disappears and says it is not easy to kill him. Kans catches him again. Kans says if he is going to die, he will kill even all Mathura citizens and uses black magic, but Krishna wards it off. Kans asks how can he ward off all his evil magic. Krishna says he doesn’t know who he is and punches him far away. People chant Sri Krishna Ki jai. Krishna lifts Kans and thrusts him in a drum and says Kans kept his parents in dark and now he realized how it is to be under dark.

Krishna continues punishing Kans reminiscing his each mistake. Kans’ asur soldiers try to attack Krishna, but Balram stops them all and kills them. Kans after being brutally injured asks Krishna who is he. Krishna says if it is his last wish, he will fulfill it. He says tathastu and flying high shows his Narayan avatar and kills Kans.

Krishna says he ended Kans as it was necessary and explains in detail the reason for his avatar and what he taught in his avatar.

Precap: Radha rejoices after Krishna’s voice. Devaki says her son is divine as he killed Kans. Krishna says she is right, he is divine, he is Narayan.

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