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Mohan unknowingly makes Radha wear the ring in the finger which is for engagement. Dadi explains that they are getting late for the function, Tulsi exclaims the engagement has already happened of Radha and Mohan, she asks if he knows why she wanted to meet him. He replies because he is like her Bhagwan so she would have desired to take his blessings, she replies she has another thing and so turns away to bring the flute. Radha explains she made it with her own hands and wants him to have another chance at happiness but she also prays that he would not break it as this might be the last gift which she has for him. She inquires if he would not break it, Mohan slowly takes it from her hands and then puts it in his back. Dadi is constantly knocking on the door so Radha rushes to open it but she sees the ring in her hand and then tries to take it off, she however opens it. Dadi asks if she was in the bathroom but then exclaims Radha is looking really beautiful, she prays that nothing should befall her so they need to leave as it is time for the engagement.

Gungun is about to close the door, Hriday asks if she thinks he is that stupid as he is surely going to take care of Radha but now it is her turn. Gungun however hits him on the head before closing the door with all her might, he even injures his hand so she exclaims it would not have happened if he had not tried to resist. Hriday in frustration vows to make her pay as she has made a mistake.

Shekar seeing Mohan climbing down the ladder exclaims he did not do such a thing when he was young but is now going to get beaten for it, Mohan gets scared when Shekar asks him if came after meeting Radha. Mohan explains that Gungun told him that Radha wanted to meet her, Gungun asks him to not even talk with her since they are no longer partners. Shekar starts smiling when Mohan questions what is he doing, Shekar replies he was invited to the party, Mohan however exclaims that he is going to stand with him on the balcony.

Ajit asks Dulari to hurry up as all the decorations must look the best since it is the engagement of Radha. Rahul and Ketki standing on the balcony exclaim it is nothing good since they must make sure this engagement should not happen as if Damini and Kaveri are happy for anything then it surely means there is something wrong. Damini and Kaveri both come to the hall, Kaveri exclaims that she has been waiting for this moment as when Radha leaves then there would not be any problem. Damini prays everything should go according to their plan.

Dadi and pandit jee are standing when Kadambari brings the gifts for Hriday and Lata jee. Pandit jee asks what is the need for this all, Kadambari replies that even Radha is like her daughter.

Dadi brings Radha seeing whom they all are really impressed, Damini exclaims she had been waiting for this moment for so long and Kaveri holds her hand, she is tensed wondering if she might notice the ring on her hand.

Gungun all of sudden questions why are they all so happy hat Radha is going away, Radha asks what is she doing as she promised to stay in all of her functions, Gungun replies that she had some important work to take care off. Pandit jee asks where is Hriday, they all start searching for him when he asks Rahul to go and find him, they even try to call him when Rahul comes back explaining his phone was in the bed room. Ketki exclaims he might have run away, Kadambari stops her when she replies she was just joking as Radha is like her sister.

Mohan tries to signal Gungun but he accidentally hits Dadi so hides, Mohan once again hits Gungun who then questions what did she do, she signals that he took care of him. Mohan smiles at her, Shekar questions what is he signaling when Mohan replies that she is his daughter so said that she took care of him. Damini notices her so question where is Hriday, Kadambari also asks how would Gungun anything about it, Damini replies because her best friend can do anything for her happiness. She is standing when Hriday suddenly exclaims that he is here, they all are stunned seeing him, he apologizes for being late as he went to the mandir before the start of the function. Dadi assures it is a good thing to pray before the start of such a big event.

Hriday and Radha are standing when Dadi asks her to raise her hand for the engagement, Radha wonders what are they going to think after seeing the ring on her hand, she hesitantly raises the right hand so Damini explains that girls always wear the rings on their left hand, Dadi also asks her so she raises it when Mohan also gets worried wondering why did she not remove the ring as it would create another problem for them all, Lata jee questions who made her wear the ring, pandit jee informs that the ring belongs to her mother. Dadi also mentions she might have worn it on this occasion but now it is not getting off. Radha after trying a while exclaims it is not coming off, Dadi also tries her best but is not successful. Damini offers to help, exclaiming Radha might have gotten a little heavy because of the engagement but she starts pulling it and after a while Gungun asks her to be calm as she is hurting Radha, but Damini keeps on pulling the ring so Mohan also exclaims how it seems she might pull out her finger. Kadambari even requests Damini to be careful as she is hurting Radha, Damini turning back replies they have to take off the ring otherwise how would the engagement happen, she applies the oil and keeps on pulling the ring so Mohan exclaims she might have gotten mad since Radha is hurting. Damini wonders why is the ring not coming off, Tulsi is holding the ring with all her might and standing between Damini exclaims she can try all she wants since the engagement would not happen as she has already gotten engaged to Mohan. Tulsi slaps Damini who suddenly turns and gets really worried, Kaveri after a while question what happened. Damini replies how she feels this ring would not come off.

Radha is really worried; Tulsi apologizes to Radha mentioning they have to stop this engagement. Damini exclaims what is the problem as Hriday can make Radha wear the ring in the other finger so they must fulfill the ritual, lata jee also asks him to come forward. Hriday with a smile makes her wear the ring so everyone starts clapping in joy. Tulsi however is really furious and even Gungun is looking at Mohan.

Lata jee hands Radha the ring which she can make Hriday wear to end the ritual, she requests Hriday to raise his hand. He raises it so everyone is shocked to see that his finger is injured, they ask what happened when he replies his hands got stuck in the door.

Gungun exclaims he got hurt so they might have to cancel the engagement as it is really sad, Hriday asures there is no need for her to be sad as this engagement would surely happen and even if the ring is worn on any finger, it doesnot matter as the relationship is what matters. Pandit jee says that if the ring is not worn in the correct finger then the engagement cannot be completed. Hriday replies that it is a ritual so if the hearts become one then what is the matter, Dadi agrees with Hriday so pandit jee is also forced to accept it. Dadi asks Radha to make him wear it in the other finger. Damini starts looking for Tulsi.

Radha slowly makes him wear the ring in the finger, Damini is still worried of what Tulsi might do to stop it but she is just standing there. Mohan at once feels saddened while Gungun is looking angrily at him, Radha seeing her turns to look at Mohan who is standing on the balcony, he with a smile exclaims he is happy for her. Radha however doesnot smile so he signals her as she must remain happy. Radha turning to Gungun manages to see that she is really angry with Mohan jee once again. Gungun runs from the function not listening to the calls of Mohan. Radha sees him but he assures of handling it all.

Hriday looks to Radha and with a smile thinks yesterday Mohan saved her from him but now everything is happening officially so who would be able to save her, he is just waiting for the first night when they are married.
Gungun sitting in front of Bihari jee mentions she is the best friend of Radha who says he can end all the problems of Radha; she wants him to use them and make sure Radha stays in this house. Mohan prays that once the truth of Hriday comes into his hand then he is going to throw him out of the house, Mohan prays that someone should at least tell him the truth.

Hriday is dancing with everyone in the house when someone from behind turns him, they all look to him but Hriday is stunned seeing him.

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