Falling in love with you again Part 3 Rishab Kiara FS(Naagin6)


Falling in love with you again Part 3

Kiara walked in search of Rishab.She found him in a room at the corner of the hall.

She smiled:Now I will open my heart to Rishab.

She entered the room.

Suddenly she overheard Rishab talking to his father Lalit on the phone with a shock.

Rishab to Lalit:Yes dad,I am willing to marry the girl you chose for me.

Kiara was shattered.

Kiara thought:Rishab is going to do arranged marriage.I am a fool to love him again.

Rishab turned back and was shocked to see Kiara’s wet eyes.

Rishab held her hand and asked:What happened Kiara?Why are you crying?

Kiara:Why do you want to know it Rishab?Why do you care whether I cry or not?

Rishab:What do you mean Kiara?Why are you so rude?

Kiara:Because I am frustrated.I am frustrated with myself for doing the same blunder again and again.

Rishab:What blunder?

Kiara:I did a mistake by loving you again.

Rishab was shocked.

Rishab cupped her face in his hands and asked:What did you say now Kiara?You love me again?What does it mean?

Kiara pushed him and burst out.

Kiara:Yes.I used to love you in college.But when I saw you advising lovers that they should not romance in college I decided to suppress my love for you.I felt suffocated after suppressing love.That’s why I released my frustration in the form on anger on my staffs and got tagged as an over strict boss.After years,when I saw you again also,I tried my level best to control my feelings.But when you made me smile again…when you made me soft again like before..while spending time with you,again I fell in love with you.

Rishab became emotional.

Kiara:I thought you will accept me if I propose you.I was going to propose you.But I realised that you are planning to marry the girl chosen by your dad.


Kiara:No need of saying anything Rishab.It’s all my fault.Like a fool,always I expected something more from you.But it’s all over.I myself is closing this chapter.Bye.

Kiara walked out painfully.

Rishab became upset.



The next day…

Kiara’s concentration was only on her work.

Rishab:Kiara,I want to talk to you.

Kiara:You want to talk about yesterday’s incident.Right?It’s a closed chapter.It’s better not to open it again.


Kiara:You have come here to work with me.Focus on that.

Rishab became upset.


Kiara was gloomy for the next few days.


Pragya and Abhi went near Kiara.

Abhi:Kiara beta…we want to talk to you.

Kiara:What’s the matter dad and mumma?

Pragya:There is a good marriage alliance for you.

Kiara thought:To forget Rishab and move on,I should marry someone else.

Without thinking twice Kiara said:I am ready for it.

Pragya and Abhi were surprised.

Pragya:Are you serious?

Kiara:Yes..I am ready.Mumma..you only told me that if I get a nice man,I will forget my past love failure and live happily.I know that you both have chosen the best boy for me.So I am willing to give a second chance to my love life.

Pragya and Abhi smiled.

Abhi:But you did not even ask us about the boy before saying ‘yes’ to this alliance.

Kiara:I don’t need to know anything as I trust your choice.

Abhi and Pragya smiled.

Abhi:They want the engagement function soon.

Kiara:I am ready for that too.

Abhi and Pragya were very happy.



Kiara told Rishab:The next Sunday is my engagement.You are invited.

Rishab was stunned.

Rishab:Who is the boy?

Kiara:I don’t know.

Rishab got irritated.

Rishab:Don’t you want to know the boy to whom you are going to get engaged?You are a smart girl.Still you …

Kiara:I don’t care about his identity.All I know is he is the best boy for me as he is chosen by my parents.

Rishab:Kiara,I want to tell you something.

Kiara:I told you Rishab that I don’t want to discuss anything personal.I want only a professional relationship between us.After all there is nothing between us.

Rishab:You are right Kiara.Anyways we will see on Sunday during the engagement function.


Kiara walked away emotionally.

She thought:I wish you had realised that you also love me when you heard me getting engaged with someone else.I wish you had told me to not get engaged with anyone else when I told you about my engagement.But I am too filmi to expect such movie scenes in real life also.Rishab has no feelings for me and he does not mind me marrying anyone.

She cried bitterly.

  1. Ishana_stories

    This was such an emotional yet funny chapter to me, i think i know what will happen next that is why im saying funny. Kiara being heartbroken yet again was really emotional to watch. her love confession and Rishab asking her what she meant by loving him again was good. He wants to tell her something again and agin but she is not allowing. Kiara telling him that she was going to get engaged was emotional. him getting irritated on knowing that she doesnt know the guy was cute. Kiara wishing Rishab wouldve stopped her was really emotional.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

  2. Revu

    This was very emotional chapter. The way Kiara tried to express her feelings and getting again a shock for heart was painful. Rishabh was trying to tell her something but the way she showing her frustration was bit bad. She is emotionally break down so can’t blame her for it. Abhigya telling they have find groom for her and the groom’s family need a quick engagement was surprising. Kiara agreeing to it suddenly was emotional. She telling Rishabh about her engagement and when Rishabh asked who is the guy she replied a careless way that she doesn’t know was heart breaking to read. It’s reminding me the scene of movie again. Waiting to read next part.

  3. Ishita zoy

    Superbbbbbb..i guess lalit was planning for Kiara only and that’s why Rishabh agreed..

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