Radha Mohan 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Tulsi punished both Damini and Kaveri

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Tulsi once again enters the house with Mohan and Radha passing the protection shield, Radha is constantly looking at Mohan as he is taking her into the house. Damini explains that Mohan himself took the Sindoor in the house so this means that Tulsi is also inside, Tulsi is looking at them both from the balcony. Kaveri exclaims that their Chitta has already caught the fire before their death and she knows Tulsi would not leave them, Damini doesnot know what is going to happen now, Kaveri explains that their happiness has been ruined since that Tulsi is going to have a lot fun.
Radha informs Mohan that she cannot live in this house and wants to go back, Gungun coming from behind requests Radha to not leave as her mother had already died and is she also going to leave her, Radha is not able to bear it so hugs Gungun while crying, Tulsi standing in front of Mohan, exclaims he can hide his tears from everyone but how can he hide them from her, Gungun’;s father for the first time brought both her friend and mother into the house and the truth of Radha overwhelmed the lies of Damini. Mohan instructs them both to go and rest, Radha once again ex she cannot live but Mohan threatens to break all her teeth if she talks about leaving again. Mohan’s father explains he also felt really bad when she was in pain so he asks her to take care of herself. Radha is dizzy but leaves with Gungun.

Damini is standing with her mother, she asks for her mobile and then tries calling Guru maa but questions why does she not answer the calls, Damini recalls how Guru maa said that she must break the Varth from the hands of Mohan after which no one would be able to stop her marriage. Damini exclaims she will think about Tulsi and Radha but first needs to break the fast with Mohan as then no one can harm her.

Damini goes to Mohan requesting that he cheer himself as she must break the fast because she is really hungry, Mohan leaves in anger. Kaveri informs Damini how she is really scared about what Tulsi will do with them, Damini explains that she must always stay with the family as then no one can wrong her, Tulsi thinks that she would never let Damini break her fast. She recalls how Kaveri slapped Gungun.

Kadambari is with Mohan expalining that the truth is sometimes dependent on the situation, she knows that Damini said a lot of bad things to Radha but she only did this because of her love for this family, she has kept the varth for Mohan and remained hungry the entire day so he needs to come and break her fast, she informs that everyone makes mistakes but a good person is the one who accepts is mistake and a good family is the one who forgive those, she is proud of her family but especially her son who made sure she did not do anything wrong, otherwise how would she be able to bear the pressure of the tears of Radha, she is sure that he would come to break the fast of Damini.

Radha is sitting after placing her Bihari jee, she recalls how Rahul blamed her for being a thief and even Ketki said she always suspected her including Damini who said she can never be like them all, she is crying when Gungun places her hand on her shoulder, Radha looks to her with tears in her eyes and so she hugs Gungun who is also really tensed.

Damini along with Kadambari and Ketki have prepared for the pooja, Kaveri praises her daughter mentioning she is looking like a newly wed wife, Kadambari exclaims that she is just waiting for the time when she has the Sindoor of Mohan’s name in her Mang as then she would be the best-looking girl in all of their city. Kaveri with a smile exclaims she also desires Mohan break the fast as soon as possible otherwise Damini exclaims her heart would be broken since she kept the varth with such honesty and so asks Kadambari if she feels Mohan would come to break the fast, Kadambari points at Mohan who is coming.

Mohan arrives when they start the pooja and Damini is thinking of how Guru maa said that she must break the fast from Mohan’s hand after which no one would be able to break her relation, Tulsi however doesnot let her take even a single sip, Damini is suffocating which Kaveri notices and thinks if the spirit of Tulsi is doing this, Damini rushes into the room not being able to breathe, she vomits the water when her mother question why did she come running handing her the Thali as she is a widow. Tulsi slaps Damini who hits the bed side, Kaveri tries to run away when Tulsi closes the door and she hits her in the back of her head with a vase before making her fall on the bed, Tulsi exclaims she hit her daughter so would now have to pay for what she has done, Damini seeing her mother in pain stands threatening to tell everyone that Gungun is the one who hit her but Tulsi doesnot feel threatened, she says Damini can do whatever she feels like but no one would believe her since now Gungun has Radha standing beside her. Damini tries to run away but Tulsi stops her from the feet, she hits Damini in the head with a vase, Kaveri gets scared and tries to stop Tulsi but she starts hitting her in the leg so that she sits on the table, Tulsi mentions no one can save her and holding the hand exclaims this was the hand with which she slapped Gungun, Tulsi twists it hard which causes her to scream from pain.

Gungun requests Radha to stop crying, Mohan entering the room asks if she is still crying, Gungun informs that she has gotten a headache after hearing her crying, she questions why did she go to throw the garbage as should have said no, Mohan agrees with Gungun saying she is telling the truth but Radha must eat this food, she refuses to eat it when Mohan explains she must not refuse the food, Gungun goes to sit on the bed when Mohan asks Gungun to do something, she replies it is not that easy and she challenges him to make her eat the food, agreeing to not do anything wrong or misbehave for a whole day, Mohan exclaims she is really great so can he prostrate Gungun leaves with a smile.

Mohan sits beside Radha who is crying asking if she heard the deal what Gungun said that they all would get peace for a whole day, Radha still refuses to eat anything. Mohan mentions he knows that she is hurt and felt really bad after what happened today, she seems really weak so would get ill. Mohan says he tried her way but would now make her eat forcefully, Radha still refuses to eat when he holds her nose so she opens the mouth to breathe, he uses the opportunity to make her eat. Radha is left stunned and is not even able to move, he signals her to chew it since they say that people cough if they donot chew, he warns to even do it for her if she doesnot do it herself. Tulsi exclaims Radha kept the Varth for him and he unknowingly broke her Varth according to the rituals, Radha is eating the food while staring Mohan.

Precap: Damini’s mom says to her those who are not lucky make their own luck, you will make your luck and get married to Mohan.
Radha is crying and sees Mohan’s name in her plam. Tulsi is sitting nearby, I wish you two get together. Radha opens the gate and sees Mohan standing there.

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