Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Baji tries to tell Kashi about Mastani

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 23rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kashi starts reading Baji’s letter which says that he wants to talk to her about his heart alone so she should come to his tent. Kashi tells Radha that he must want to meet me alone. He must have brought a gift for me.

Mastani asks Baji why do I have to stay here? Baji says if I take you there then Kashi will be hurt. I have to talk to her before things go out of hand. Matank comes there and says you are leaving her stranded in the jungle? you should have left her with her parents. Mastani asks Matank to leave, they do. Mastani asks Baji if he is doing the right thing? Baji says I don’t know but Kashi has been my best friend since childhood. I won’t be able to make people understand but if Kashi accepts us then she will pacify people too. Mastani says what if Kashi doesn’t accept us? Baji says you don’t know her, she will understand. Mastani says I trust you. Baji says you stay here, I will talk to Kashi and request her to accept us then I will take you back. Mastani hugs him and says I don’t want to be away from you. I just want to keep looking at you. Baji says I will soon take you from here. Mastani gives him a sand pouch and says it will leak sand, when the sand ends and you don’t return that means you have left me. Baji says that won’t happen. I will be back before the sand ends in this pouch. He leaves.

Kashi tells Ganga that I will show my gift to Baji who is our son. She asks Ganga to hide the baby from Baji so that he can gift me first.

Kashi comes to meet Baji. He arrives there, Kashi is elated seeing him and thinks if he won’t hug her? Kashi hugs him tightly and cries. She says I waited for you for so long, I thought you would hug me tightly when you see me but look at me, I have no shame. Baji looks on and says I am sorry. Kashi says I know you must have to fight a lot. Baji says the thing is.. Kashi says let me hug you first. She smiles at him. Baji goes into the mandir with him and says it’s good to meet you. Let’s go back to the palace, is there some special news? Did you bring a special gift for me? Why did you call me here alone? Baji is stressed. Kashi says what happened? I know everything. Baji is stunned and says what? how? Did Sooriya tell you anything? Kashi says no but I know you. I know you must have brought a small gift that’s why you are stressed. It’s okay, just give your gift as I have something special to show you also. Baji says what happened in Bundelkhand was not in my hands. Kashi says you are stuttering like you have got another woman in your life… Baji is shocked. Kashi says I am sorry, I was just joking as I know you will never cross the line and look at another woman. Baji thinks how to tell her about Mastani?

Mastani is waiting for Baji. Matank says I will go and look for him. Mastani says no but he leaves from there.

Kashi tells Baji I know no one else can win your heart. Baji says don’t put me on a pedestal like that. Kashi says why wouldn’t I? You are a soldier and you are loyal to me. Baji says the truth is totally different. He starts hearing a baby cry and looks at Kashi.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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