Radha Mohan 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha informs Mohan that Gungun is stuck in the well

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Radha yells the name of Gungun standing over the well, while Gungun hearing the cry also realizes that Radha is standing there so she also feels that she is there, Mohan sitting beside Radha asks what has happened, she after a while explains that Gungun is in this manhole. They all are stunned hearing this, Kadambari asks if she can see Gungun when Radha explains that the well is really deep and it is complete darkness, they all start shouting her name.

Tulsi standing on the balcony wonders what is going on so is Gungun in any sort of problem, Radha reveals that she feels Gungun is here since she found her mobile and shoe, Mohan ask them to bring a rope when Radha sees the blood on the hole.

Damini hands him the medicine so she asks what did he do to Gungun, Hriday questions why did she call him here for a meeting, she doesnot understand so he reveals how he checked the house and there is not any camera or recording device, so is there any ghost in the house. Damini demands what has he done to Gungun, he replies he has taken care of her and that too so she would not return.

Radha is really tensed, she explains that the blood is still fresh and this means that Gungun is really in this well.

Hriday mentions she would not even have to act like a mother so she should only wish of being with Mohan, Damini holds him by the collar but his mother asks her to let go of her son, Damini mentions that he doesnot know what Mohan is capable of, he would do anything to find his daughter and there would not be any place where he can hide from Mohan. Damini turns to walks away when Hriday asks what if Gungun is under the floor, Lata jee asks if he has killed her hearing which Damini is stunned.

Mohan along with the entire family is calling Gungun, she doesnot respond and is still unconscious. Hriday hears the call when Damini thinks he has actually killed her, Kaveri asks her to calm down since she is going to check what has happened. Damini questions what has he done, he asks her to not be worried since he would not charge her any extra amount.

Dadi is praying in the Mandir while Tulsi is anxiously waiting for her wondering what might have happened, Dulari comes running informing that Gungun has gotten trapped in the well hole, hearing this Dadi is stunned and even Tulsi is not able to bear it so she tries to walk out but is not able to do because of the protection.

The entire family is calling for Gungun, Kaveri comes to the well exclaiming what has happened to their Gungun as she is really young so why was she taken away from them, Radha stands in anger warning her to not speak anything of the sort ever again as their Gungun is fine. Radha once again calls her, she notices that Mohan is losing hope so requests him to stay calm when he asks what else would he do since he cannot do anything while his daughter is trapped inside, Radha explains today his love for Gungun would become her strength as this is even stronger than that of Bhagwan which is her belief., Mohan also understands so once again starts calling to Gungun.

Tulsi pushes away all of the furniture in the house, she lies down on the floor calling Gungun asking if she is fine as she must hear the cries of her mother and speak something, Mohan and Radha are also constantly calling her to speak and say something. Dadi is continuously praying for Gungun in the Mandir.

They all try their best to call Gungun so she finally wakes taking the name of Radha, Tulsi is relieved hearing this. The entire family asks if she can hear them when Radha suddenly asks them to stay quiet and signals them using their hand, Gungun calls to Radha hearing which Mohan and the entire family is relieved. Kaveri is stunned as Gungun once again calls to Radha, she asks if Mohan heard as she assured that noting would happen to Gungun. Mohan explains he is himself going to bring her out. Mohan mentions he is coming but they all stop him when Kadambari explains they donot know how long is the well and if Gungun is hurt. Kadambari mentions he cannot take her out on himself but they all stop him, she requests him to listen for the sake of Gungun when he asks if he should stand by while his daughter is in pain. Shekar informs he has called the rescue team and they would arrive but Mohan asks should he stay here till that time. Kadambari requests him to stay here, Gungun once again calls him so Mohan rushes but Radha stops him questioning what is he doing, what if Gungun dies because of his weight. He must not lose his sense in this. Gungun calls to Radha, Mohan and Dadi. They request her to not be scared as they would surely bring her out because the rescue team is about to arrive.

Kaveri rushes back explaining that Gungun is fine and they all heard her voice, Damini explains this means Gungun is alive so what if she tells the truth about Hriday. He exclaims it would happen if she comes out alive as this cannot happen with a bore well, he shows the research explaining only three people have survived out of one hundred, Damini explains she has Radha Mohan who would surely protect her. Hriday explains she is not that lucky because if it was the case then she would not be without a mother. Damini warns him to not be so over confident, Hriday in anger takes out the knife seeing which Lata jee is forced to calm him down. Kaveri asks her to come as they all are waiting for her.

Hriday requests his mother to take care of Damini otherwise he will surely kill her, Lata jee replies he must be worried about what will happen if Gungun comes out of that well alive.

The family is standing when Mohan hears the voice of the sirens and assures that the rescue team has arrived so they would surely bring Gungun out of the well, Shekar comes with the police revealing that since the street is small the rescue truck and team cannot come here, Kadambari explains that he should do whatever he feels like but she need Gungun to come out alive.

Mohan once again insists on going inside the well when the officers arrive and instruct them all to stand inside, the officer introduces himself mentioning that he has taken part in a lot of such cases so promises to bring his daughter out of the well alive. Mohan requests if he can go inside but the officer replies no one can go inside since the mud is still wet and it would sink because of his weight causing his daughter to die while being trapped inside and he would be the reason for it, hearing this Mohan and Radha are stunned.

Precap: Army officer says to Mohan, I won’t give you false hope, situation is very difficult. Mohan says that’s what I’m saying, tie someone with a rope and send him down. Officer says, it’s not that easy as it looks, it’s a narrow pit when we go down the lane and if mud falls down, Gungun will be buried, it’s impossible to bring the child out from this hole.

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