Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Angoori and Anita fight against eachother

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari and Vibhu disguised as NRI’s Dubai. Vibhu is named Anu and Tiwari named Malik. Reshampal walks in with Suresh and Tesri Ankh and introduces everyone. Suresh says you are my guest. Anu speaks in Dubai accent. Suresh asks for company profile, I want to know more about your company. Anu says I don’t need files, I have my sharp mind. Malik says he has no business sense. Anu says Reshampal why waste our time. Suresh says its fine I was just testing you, just tell me what all you have build. Anu says we do restorations, build forts and doing similar to Ajanta caves and we deal in all countries. Suresh removes Vibhu’s moustache.

David scolds Tiwari and Vibhu and says if I was in your place, Suresh would be dancing in front of me. Anu says he is right. Tiwari says its Vibhu’s fault, his overacting. Vibhu says he is the reason, Tiwari looks so down market. Anu says enough now tell us the condition. Tiwari and Vibhu start crying and says he has given a worst task.
Suresh asks Tiwari and Vibhu to hold a boxing match if Anu vs Angoori.

Anu says we will do this task, one of us will surely win. Angoori says yes.

Anu practices on Vibhu. Vibhu says very good and Angoori is very gentle don’t be harsh. Anu says and what if I loose. Vibhu says what if it goes draw. Anu says who wins match will win their house. Vibhu says do a thing, loose this match. Anu says how dare you. Vibhu says our house is rental and their house is owned, we will get blessings. Anu says I will win thats it.

Angoori practicing. Tiwari gets scared seeing she is practicing using bricks. Angoori says Amaji sent me energy drink and this has given me all the strength. Tiwari says what will you do. Angoori says I will crush Anu. Tiwari says she is so delicate, Angoori starts crying says I have to, to save this house and I will do anything for it. Tiwari gets scared seeing Angooris energy.

Anu and Angoori’s match to begin. Anu practices on Teeka’s stomach. Angoori practices on a pillow. Tiwari asks Angoori to be gentle. Vibhu asks Anu to be gentle. Anu says look I don’t have any problem with her but for this this house and rent free house for a year I will do this.
Angoori says to Tiwari, I just care about my house and will win this fight.
Prem arrives on bike and wishes luck to Angoori and Anu.

David begins the match. Angoori and Anu start fighting. Tesri Ankh gets hit by both and then Suresh gets hit between both.

Happu walks to Anu and Angoori in police station. Happu says they are here for first time and so I got them five star hotel. Bijli scolds Happu for his behaviour.
Tiwari and Vibhu walk to them and scold what have you done. Angoori says we can do anything for our house. Anu says everything to save our house. Suresh walks in and aays what fire, you attacked the king. Angoori says we are rebelling. Suresh says I would do the same. Tiwari says lets stop this and come mid way. Suresh says I have a solution, Vibhu says okay. Suresh says there is a challenge and you two husbands have to get rakhi tied from their bhabhi.

Vibhu drinking, David says Vibhu say something. Vibhu says I want to kill Kabaddi, I will die but not let bhabhiji tie me Rakhi. David says you have to, Tiwari walks to them.

Pre cap: Vibhu says to Anu, whoever ties me Rakhi their bad days start, like what happened to Tina.
Tiwari says same to Angoori and says same happened to Shamvati.
Tina and Shamvati arrive in model colony.
Anu and Angoori ask Vibhu and Tiwari to get ready for rakhi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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