Kunj decided to go London for twinkle so   She will be fine after change from here each and everyone getting for this.They understand right now she really going through very bad time.

Avantika:it’s good if we will go.


Rudra:than let’s go.. after tomorrow?

Kunj: even I’m too thinking this only.

Tej: okay do we are ready.

Rahul: haan.

Kunj: thanks everyone for this to supporting us.

Usha: acha now you will say thanks to us haan dong forget you are our son and your twinkle is our bahu less daughter more??. All giggles Kunj hold his earlobe one.

Kunj:sorry meri maa?..

Avantika:acha go and where is twinkle now she must be tired after engagement function give her medicine on time okay.

Kunj:hmm twinkle and Aayat sound coming till down all listen giggles.

Usha:this new Jodi is good.They all went to their respective rooms.

Kunj entered in room and see twinkle and Aayat twinkle changing Aayat clothes and she doing masti.. he went towards them.

Kunj:hoo masti great.

Twinkle:see her Kunj she didn’t listen to me now.

Kunj:acha because of your extreme love ??.chalo Aayat baby no more.

Aayat:haan sorry she changed her clothes and sits.Kunj take her clothes and went in washroom.Aayat went to her parents room.Twinkle too changing her clothes Kunj come out of the

washroom and see her he smiled. Kunj sit in side twinkle too come after change.

Kunj:where is Aayat?

Twinkle:she went to mummy ji in sad voice.

Kunj:acha twinkle leave about this all things.i decided that we are going to London.

Twinkle:what London so suddenly you have anything come, you can go and alone.

Kunj:I’m not going alone each and everyone going back to London twinkle.

Twinkle:but why so suddenly Kunj..

Kunj:aise hi.. are you happy?


Kunj:acha wait you take your medicine or not.she nodded in no.Kunj bring her medicine and water and give her medicine.They both lay down Kunj try to talk to twinkle but she just lost in her thoughts only.Her one hand resting on her tummy.She just pretending she is happy but she isn’t at all.I know twinkle you are still not come out of your pain. And i just take this decision for you and your happiness if you stay here more you will just miss each and everything about baby. He raise his face slightly and kissed on her temple.

Kunj:goodnight.she look at him.

Twinkle:goodnight.Kunj resting his head on backboard.While twinkle sleep.Kunj looking at her face and and caressing her face.

Kunj: babaji please bring my old twinkle back. Look at her see her bandage and hands too kissed on her forehead.Hold her hand which was keeping on her belly. And rest her head on her chest..

Next day in morning Omkara and mahi was talking with each other’s whole night they didn’t see the time whole night they passed away in chit chat.

Om: acha now you sleep mahi.

Mahi: Haan I’ll miss you you going why?

Om: understand don’t you wanted your di..

Mahi: yes.

Om: just pray will come back with old my bhabhi and your di most your jethani ji rocking ??. She giggles and he too.

Mahi: yeah I’m waiting acha bye let me sleep. Maa will come to wake up me..

Om:Haan bye.they end the calls and sleep.

After sometimes later everyone wake up.Kunj was getting ready while twinkle still sleeping Kunj smiled.

Kunj:don’t know when you get fully fine for your happiness I’ll do anything.. closed his buttons and went downstairs.

Everyone come for breakfast and take their seats Usha and Avantika feeding Anjali she just doing drama.rudra blinking his eyes.

Rahul: Kya Hua Rudra didn’t sleep?

Kunj: always owl..??.

Rudra: kaha me because of O Omkara come there and take his seat in hustle.

Usha: what happened today you get late?

Rudra:obviously he will maa he didn’t sleep whole night busy with Mahi and didn’t let me sleep as well eww.. ??. All giggles while Omkara looking down.

Anjali:but Rudra you have so many gfs still you too get busy na. ?.

Kunj:haan good one Omkara you too.

Rahul:going great ??.

Avantika: where is twinkle Kunj puttar?

Kunj: she sleeping so I didn’t wake up her.

Lata:good let her rest as much as she can. Due to bua ji she bear so much pain.Even in engagement too she just lost in herself she need rest still not fine.

Avantika: true mummy ji medicine will cure her wounds physically toh what about her heart. she will take time.

Rahul:that’s why Kunj take this decision.

We will go from here it’s good for her too.

Anjali:haan.Without her this house is so empty with her laughs sound whole house filled with happiness.They all done with breakfast.

Twinkle wake up and laying down cuddling blanket and looking here and there. Kunj entered in room and see her.

Kunj: you wake up good morning… he look at twinkle she lost in herself. Twinkleee.

Twinkle:haan.. good morning.

Kunj:are you okay na??

Twinkle:haan just feeling lazy.Just.Even whole body aching.

Kunj:what.He went near her and sit beside twinkle.He check her forehead.

Fever toh nahi hai.

Twinkle: I’m okay.. you go office you will get late.

Kunj:nahi I’ll cancel this.

Twinkle:you go Kunj please I’m okay. Just need rest only.Kunj look at her face which become gray..

Kunj:okay.Take care of yourself.

Twinkle: hmm.. she turned her face other side and resting her head on bed.

Kunj get up and take his bag and went downstairs.

Kunj:mummy you see twinkle and stay with her she isn’t fine..

Avantika: what happened?

Kunj: feeling low..

Avantika:acha you go I’ll stay with her don’t worry.Keep her hand on his cheek he smiled and left for office.

Twinkle just combating with her pain. Her body and heart soul both arching badly.tears gliding down from her eyes. Falling down on bed making wet. Avantika entered in room with breakfast.

Avantika:twinkle beta??. She listen her voice immediately get up. Wiped her tears but Avantika can see..

Twinkle:Haan mummy ji.

Avantika:Are you okay I bring breakfast walnut waffles for you it’s your favourite na.


Avantika: you go and get freshen up.

Twinkle:hmm.Twinkle take her clothes same plain clothes.She went in washroom while Avantika arranging her room Perfectly.Twinkle come out of the washroom like a lifeless body.

Avantika: come.She make her sit and take towel and drying her hairs.See your hairs become so dull didn’t taking care of my bahu. Today I’ll make your beautiful hairstyle.

Twinkle:nahi mummy ji.

Avantika:acha okay.She combing her hair and make her one Braid..Avantika sit beside twinkle and make her feed breakfast with her hands she can see she just having with heavy heart. Avantika didn’t said anything.She finished the breakfast have little bit. Avantika didn’t force her. She give her medicine.Come with me..

Twinkle:hmm she went downstairs with her. She sit with Anjali and Lata..

Kunj was busy in his work he call Avantika and ask her about twinkle she said she is fine now toh. He get relief and again busy in work. Rohan and Priyanka completing all pending works. During this all days they had fun together while working in office Rohan got to know about them they going back to London he felt bad but can’t do anything tej tell him he will handle here work he get ready

Rohan: Priyanka this work done let’s have lunch today I’ll give you treat?

Priyanka: okay.

Rohan: okay I’ll waiting for you down.

Priyanka:hmm she smiled and went in washroom and get freshen up correct her face applied lipgloss and smiled. Why I feeling so bad. She went down Rohan was waiting for her she message tej and left with Rohan they went to restaurant they went towards table Rohan pulled out chair for her.She smiled and sit. He too sit.

Rohan: acha what you wanted to have miss sarna..??. She blushed. Don’t know why.

Priyanka: whatever you want mr Mehra.?.

Rohan: okay ji. He call waiter and give Oder bring all Priyanka favourite things and she get surprised how he knows but happy. Aur going back?

Priyanka: haan.

Rohan: happy London??

Priyanka: hmm but sad too miss here everyone. ?. By the time waiter bring food. And served them smell coming awesome.

Rohan:chalo lets start.They started having food both enjoying with smile. Rohan admiring Priyanka lott. ?. I’ll miss you pinku lott..??.Slightly something stuck near Priyanka lips Rohan telling her but she didn’t get it he went near her face and wiped. Fine

Priyanka:thanks.They feed each other food and laughing playing with spoon. Before he and she have immediately pulled the spoon??.

Rohan:food is tasty what you wanted to have in dessert..

Priyanka:hmm it’s so heat na let’s have ice cream not here outside.

Rohan: okay if your brother and father get to know than kill me ?.

Priyanka: don’t worry.

Rohan:anything for you.Rohan pay the bill they went from there and went near ice cream vendor.Which flavour

Priyanka: chocolate..?.

Rohan:okay bhaiya give one chocolate flavour ice cream. Priyanka looking here and there Rohan admire her.She is best thing happened in my life that I fall for her. Ice cream vendor give ice cream Rohan give to Priyanka she take and get so happy and started enjoying her ice cream Rohan clicking her funny photos.

Priyanka: Arey Don’t na.. ?.

Rohan:after you I’ll post them daily.. ?.

Priyanka: acha okay. Where is your ice cream?

Rohan: you have I’m fine.

Priyanka: at least taste this it’s so yummy

You wouldn’t get in London ?.

Rohan: acha: he went near her and open her mouth gestured her she made him have with her hands  he get so happy. In heart yes this I wouldn’t get in London not only but nowhere this taste which I getting from your hand..?.

Priyanka: ahah where you lost haan always?

Rohan:nowhere.They enjoyed the ice cream and after left for office again.

Other hand.. ….

@ om room .Om called mahi..


Om:mahi i want to tell you something…

Cane we meet..

Mahi:what happened? Everything is ok na ??

Om:hmm first meet me in ccd at 5 pm..


@ ccd …

Om was waiting for mahi Mahi came..

Mahi:om…what happened you called to meet me so suddenly.Everything is ok na.

Om:mahi you know na ..twinkle is not good after her miscarriage..

Mahi:hmm so..

Om:so kunj has decided that they will go London and live there only till she didn’t get normal. I told you na at call.

Mahi:hmm then.

Om:then i said ki we all will go with you and support you both.. and i also said we will marry when twinkle will be fine.

Mahi:hmm good you should support them why are you so tensed.

Om:because i decided alone that we will marry when twinkle will be fine but didn’t ask you .Your decision too matter.

Mahi:you know om tumne jo bhi decision liya hai woh bilkul sahi hai agar tum bolte toh bhi mai shadi ke liye ready ni hoti jiju or twinkle di ki khushi ke bina shadi karna mujhse ni ho payega …

Om:really mahi …toh don’t  have any problem.

Mahi:ni om.mujhe kyn problem hogi….tum wahi kar rahe ho jo ek bhai ko karna chaihiye.Phale tum ek bhai or bete ho..mere fiance toh baad me ho..

Om:smiled thats why i love you so much you totally understand me..

Mahi:shyly haan i love you too …

Om:so now no meeting .till we will be in london.

Mahi:koi na di or jiju ke liye kuch bhi..

Wese mil ni sakte toh kya hua video calling, calling & messaging toh kar hi sakte hai na..

Om:hmm ye toh hai

Mahi: toh mr om sarna ek coffee ho jaye till you come back from London.

Om:sure to be mrs om sarna.


Both had there coffee and spent some time with each other..

They fully busy in office work to finished as much as they can.Rudra doing work with tej he teaching and side by side scolding by tej.. ??.Whole day passed quickly.Twinkle same to same whole day she just sit with Avantika cuddling her she too didn’t leave tell usha she do all work and do everyone packing along with servants.Both Taneja’s And Luthra’s got to know about them going back to London.Feel bad because babaji bring this situation that’s why Kunj take this decision and will miss them lott. Avni was hell sad because she didn’t get Time to stay with them after her marriage but can’t do anything.

In living room Avantika Sitting while twinkle resting her head on her lap she caressing her hairs.Her eyes become like stone.Aayat sitting in side and playing with pillows Avantika see twinkle she blinking her eyes seemed like going to in deep sleep. She gestured her don’t make noise.She stop.

Avantika:babaji please give her strength.Just than everyone come back. Their eyes went on twinkle and Avantika they just keep quiet.Kunj see twinkle face he closed his fist but can’t do anything.

Kunj:how she is sit beside Avantika caress her hand.

Avantika:fine now toh after medicine. Now sleep.

Kunj:good.after sometimes later they all finished their dinner twinkle wake up. Kunj went in room and take dinner for her.You wake up let’s have your dinner.

Twinkle:nahi I don’t want.

Kunj: why went near her acha tell me what you wanted to have should I Oder your favourite pizza??

Twinkle: nahi kuch nahi chahiye Kunj.

Kunj: we are going do you wanna go maa house stay one day with them?

Twinkle:na I don’t want.Cuddles him and rest her head on her chest.Kunj don’t leave me I feel scared ?.Kunj cuddles her back.

Kunj:why I’m here na look at me.He cupped her face don’t worry twinkle. Kissed on her forehead. Kuch toh kha le?

Twinkle: please na.. don’t say anything I’m tired.

Kunj:acha lay down he make her and pressing her hands and legs she feel good. After sometimes later Rudra and Omkara entered in room with coffee and twinkle favourite cookies.

Rudra: bhabhi I make coffee for you.

Om: and yours cookies ???.

Kunj:haan she didn’t have anything let’s have this i too feel like to have. He make her sit and hold coffee mug and make her drink with his hand.She drink Rudra make her eat cookies.She didn’t said anything they try to pass joke so twinkle Can laugh but she didn’t even smile slightly looking just straight there is no smile and no shine at her face.

Twinkle slightly closed her eyes and see dream.That she running behind little baby and he teasing her lott she try to catch him he making puppy faces she giggles before twinkle catch him he run away and she finding him he is no where.She giggling they trio see her and get shocked she laughing.


Rudra:bhabhi.She open her eyes and see totally different scenario she understands it’s her dream and they too even she seeing dream maybe.Long tear escaping from her eyes.

Kunj:twinkle Kya hua?? Koi dream dekha?

Twinkle:Haan.It’s dream only Kunj can’t become reality with pain she said. She get up and went in washroom slowly slowly they just seeing her.

Kunj:see that’s why I take this decision we try our best but she can’t cope up.

Om:Haan Kunj she started dreaming with open eyes can see in her eyes this pain is very big for her she lost her smile I miss that bubbly laughing queen twinkle now. Even in Engagement feel so empty without her happiness.

Kunj: hmm Omkara can’t do anything I try my level best she come out of her pain. Here toh impossible slightly it’s fresh and first baby of her that’s why will take time and she dotted with utmost love and wanted to give her now and forever but she just stuck in pain only. Kunj hold his hand. Omkara and Rudra hold his hands.

Rudra: no bhaiya don’t leave your hope let us go London once we will make bhabhi more jhalli when she entered in our world wow??.

Om:haan. Just think positive only.

Kunj:hmm they went from there.Kunj waiting for twinkle she come out of the washroom.And lay down beside Kunj. He give her backhugged. Goodnight.

Twinkle: goodnight. They both slept..

Next day they all fully busy in their packings.Check each and everything Anita invite them for dinner at their place at night they will leave for airport directly from there only. In evening.

Lata: everything is finished.

Avantika: Haan mummy ji.

They all get ready twinkle get ready and sit Kunj too he look at her.

Kunj: chal it’s time to leave our room will miss each and everything she look at him.

Twinkle:hmm.He hold her hand off the room lights and they downstairs servants take their luggage’s and keep in the cars.They lastly see their house today twinkle feeling very very low.they all left for Luthra mansion their Taneja’s too come:.

They reached soon and went inside and meet with everyone twinkle sitting in side just busy in her thoughts..while each and everyone sitting together twinkle family is more shocked she going so away from them but today she didn’t bothered to spend time with was a time when she go back her sasural after stay with them a week feel so bad and started crying now see her in her pain she forget each and everything.

Bebe:twinkle puttar toh puri hi murjhan

Hi gai hai Meri bachii..??..

Rt:Haan Bebe..

Avantika:staying at home like this only. Didn’t talk to anyone lott just nodded her head.let her give her time.


Kabir: maa twinkle forget you now she just stay with Avantika aunty ??. They all smiled.

Leela:so what I saw how she take care about her.

Usha:even leave everything just stay with her only. They all sit for dinner they have with happiness but twinkle just playing with food no one disturb her let her. After they all sit again chit chatting.

Malika: twinkle come see baby bua is going na tell her you will miss her lott. Twinkle look at her. Take. She forward baby while twinkle too forwarding her hand her hands fully shivering all get surprised to see this. Malika giving her Khansa she can’t take it anymore take back her hands and breathing heavily went from there in garden all understand. Kunj went behind.

Kunj: twinkle are you okay na she cuddles him.

Twinkle: haan I can’t take if I will hurt her like my hurt my baby no no..

Kunj:what no twinkle nothing it’s like this are you mad let’s go inside both

breathing like this.They went inside. Omkara and mahi looking at each other’s. Avni sitting with Rahul and tej.

Rahul: don’t worry we will call you too.

Tej: haan beta we will too miss you stay happy call me time to time.

Yuvi:don’t worry saale ji and sasur ji I’ll call you both ???. They giggles.

Rt:twinkle beta take care of yourself there.Twinkle hugged rt.

Twinkle: papa I’ll miss you. You come na.

Leela: haan we will come when our twinkle get fine and smile lott like she used too.

Mahi: haan di and bring so many things for me.

Bebe: and bring for me too London things ?.Twinkle just nodded.rt kissed on her forehead.

Kabir:acha twinkle don’t irritate us after reached there papappa ???.

Twinkle:haan he wanted she will argue with him but not happened.. they meet with each other’s.They having tears. They sit in car even they too going to see off them.Soon they reached airport all come out of the car Kunj lift Aayat who slept.And Rudra holding Lata and Prithviraj hands.

Lata: acha chale hai.

Prithviraj: aap sab ki bhut yaad aayagi. Mahi give Omkara flying kiss.Avni crying slightly Rahul and tej console her.

Usha: haa leaving our bahu with you

Will come soon to take her ??.

Avantika: haan. Chal each and everyone take care of each other’s.

Leela:haan even you too gesturing at twinkle.Avantika gestured her back. Leela kissed on twinkle forehead and they bid bye to each other’s and going inside the airport Kunj went to rt.

Kunj:papa And MAa Don’t worry from twinkle side.

Rt: papa hai that’s why didn’t crying. Please kunj bring my twinkle back when

You come back.

Kunj:it’s my promise acha bye Avni battery and baby kissed on khansa kissed and winked at Rohan he smiled back and run side saying bye loudly before.

Kunj holding twinkle hands tightly they all do their security things and sit in waiting area.other’s hand back to home.Kunj bring something for twinkle she didn’t have anything in dinner.. she had even she too hungry.

Twinkle: washroom.

Kunj:acha Chal. Kunj hold her hand they went towards washroom twinkle went inside while Kunj was waiting for her outside of the washroom.twinkle went she taking time lott Kunj get worried if she is okay na.. twinkleee.she come out of the washroom. Kunj see her get relief are you okay.

Twinkle:Haan Kunj wiped her face with his handkerchief and they went.After sometimes later their flight announcement happened they all get up and boarding the flight and went inside the aircraft it’s a business class they all take their seats Kunj holding twinkle hand.She rest her forehead on his shoulder he covered them with blanket and they all sleep already they all get tired lottt..

after long journey they reached London finally cabin crew announced finally they are in London the journey is amazing. Kunj see twinkle he kissed on her forehead he wanted to come with her but not in this way. She wake up.


[email protected]

Kunj: we are in London..??. She give him smile they all get up and started going out of the aircraft. In hustle people pushing each other’s someone push twinkle she about to fall but Kunj hold her on time.Man carefully.

Sorry a guy said.Kunj hold her hand. Rudra and Omkara bring all luggage. Aayat was hell happy.From side bag Priyanka take out everyone coats.It’s necessary to Wear here after all snow fall.They all wear and moving outside. Finally come back their house where they spend their life almost..

Prithviraj: we all went for our bahu and come back with her only.

Lata: haan. Their cars waiting for them they all sit in cars and left for Sarna Mansion twinkle looking outside the window. Kunj look at her and think.

Kunj:just wait and watch now I’ll gonna make your life amazing here.. ?.Will make your every moments.Beautiful no tears just happiness I’ll see on your face.They reached all smiled.

Aayat:my home.

Rudra:haan my too.they entered in gate and their cars stop in front of mansion.. they all smiled they come out of the car Kunj give twinkle his hand she is amazed to see the place it’s not less than any heaven??.She give him hand and come out of the car.



Tej: chalo twinkle beta we toh went for you na come back with you.

Usha:each and everyone waiting for you here see after see you their reaction.

Rudra:haan bhabhi chalo.they all moved inside.Rahul ring the door bell their old ramu kaka who taking care of the house and everything he was hell excited finally everyone coming. He come and open the door and see everyone standing at door entrance.

Ramu:finally you all come back.

Prithviraj:haan. They all come inside twinkle and Kunj not.

Usha: stop twinkle puttar you coming first time here so grah Pravesh toh definitely banta hai.

Ramu:haan that’s why I bring everything he place kalash.Kunj gestured she kick the Kalash. And do all rituals which she performed at her first time all clapped for her she entered inside with Kunj.

Anjali: good. So finally their bahu come here only dadu and dadi dreaming and discussing about their Kunj wife haina ramu kaka. Both hifi..

Ramu:haan when Kunj Baba told me about you all coming back I was happy you all went and stay here only huhu.

Kunj: twinkle he is Ramu kaka he is with us since dadu and dadi come here.

Rudra:he is so good help me lott. Twinkle smiled and take his blessing.

Ramu: Kush raho.. beta. They all sit in living room.

Rudra: today I feel so good can’t describe haina G.

Rahul:haan why you feel good because of he winked Coca Cola sing the song ???.

Avantika: you must be tired na twinkle beta servant come and served them water and tea and snacks..

Kunj:I should in formed everyone Kunj called them in formed they reached safely. After everyone went to their respective rooms.Only twinkle and Kunj left.Chale room Me.. he hold her hand moved toward staircase. Tujhe pata mera Ek dream ta when my wife will come in room She should be in my arms. Twinkle look at her.

Twinkle: acha than fulfilled na why you stopping. Humdard play in bg..??.

Kunj:acha haan right as well. He immediately lift her in his arms carefully she hold him tightly.He taking her in his room where he spend his time.Kunj open the door and they moved inside twinkle see the room it’s so huge and beautiful. She see one side at wall all siblings photos and family as well than her eyes moved in side other side wall filled with her and Kunj photos totally she is surprised to see this.

Twinkle: Yeh kishe yeha?

Kunj: how’s the my surprise is twinkle it’s my idea haina he twirl her in his arms she slightly smile and see at back side wall of bed Kunj huge photo frame along with Rudra and Omkara sitting and dadu and dadi as well. How’s our room?

Twinkle: beautiful.

Kunj:but less than you filled with your smell and with our love??. Kunj place her on bed and lay down beside her you must be tired after long journey.

Twinkle:Haan even you too na.

Kunj: yes but when I see your smile my tiredness went away ??she smiled slightly aha little went when smile fully appears on your face than I’ll be happy more. He kissed on her temple she cuddles him. Acha soja ab thoda.

Twinkle: haan. Kitna sulate ho mujhe tum. Kunj..

Kunj: because I know you are tired.. your tiredness will not gone due to sleeps. Rest your mind and soul. Patting on her back they sleep quickly others as well they all get hell tired. After sometimes later in evening. Each and everyone wake up it’s cold outside little. Avantika running behind Aayat.

Aayat: I’m going to my bhabhi huhu.She went for twinkle and Kunj room she entered in room door just closed and jumped on bed. Due to this twinkle and Kunj wake up.

Kunj: tum.

Aayat: haan again here mamma behind me huhu. She sit on Kunj tummy and kissing on his cheek twinkle smiled she kissed on her cheeks bhabhi wake up na let’s go and roam I’ll make you meet with my all friends.

Twinkle: acha..okay I’ll meet with your all friends.

Kunj: I wouldn’t leave my wife alone for a second na here baby.

Aayat: why..

Kunj: I’ll not tell you tickles her she laughs out.Twinkle give cold smile. She get up Kunj take out their clothes she take and went in washroom they all get freshen up. Aayat went down.Wear little warm clothes here you will get Ill already you are.. ?.

Twinkle:haan.She take shawl cuddles. They went downstairs.

Avantika: twinkle puttar too come. She went near window and stand there and see snow falls falling down.

Kunj: wish mummy she will be fine here feeling like this.

Avantika: yeah she will definitely Kunj. She give him coffee and he take and went near twinkle and give her coffee mug.

Kunj: it’s so peaceful to stand here and see this snow falls twinkle you know it’s my favourite place here.

Twinkle: haan: kasha humhari life bhi aishi hoti beautiful.

Kunj: Haan our life is like this only now this snow making cold and will calm down the temperatures as well so both side naram garam.. ?samji pulled her cheeks. Acha Chal lets have snacks Ramu kaka make best she take her she is no mood everyone sit in living room.

Anjali: smell awesome thanks Ramu kaka.

Rahul: arey ramu kaka you don’t give her this things she is pregnant na.

Anjali:so what.Kunj feed twinkle with his hands slightly she look at him. After this all Avantika went in twinkle and Kunj room she arranged each and everything she knows twinkle will not now she is not in her zone so she will do this all things.

She have to see her other kids as well.

They had their dinner Kunj give twinkle medicine she didn’t wanted but he forced and she immediately throw up at him all shocked.

Twinkle: sorry and started crying.

Kunj: it’s okay. He went and clean himself and again give her medicine she went in room with Aayat and Kunj heat up for her milk. Aayat resting her head on her lap she caressing her hairs she telling her all stories of here’s, Kunj entered in room and see twinkle and Aayat he smiled sit beside them. Acha sun drink this milk it’s good for you in this coldness.

Twinkle: but Kunj:.

Kunj:but what kunjj drink.He show her his eyes she drink quickly. Good girl now sleep you too Aayat don’t disturb bhabhi.

Aayat: haan. I’m going.

Twinkle: why sleep here na with me.

Kunj: Haan my wife requesting you na.

Aayat:haan baba I didn’t said anything she lay down beside twinkle twinkle cuddles her tightly Kunj lay down and smiled. She cuddling Aayat like a mother and she sleep Kunj admiring them.

Kunj:soon everything will fine again life give us happiness.I know you dying every day. Kissed on her forehead and he sleep.

Next day they wake up. Now. Kunj back to the routine he wake up and went for jogging and bring flowers for twinkle Omkara didn’t come whole night he passed with Mahi in phone he and Rahul went and talking about twinkle.

Kunj: I’m just worried about her.

Rahul:you don’t worry she just need time Kunj and we come here.She will forget each and everything.

Kunj:haan hope toh wohi hi hai mujhe..

after walk they went inside and went in their respective rooms Kunj entered and see twinkle she cuddling blanket tightly Aayat went in parents room. Good morning meri jaan you get sleep or not.

Twinkle:hmm it’s so cold.

Kunj: haan see I bring this flowers for you he give her she smell and keep in side.

Twinkle: thanks.

Kunj: acha Chal. Na let’s get freshen up and today have breakfast together like we used to do.

Twinkle: Kunj you do na let me here only.

Kunj:no like that here now twinkle he lift her in his arms and take her in

washroom make her sit in side.He take out brush and brushing her teeth’s.She just admiring him. He wash her face as well and wiped too. Take her in room back and place her on bed. Sit here only okay he fire the wooden.in fireplace. Now you feel warm..

Twinkle: hmm.

Kunj: you sit I’ll bring your breakfast here.

Twinkle: Kunj nahi na.

Kunj: Kya nahi haan. He went and bring breakfast for them in room he sit beside her. See this things ramu kaka make for you. Let’s have.He have and gestured her she too have with no happiness.

Twinkle: bas hogaya mera Kunj. Just than he get leela call. Kunj pick up and talk to her.

Kunj: Haan maa she is fine talk to her na.

Twinkle: na you do na. She get up and take her clothes and went in washroom.

Kunj: maa She Don’t wanted I’ll call you later.

Leela: koi na I’ll call her later she cut the call Kunj throw his phone in side.

Kunj: cool down Kunj she needs time I’m giving her. See till when you will stay like this twinkle you have to get fine for us and for everyone it’s my promise. She come out of the washroom and see her again in simple dress she is the one who just love to wear colourful dresses now this. What is this why you wear this Wear something else na wait he went near wardrobe and take out a nice long anarkali dress for her it’s look good on you.

Twinkle: nahi kunj I’m fine ab mera maan nahi hai in sab me.. leave na. We aren’t going anywhere.He get shocked she saying this. She don’t wanted any moment. She said and went downstairs Kunj went in washroom cried Lot while taking shower. After sometimes later each and everyone come downstairs. They all sit for breakfast. Usha purposely tell twinkle to served them she get up and try to do but can’t hold bowl it’s falls down on her feet and hurt herself.

Kunj: twinkleeeeee. He come towards her and screamed at her blood oozing like anything but she didn’t crying at as if she didn’t feel pain. Immediately Rudra call dr he come and doing her dressing and give her injection she used to scream at injection name today she taking easy her inner pain is big so she didn’t feel anything like baby pain make her body freeze it’s numb totally.

Tej:again she hurt.

Usha: sorry.

Kunj:nahi maa pata nahi kaha hai isska diyan bas. Dr left.

Priyanka: bhabhi come with me.

Twinkle: haan. She get up and going with Priyanka didn’t look anywhere about to bumped with pillar Priyanka hold her on time Kunj screamed again her name.

Kunj: carefully twinkle..??. She take her in room.

Avantika: Kunj bas na.

Kunj:Kya bas she hurting herself more and more.He went from there.Everyone understands but helpless they are.After sometimes later.All siblings showing twinkle whole mansion she see each and everything.Tell her stories as well.

Rudra: it’s our one room see she entered and see little all sibling photos and their statue too keeping near their beds.

Rahul: in this room we does so much masti twinkle. And come here see this balcony I used to falls down from here because of Anjali. ??.

Anjali: haan. He come from balcony when papa and bade papa lock in his room ??. So he can’t meet with me.

Kunj:and many times injured us as well pagal aashiq??.Than they went in garden their they all doing masti twinkle just watching them Kunj calling her but she didn’t went..

A week has been passed away twinkle is same to same each and everyone doing their level best to keep her happy but she is same to same or else she becoming more worse.. Kunj noticing her like Amritsar here too she staying in her zone due to this all things she totally forgot about Kunj but he leave this too. Kunj started going office from there too he calling her numbers of time she just answer in yes and no they all decided go for outing.

Twinkle: nahi you all go please na..

Kunj: but why twinkle lets go na.

Twinkle: nahi meri himmat nahi hai.

Lata: why beta? Let’s go to hospital than?

Twinkle:nahi dadi bas mujhe kahi nahi jana me ghar me hi achi hu. You all go don’t cancel because of me. She said and went from there.

Om: twinkle yaar here too we try our level best but. I think she should talk to dr.

Kunj: even I’m thinking. Twinkle standing in her room Kunj went in room and give her backhugged. Nuzzles his face in her neck hmm now you don’t have time for me let’s spend sometime twinkle with each other’s turned her towards himself. Kiss on her neck. Twinkle closed her eyes.

Twinkle: please na Kunj. He stop and look at her.

Kunj: why?

Twinkle: woh suddenly she started feeling dizzy she about to fall Kunj hold her on time.

Kunj: twinkle.

Twinkle: kuch nahi bas little dizzy. She sit in side Kunj just looking at her with shock.

Kunj:here too she is same babaji now I can’t see her in this pain anymore??.

Rudra was waiting for Soumya that she will come to meet with him but she is not she went due to some work.He enjoying with his buddies here Priyanka busy in office work Like India.Omkara and mahi talking with each other’s and their love increasing more and more day by day. Kunj get frustrated to see her like but he can’t do anything..

It was late night sarna family had their dinner still everyone being sorrowful for twinj baby but no one can help it was in their Destiny what ever meant to happen it will surely happen either by hook or by crook …

Twinkle told Avantika that she will feed aayat her food who was sleeping during dinner time she excused herself from having dinner stating the reason that she will have it with Kunj who had a lot of work in office today …

Avantika smiled seeing twinkle filling plate for her daughter (aayat) and felt very bad for the poor soul who is suffering this pain she wished that soon colours again filled in twinkle life and left from their …

Twinkle called aayat in her room who went with her little toy suitcase and sat on the bed ..starting her non stop blabbering…

Aayat:Bhabhi see I have so many Toys. while twinkle smiled painfully passing her time with the little aayat and feed her food while aayat opened her toy bag and showed her toys to twinkle.See bhabhi this is Kunj bhaiya toys which I took from him aayat giggled while telling twinkle that while twinklee was seeing the toys  now with interest slowly slowly aayat shower her all siblings toys which she played with after them all the while twinkle was feeding her with tear filled eyes thinking the way Lata and Prithvi preserved their grandkids toys she felt bad because she couldn’t give them happiness her heart filled again with the sorrow recalling how happy everyone else were and now there was only sadness all around.aayat was done with having her dinner while twinkle washed her face and then came back in room again..

Aayattttt come and sleep she heard Avantika scream while aayat looked at twinkle scared of her mother as it was really late in night …

Aayat:I’ll go and sleep bhabhi aayat said and kissed twinkle cheeks while twinkle pecked her back while aayat left forgetting her toy suitcase there only …

Kunj came from office and sees no one in the hall he looked at the  time and realised how much late he was today ..soon he ran into his room for seeing twinkle …

Twinkle picked up the toys and see it smiling tearfully.

Twinkle:I was a very bad Mumma na baby because of me this happened again she blamed herself feeling responsible for the happiness she was in deep trauma soon her tears turned into sobbing heavily while tears were running down through her cheeks uncontrollably ..Kunj who just entered his room saw her he couldn’t see her face as she was back facing him

He too smiled painfully and hugged twinkle from back resting his head on her shoulder when he realised how much cold she was …

Kunj:Twinkleeeeeee he said annd turned her around he looked at her pale face which was loosing her charm day by day …those twinkling eyes had now occupied with the dark circles she was Becoming thin day by thin the sorrow of loosing her first baby was imprinted on her heart forever …

Twinkle:K…un.. ..jjj she said in between her sobs ????.

Kunj:Don’t do this twinkle don’t his eyes filled also with tears ..

Twinkle:Kunj ha. .m…ara ba…cha …I was a very bad Mumma na Kunj he left me he left me forever twinkle said crying ..while Kunj shut his eyes tightly at her words HAMARA BACHA.

He looked at the toys scattered there and looked at twinkle ..

Kunj:Who brought this here ? He shouted angrily he asked everyone to keep twinkle out of any kind of things which will recall her about their baby..

Twinkle:Wo Kunj …aayat she said crying hugging him ..while his anger dozzed off …

I am so bad …Kunj I couldn’t take care of him twinkle said crying while Kunj hugged her tightly ..

Kunj:Bas twinkle now enough yaar I know your pain is more deepest than anyone else but think about me also twinkle I also lost him I also did it was no one’s mistake yaar it was our destiny we couldn’t do anything yaar bas ab twinkle what shall I do tell me Kunj said cupping her face while she looked at him ..Bol na twinkle what shall I do ??? Kunj asked her if you do these things twinkle then how we will be fine again how will I live if anything happens to you tell me na twinkle tell me  while she looked down tears still flowing through her eyes ..I can’t see you more like this twinkle it had been many days since I saw you smiling since I saw you normal bas yaar ab nahi dekha jaata tujhe .Kunj said closing his fist tightly …

I did everything everything so that you can get back to normal butttttt nothing is helping now Nothinggg my all efforts are going to be waste if you are not willing to get fine soon. both looking at each other painfully ..

Twinkle:But kunjjjjj how I cann I ??my life ended kunjjj how I’ll live without my baby twinkle asked him ..

Kunj:Have you ever thought what goes in me whenever I sees you like this ? No tujhe Apne Dard ke aage kuch dikh hi nahi Raha hai Twinkleeeee zindagi is hi ka Naam hai yaar I know it’s hard to forget but we have to move onnn Kunj said Helding her tightly by shoulder .He left twinkle he left get it in your mind now ….there is nothing of going back in past and thinking about it all the time we have to move on…

Twinkle:I can’t Kunj I can’t it’s so difficult for me Kunj I started feeling him inside me Kunj how can I forget and move on twinkle said … curling her stomach tightly

Kunj:Not just you but every else also get attached with him.Think about dadi and dadu they were waiting for that news since many years.Think about maa papa choti maa and chote papa who started seeing dreams of now being grandparents

Think about aayat Rudra om Priyanka who were fighting about baby who didn’t even came in this world and perhaps he won’t come as well if you do this things if you won’t get fine.And last but not the least think about me as well if your were his mother I was his father as well wo mera bhi utna hi tha yaar jitna tera tha didn’t I felt pain.Everyone is in pain twinkle but they are moving on na .Kunj said while twinkle kept quiet …

Bas you just thinks that you are in pain and no one else..

Twinkle:Nahi Kunj twinkle started to cutt him off

Kunj:You doesn’t care about anyone’s happiness na he added back ..while he nodded in no crying …

He was everything for you and nothing for us na right Kunj said he got up ..everyone is doing hell possible things so that they can see their bahu their bhabhi normal but you aren’t willing to get fine …Pain doesn’t go away if we embraces it we have to let it go twinkle Kunj said ..

But we all are mad to think about your health which was deteriorating day by day …pata nahi yaar ??you don’t want to be fine …but seeing you like this one day I’ll die surely Kunj said while twinkle got up with jerk and nodded in no ..she palmed his lips ..

Twinkle:Kunjjj don’t say this I can’t loose you she said and hugged him tightly nuzzling her face in his chest ..I can’t loose anyone anymore she said crying ..

Kunj:Promise me twinkle that you won’t remember him again Kunj said cupping her face breaking her hug …

twinkle:I can’t promise but I’ll try but you also promise me you won’t talk about death again twinkle said again hugging him ..while both cried venting out their pain perhaps for the last time …

Kunj broke the hug and asked her if she had her dinner to which she nodded in no ..

I don’t want to have she said

Kunj:Okay fine even I won’t have then I’ll do the same things which you are doing if you will cry I’ll cry if you remember him I’ll also remember if you get Ill I will also get I’ll even I won’t take my diabetes medicines from now onwards Kunj said while she looked at him ..

Twinkle:Kunjj why are you doing this she said screaming….

Kunj:Why ? If you can deteriorate your health why can’t I ?? We took 7 promises right and one of that was to support each other in all the goods and the bads Kunj said sternly..

Twinkle:Okay fine I’ll have my dinner twinklee said ..

Kunj:That’s like my Siyappa queen Kunj said pecking her forehead while he quickly changed and went with twinkle downstairs he restricted her from doing anything till she gets fine properly ..and heat up the food ..

Both went in the lawn and had their food in utmost silence while Kunj was feeding her and she was having just because of him …

Kunj pov ::.

Sorry twinkle but if I want to see you fine I have to be somewhat harsh with you I can’t see you like this always I have to be as stubborn as you so that you can recover quickly as I know how much you loves me too pov ends ..

Twinkle pov :::

The truth is I can’t forget whatever happen but Kunj is also right ?somewhere I giving more pain to my family as well but I can’t help ..??

Twinkle trance was broken when Kunj called her name 2-3 times ..

What ?? He asked ..while she nodded in no and continued having their dinner ..

They completed their dinner and went back to their room while Kunj her medicines she quickly had and went to sleep while Kunj laid beside her caressing her hairs.soon sleep took over him as well he cuddles twinkle tightly and went into deep slumber ..

Wishing for a morning that will bring the best for them ?

Episode freezes on their face..

Next: k: I wanted to see my twinkle who used to love ready for me and herself not this shuki twinkle ewww ??.

Twinkle: acha..??.



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