Spoilers 27th May 2019

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika finally makes a way to Sahil. She tells Sahil’s family that Tanuj had blackmailed Sahil to marry Avantika. Vedika tells them that Sahil has agreed to marry Avantika for saving his love, Vedika. She has got evidences against Avantika. She stops the marriage and asks the pandit not to get a married man marry again, its illegal. She exposes Avantika’s truth. Rekha slaps Avantika. She can’t believe Avantika is so evil. She calls the cops to get Avantika arrested. Vedika and Sahil unite.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Kulfi Kumar

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  1. What Harman will do now,nothing he will go home break all things.saumya ki nishani mitane ke liye tod fod karega.apni family ko bolega saumya ko bhool jane ke liye,aur harak singh preeto ko bolega ke who dusri shaadi karega kisi bhi ladki se aur unko waris dega jo who chahte the.aur use shaddi karne ke liye ek se ek ladki line main tayar khadi hain.woh teacher jo jail gayi hain jo Harman ko ek aurat kya hoti hain uska ehsaas dlane wali thi.jasleen is already ready,mahi shanno cousin is ready.that doctor daughter lavneet who killed raavi she is ready.so many girls.and that mad saumya what will happen to her now nothing.varun wife,sukha wife are going to get bail for their murder husbands & their informer shanno is as it is sitting in harak singhs house to give information & execute it.court main case reopen ho jayega.soham ki custody Harman aur saumya ko di gayi thi kyonki they are married & they will be a parents to that child & upbringing will be better for education & financially.but now when saumya is in kinner community without earning anything & education this custody will be taken away.saumya & Harman has ruined a poor child entire life.poor child will again be in hands of criminals.but people will never humiliate that kid.but if saumya alone brings him up he will be humiliated.all shit by makers.poor girl surbhi sacrificed her life giving birth to a baby so that Harman & saumya married life will be happy.they were suffering because saumya could not be a mother & Harman was helpless when saumya use to cry.surbhi ne saumya Harman ke khushi ke liye apna bacha saumya ko diya ki uski achi parvarish hogi aur Harman saumya ko apna bacha mil jayega.but these people have spoiled a childs entire future.maninder could have brought up the child.this is what nonsense story is going to be ahead.what will she do with her astitva when she is been spoiling so many people life.what justice she will give to other kinners when she is not capable enough to give future to her own sister child.she fought with the society against her indentity because her family was with her.harman might be wrong in some area but as he said when there is fight you need not take big decision & spoil everybodys life.when you get a good life after so much struggle you must try to give such life to others also.this is what Shakti makers also.without brains.just showing illogical & disgusting tracks without any sense.that mad woman saumya the character what she is playing she is acting as she is the leader of a pr*stitute area.the way she is throwing her attitude.this is what she is going to show to that small kid & his upbringing.being a kinner & staying in kinner community malika is not ready to make saumya survive in that background.actually Harman is right she is not sensible individual to take decision.these kind of nonsense is shown in national television.and the time slot 8 were in all india (kids teenagers everybody is watching the television) what kind of social message you are giving to the society???getting education being in family ,fighting against wrong things that is a message to the society.but you people are dsgusting.tum logo ne toh ekta Kapoor ko bhi piche chodiya.she use to get male female married four five times with different people.same way you people also make Harman show with so many womans.what a dirty show.

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