Rab Se Sona Ishq 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 24th April 2013 Written Update

In the funeral, Daljeet gets angry at neighbors, but Sahiba’s father calms him down. Colonel locks himself in the house. Neighbors continue blaming Sahiba for planning to kill Ranveer. They insult her a lot and she’s crying. Neighbors say they should throw Sahiba out of the town. Colonel’s wife asks him to open the door as things are getting out of control. Colonel says you all freed my son’s murderer.. I don’t have to do anything with you all. Sahiba asks neighbors, why should I leave from here? I was born in this town, and my child will born in this town as well. A lady says, we know that child is yours, but we have doubt about who his father is. Another guy says, if she had any shame left, then by now she would have committed suicide. Everyone asks her who is this Daljeet and they threaten her that they won’t let her kid admit in the school. Daljeet supports her and neighbors continue insulting her. They want Sahiba to leave this town. Daljeet says, enough..you all want a name of this relationship, right? then I will give a name to this relationship today. He cuts his finger and is about to put blood as sindhoor on Sahiba’s forehead. Colonel comes out and stops him from doing that. Colonel says, she was my Ranveer’s wife.. she is and she always will remain his wife. She is daughter in law of this house. Daljeet says you’re taking me wrong.. these people are insulting Sahiba. Colonel continues, she has Ranveer’s daughter in her and she is this house’s responsibility.. I know very well how to take care of my house’s responsibility. Don’t show us your face again.

Funeral continues. Everyone is remembering Ranveer.

Show takes 6 months leap. Sahiba is having pain and she calls out her family.

Show now takes 6 years leap. Sahiba is now shown at at Holy Family Home where they take care of orphan kids and elderly people. Sahiba tells an elderly lady that love never ends.. one story ends and another starts. Love always returns. Faces change, names change, but love remains same.. no matter what you call it. One of the staffs, Gomz, come there and call her with a new name, Anu. He tells her that mother is calling her. Anu tells elderly lady, she will tell her rest of the story tomorrow. Some kids call Anu and say they don’t know how to solve a problem. Anu goes and teaches them. While she’s teaching them, a guy comes to do a donation. He sees Sahiba and says, I feel I have seen that girl in my town. Gomz says she is here since 6 years.. and she is everyone’s favorite. He says she usually is sad and quiet, but when it comes to help someone, then she is always available.

Anu is then shown taking care of different people. Some girls come and tell her that they want to go out to watch movie. Anu says, I can’t do anything. you have to take permission from mother and I don’t think she will give you permission. Anu goes back to play with kids. Girls are disappointed as they had planned to meet their boyfriends too. They follow her and ask her if she truly loved anyone. Anu gets lost in some thoughts. She says, I don’t know.

Anu comes to mother’s office. Mother tells her that some foreign guests are coming tomorrow. Mother is very nervous. Anu says she has done most of the preparations, and now she has to go to market to buy some stuff.

Outside, Anu sees girls are leaving secretly to go and watch film. Anu stops them and says it’s just a movie.. watch later.. why do you have to break rules of this place? Girls say, there are no rules in love.. but you won’t understand it. Anu asks meaning? Girls say this film is on a true love story, and they are able to convince her this time. Anu says, but on one condition.. you all will go with me and return with me.

Anu is waiting for the girls. She says what will I say to mother? Girls finally come. They come back in different dress. Anu asks what kind of clothes is this? Girls say we are going to watch movie so.. Anu says, hurry up now. They are leaving and Gomz is coming towards them. Anu gets worried.

Precap: Girls tell Anu, Gomz is coming here.. if he sees her, then we will be in trouble.
Anu is shown driving the car.
A guy, possibly Ranveer, is shown swimming.

Update Credit to: Julia

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