Hitler Didi 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 24th April 2013 Written Update

Indira’s police friend gives her news that Dr. Jasvant is searching for Shweta. She tells him not to tell him anything. Indira tells Shweta not to leave the house and asks her mother to take care of her.

At school, Munna comes to pick up Indu. Bheem comes and asks Indu if she wants to go home in his car. Munna wows seeing his car and tells Indu, you’re going on right direction in hopes that he will be rich one day because of Indu. He says to Bheem we will go in car, but Indu reminds him about Sehar and says she has an extra class.. once she’s done.. take her to home. Munna is disappointed for missing the opportunity to sit in such an expensive car.

Bheem and Indu come to the car. Dr. Jasvant is waiting. Bheem tells him they will drop Indu first and then go home. In their way, Indu tells Bheem, I will introduce to you to my real mum. Dr. Jasvant asks, real mum? She says, yes.. her real name is Shweta and she is going to bring a younger brother for me. They arrive and Indu asks Bheem to go to her house. Bheem is busy eating, so he says later. Dr. Jasvant goes to drop Indu and asks her about her mother. Indu goes to get Shweta. Dr. Jasvant sees Shweta and says, I didn’t know I would find you this easily in this huge city. Indu and Shweta come out and Dr. Jasvant is not there anymore. Indu says he must have some work so left. Indira comes and asks Indu who is she talking about. Indu doesn’t reply and leaves. A guy comes and congratulates Indira saying Indu told everyone that a new child coming in their house. Dr. Jasvant was hiding and sees Indira. He says so Indira has become her bodyguard.. interesting.

Pooja’s preparations are going on at Indira’s house. Pooja is for Indu and Shweta has organized it. Shweta gives money to priest and seeing money in her hands, Indira’s family goes crazy. Indira’s father takes money saying he will bring pooja’s stuff and with that his wife asks to bring other groceries as well. Shweta says she will cook food today, and everyone starts saying different dish they want to eat. Mehar is there and taunts Indira saying whenever they need money, someone comes to their house with money. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.com Indira asks Shweta why are you doing all this? Shweta says please don’t talk about it in front of Indu else she will feel bad. And these are the chances when a mother can get closer to her child. She says she will give tips to Indira about it, but after the pooja. She asks Indira to join the pooja, Indira tries to say that she doesn’t do all this, but Shweta takes her to the pooja. Shweta asks mother and daughter to sit together. Indu refuses, but Shweta says she won’t talk to her if she doesn’t listen to her. She listens now. Indira and Rishi are happy.

Pooja starts and priest asks mother to do some rituals. Indira has no clue what and how to do all that. Shweta helps her out. In middle of pooja, Indu stops priest and says Indira is not her mother.. her mother is Shweta. Rishi shouts at Indu. Indu argues with her and he slaps her. Shweta asks him how he can slap her. Rishi says I am her father and I will do whatever is right for my daughter. Who are you to interfere? Shweta says I took care of her for 8 years and it hurts seeing you slapping her like this. Where were you at that time when I alone took care of her? They continue arguing and Shweta says I gave her birth.. and all. Indira remembers Rishi’s words of not keeping Shweta in this house. Indu gets up and leaves. Indira then calls someone.

In night, Indira packs Shweta’s stuff. Outside, Dr. Jasvant’s men are planning something. Indira comes to Indu’s room and sees Shweta helping her to go to sleep. Shweta comes to her and says Indu was asking for a lowri so I was just doing that. She sees bag and asks, bag? Indira says she made mistake by allowing Shweta to stay in her house.

Indira says I have gone through a lot in my life, but I can’t see my daughter going away from me. I have made arrangements elsewhere for you to live. Shweta says, I understand.. it’s better if I leave from here.. and you’ve made arrangements so that place must be safe. She leaves telling Indira to take care of Indu. Seems like Indira felt bad so she goes till the door. She closes the door. Indu comes and asks her, where is my mum. You must have thought something bad for her. Tell me Indira Rishi Kumar. They hear Shweta’s scream and get worried.

Precap: Dr. Jasvant’s men point gun at Indu’s head and asks Shweta to come out. Indira brings her out.
There is a fight going on. Shweta tries to run away with Indu, but one of Dr. Jasvant’s men stop them. He’s about to attack on them with a rod. Indira pulls Indu back and seems like Shweta gets hit by the rod and her baby might be in trouble.

Update Credit to: Julia

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