Qurbaan Hua 9th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat sees Naveli in the market with a stranger

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Baleq mentions that Chahat had given him seven days ultimatum that she would have him thrown out of the house but now he would give her seven days after which he would have her thrown out of the house, he along with Sahil and Ghazala all hold their hands together to further their agenda.

Sometime earlier Neel places the bowel on the table then accidentally he causes one to fall on the ground and sits down exclaiming that the whole day is bad, he hold a piece of glass in his hand then crushes it causing blood to flow out, AlakhNanda comes asking what is he doing then gives him the box which Chahat has given, he orders her to take it away but AlakhNanda mentions that Chahat is also true in her own sense because she fears that if their families start fighting after the child is born then what would happen, Neel starts crying taking her hand wondering why does Chahat always have to face the entire problems alone, AlakhNanda gets uncomfortable but then says that he should not worry as everything would be sorted, Neel apologizes when AlakhNanda asks how great the room is to which Neel mentions that the office belongs to his boss who is a great person and he is preparing dishes for his wedding so brought some samples for him to taste, Neel asks AlakhNanda to take back the cake which he baked for Chahat as then she would understand that he is not angry.

Naveli is in the market when a luxury car arrives, she is amazed wit the car of Mr Bhatt and is about to sit when he closes the door, saying that his name is Sahil and she should learn to call him with his own name, she sits with him mentioning that he should be a psychologist as he was able to get her out of depression, Sahil explains that the best thing to get out of depression is to start getting busy and he saw her profile in which it states that she is a decorator, so he asks if she would decorate his restaurant and that she cannot decline, Naveli is forced to agree to his request.

Chahat is walking out of her house when Baleq stops explaining that Kripa should not be so stubborn as anyone else who would have been in her place would have left the house, Chahat mentions how Kripa is clever and she should never become like her father because he is an evil person but instead should choose to be like her mother, Baleq says Chahat would not be able to find any proof against him and get him arrested, Chahat writes something on the wall, she explains how she would prove that he murdered Saraswathi in seven days and also get him thrown in a jail cell.

Naveli is with the person eating ice cream who is relived that she is not a Scorpio because he has never been friends with them, she is eating like a child and the ice cream is on her face, he removing it explains how it is really cute, Chahat is also taking vegetables when she asks him to wait while she comes back, she sees Naveli but then the vendor demands his money, Naveli panics when the person lends her his own car so she is able to get away, Chahat starts searching for the man wearing the black suit.

Chahat is constantly searching when she hears the call to Azzan and spots the black clothes, she pulls the man only to find that it is Sahil, he calls Chahat as Bibi, she immediately asks him to stop, he explains that he cannot forget that his father was a driver with Ammi Jan and they all lived in her house and even when he has got some success he cannot forget what her family has done for them so they would always be their master, Chahat asks him to stop calling her Bibi, he makes an excuse saying that he has to arrange for the distribution of food in his father’s name, Chahat also gets a call from the hospital, she inquires if he has been married, he replies that no one cares for his marriage and is not finding a proposal, he asks her to look for a girl to which she agrees, she then leaves promising to meet him once before he returns.

Sahil sits in the car exclaiming that he is on one hand going to ruin Neel’s life acting as his boss and on the other will be with Naveli, Baleq mentions that they have the same agenda while Ghazala also exclaims the same, they all exclaim that they would make sure to seek their revenge, Baleq also exclaims that he would not let Chahat live in the house longer then seven days,
Naveli asks why did Sahil gift her such an expensive ring because he should not have as she has never gotten anything like it before, Naveli after ending the call wonders what gift he should give to Sahil but realizes that she doesnot have any money and so thinks of using some other means.

Vyas je comes out and is impressed with the decoration which AlakhNanda has done, he mentions that he is really impressed so gives her the bangles of Saraswathi as a token of appreciation, Godambari also desires the same gift however doesnot get any, Vyas je orders her to also call Neel to the pooja, even when he has stopped thinking that he would become the Mant but desires that he remain connected with their rituals and also ask Neel to wear the bangle which he has. Naveli thinks that it would be suitable gift for Sahil.

Chahat is walking in the house, she is amazed with the decoration and congratulates AlakhNanda, who explains that Vyas je also said the name and even gave her the bangles, but she should tell him that Chahat showed her how to decorate the house.
Neel is standing in front of Sahil who is tasting the dishes made for the wedding, Neel asks if everything is according to taste, Sahil agrees to it when Neel asks when will he get married and bring his wife to the office, Sahil mentions that he would meet her at the reception, he then questions Neel if there are any problems in the married life, Neel replies how there is always compromise and it is the same with him because huis wife is a Muslim but their love has ruined any plan made against them, Neel leaves when Sahil wonders how they both would be able to handle such situations as they do not know he is the one who is going to marry Naveli.

Precap: Sahil explains that on the same day just a year ago they took everything from her but now this year they would be ruined, Chahat opens the door hearing Sahil exclaim that he would ruin the life of Naveli, she is shocked to hear such words from his mouth.

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