Qurbaan Hua 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Neel and Chahat are arrested upon suspicion of wrongful deeds

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Chahat tries to get away from the person, he however says that he has not paid to get away from her so he forcefully pushes her on the bed, she tries to get away however is not able to and when she is shouting Neel pulls him and starts beating him till the time he is not able to say anything, Neel inquires how he dared touch his wife, Chahat thinks that she has to get the information from him not matter what the kind of a person he is, he apologizes saying that he thought she was someone else, Chahat explains that it was also her mistake then goes to explain that he feels all other women are not worthy of respect which is why women feel insecure while walking out of their house, Neel takes her away saying that she should come with him.
Viyas jee is trying to text Neel while being Meera, Baleq comes pleading that he needs some signatures from him, Viyas jee inquires if he is opening a new branch of their steel factory as he talked with Chahat about his plans even when they did not discuss anything, Baleq refuses explaining that she might have mistaken as he has not planned anything of the sort, Viyas jee also says that he feels she might be mistaken, Baleq thinks that she might have met with the owner to discuss how the mixing was left open in the factory, he thinks of what he should to make sure she doesnot find the truth that he was the one who had ordered the duplicate murti to be made.
Neel scolds Chahat asking why did she knock on his door as she might have hurt herself, she tries to apologize but he leaves asking her to correct her dress, she apologizes, Neel mentions that she would have felt sorry her entire life If something wrong happened with her, Neel worries about what they are doing in the Lodge and would leave immediately, Chahat refuses mentioning that they have paid the money however Neel is not concerned about the money as it is not worth more than their respect, she refuses mentioning that they have come and she would start studying without any delay they start hearing weird noises from the other rooms, Neel also orders those who are in the adjacent rooms to calm down as they are not feeling well because of the noises, he replies that he ahs not paid to keep his voice low, Neel walks to Chahat, they both loose their balance and end up breaking the bed at which the person exclaims they both broke the bed and were asking them to keep the voice low.
Chahat is still not able to concentrate because of the weird voices that are coming from the adjacent rooms, she takes out a recorder exclaiming that she would listen to her lectures and then will not be disturbed, Neel is also not able to bear the voices, he takes one of the earphones from her even knowing that it is related to Medical studies, still he mentions that it is better to study then to listen to such voices, he goes to a state of bliss as he constantly sees her when she is studying and in the process falls asleep on her shoulder, she seeing that some hairs are on his forehead removes them, she pleads for forgiveness from Neel as he is feeling really irritated but she has to find out who was the one behind the incident that occurred with him.
Baleq enters the room of Neel, he frantically is searching for the murti so eventually finds the murti and eventually finds it hidden under a sarree of Chahat, he takes out the sarree and starts smelling it.
Neel wakes up after hearing the voice so mentions that she would not be able to study with such noises, he gets up and covers the door so as to make it soundproof, she hits his cheek exclaiming that he is once again looking really cute.
Baleq thinks that it is not fair that he has loved her with all his might while she is trying to prove that he is wrong so now he would put the blame on someone which she cannot even think off.
Chahat exclaims that since Neel would remain standing like this, he must step aside as she needs to bring some potato chips to eat however Neel refuses ordering that he will not let her go and neither will he get anything for her, she sits down after getting angry with him.
The police come to the reception saying that they are aware of what Is happening behind the doors so they must check every room, Chahat and Neel both start to struggle when she is pleading that he let her leave to get something to eat, she would come within five minutes, the police hear the voices so knocks down the door, they order them both to get up before arresting them without listening to anything that say in their defence.
Baleq comes to the bakery of Bopho, he thinks that he would put the blame on him as ever since the lockdown his entire business has been in turmoil so everyone would believe him, he hides the murti in his drawer and when he is about to leave, he hears some voices from the background but is not able to open it as Bopho stops him, he inquires how Baleq came, he explains that he knew Bopho was not being able to run his business so he came to offer his help, Bopho responds that he will surely come to him in case he requires anything, he doesnot let Baleq enter the room.
Baleq standing outside the bakery plans to tell Chawla that he should take the name of Bopho in case anyone asks him about the person who ordered the murti, when he is on the phone, Baleq listens the voice of Neel and Chahat so wonders that if they are with him, he might tell the truth, the police take the mobile from Chawla before he can talk with Baleq.

Precap: Chahat sends Neel after Chawla as he tries to run, Neel Is able to catch him and inquires who ordered him to make the murti, Chawla agrees to say the name, everyone from the Dhiani family is standing there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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