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Final Part- Check Mate

Vihaan moves to ignore Kabir. Within a spur of a moment, Kabir holds Vihaan’s collar. Kabir’s eyes were red out of anger. Burst out all his anger and spoke

Don’t forget that I’m still a cop, and I have records of all your crimes which you did and didn’t

Before he can say knife Vihaan replied

If you are a cop, then I’m a hacker, your whole horoscope is stored on my computer.

Ridhima was already irritated with their talks, become twitchy after Vihaan’s confession. Clenching her teeth, she holds both’s hands, bought them to the gate, and shoves them. Outbursting all her anger and irritation, she spoke.

if you both were Police and Hacker, I’m the Owner of this mansion……………. Buzz of damnit.

Vihaan fakes affirming

How cruel, Pretty Raisinghania


Meanwhile inside the mansion, Ishani goes and tells to dadi

Dadi, bhabhi is in temple she would be here in few minutes

Dadi nods head sighing okay. Ishani goes to Anupriya’s room and serve her Prasad.


Ridhima locks the gate And starts to move unnoticing. Vihaan laughs at him. Kabir felt insulted. He shouts, bursting all his waves of anger out.


She ignores him and moves ahead….. He again shouts, he doesn’t get any response…………. Then he spoke out.

Ridhima, you know nah my real face……..what all I can do…….How many lives I could take within a second……….. do you forget?

Ridhima turns towards him and exclaims.


She starts to scroll down on her phone, which again hurts his ego. Kabir again continues and makes her remember about the whole crimes and murders he did, even about Anupriya’s deeds, their planning, and the hard work of years. But Ridhima doesn’t pay attention and continues checking her phone. While Vihaan again makes Kabir mad. Kabir doesn’t give up. He gives her threats and also avows what all are he going to do. Even after hearing all his words, she was not up to give him at least a glance. After a while, Ridhima took her eyes from the screen and smiled towards Kabir. Kabir doesn’t understand what she was up.

Congratulations Kabir, you got a promotion


He exclaimed amusingly. Still, he was not able to find what’s cooking in her little brain. Ridhima starts grinning that makes him mad.

Stop beating around the bush, Ridhima

She plays a video in front of Kabir, which recorded all confessions made by him. He starts to laugh loudly and says

What babe!….. had you forgot about your confession?? It’s still on my locker. I don’t need any penny second to expose you. Now I will first send this to your loving Nanand and cute dadi…..oh…(he makes a hushing face)….dadi would get a heart attack, your Ishani doesn’t take a penny second to forget her soft corner on you and bash you out.

Vihaan makes an unamused face being irritated by Kabir’s long-lasting flush of words and whispered: “started flushing Rajdhani express.

While Ridhima smirks at Kabir and spoke

Do you think so? Check it.

He checks vigorously……

Kabir is it not there in recordings, checks it on the cloud, your private chip, everywhere you saved……..but you can’t find it.

You did wrong ,where did you vanish it Ridhima. How?? you are really gonna pay for it

Kabir, don’t you hear what Vihaan said a few minutes ago? That he is a hacker.

what! VIHAAN …..He….he…is not Vansh?

Ha Kabir…. Your ears heard right …..He is Vihaan, not Vansh… he also looted every evidences of your crimes as well….

Kabir stood like cats on a hot tin roof. He was unable to think, felt like his IQ had cut down….his brains are diminishing….he was even unable to breathe……his hard works of years was drowning in the water. He felt like the whole world is going to fall on him. He was shivering to utter……his pawn gave him such a smash.

why……how..did you do all those dramas…… Ridhima, I know to read your eyes well…. the same love for Vansh was on your eyes …..then how …??

Ridhima makes a pity face on Kabir.

Kabir …..Kabir…….my foe….this is your problem, you call smart yourself and, whenever your ego gets hurt, you burst out all your deeds and to-do list.

So you were using me? “ he was fuming.

you only taught me ………how to play with others’ emotions.

She continued

I could console my family from this pain…..but, if I allowed you to stay again, then I can’t console them from the bruise you would give.

Out of the blue, Ishani came there with unconscious Anupriya and passed her phone.

Vihaan comments

Aww Mother India also came

Ishani recalls

She adds some sort of drug into prasad . After having the Prasad, Anupriya falls partially unconscious……Anupriya queries

Ishh….aa…ni.. Have you lost?……wh…..aa…t…

Ishani whispers in her ears

Mom, you had bought up me then how you thought I could bear loss of my siblings’. You and your so called son should be careful about Ishani’s flame of hate, I also have the same gene of Vansh Raisinghania, I won’t forgive who deceive, deception on the name of love have only one punishment that’s death, adieu mom

Ridhima goes through the screen, and suddenly her eyes widen, and a smile appears on her face. It was long after she smiled from her heart. She plays a voice note


Thank you, Mrs. Ridhima Vansh Raisinghania and Mrs. Ishani Angre, for providing these pieces of information…… we will send inspector and cops to arrest Kabir and Anupriya ASAP.

I must say X ki sautan your performance was a ITA award-winning……it was Oscar-winning we couldn’t witness such a wacko on psycho-thriller too.

Vihaan smirked at Kabir and comments on him

Inspector Kabir se Ripper Kabir.

Vihaan laughs rolling on the floor, Kabir tries to escape from there, but in nick of the time, Vihaan catches him and injects him, which made him numb.

Ridhima came near him and said.

Kabir … you made a big mistake by forgetting who am I,…. I am Ridhima Vansh Raisinghania….Vansh Raisinghania is still alive.

Next was Ishani’s turn, with all her arrogance and angry bursting towards Kabir.

And another mistake you made was underestimating me. I am Ishani Raisinghania, sister of Vansh Raisinghania….. I would never let anyone to take out my bhai’s position

And my hatred towards Ridhima is not anything more than my love for Vansh bhai.

Ishani gave a smile towards Ridhima. That sighed Ishani’s respect, love, and acceptance for Ridhima as her Sister-in-law. Her hatred towards Ridhima now turned into love. After all, Ridhima was the only one who fought and stood for Vansh. Even Angre became weak after losing Vansh. Other’s gone behind Kabir in fear of him. Ishani was with Ridhima till the time she found about Vihaan not being Vansh. First, she was mad at Ridhima for cheating the whole family but, when Vihaan produced evidence prooving Anupriya and Kabir hands behind Vansh’s death, She joined hands with them to bring the truth of AnuBir to light and to give justice for her brother.

Ridhima came near to Kabir and uttered slowly with her full confidence and pride of being Mrs. Ridhima Vansh Raisinghania.


** THE END **

Authors note: Love you all for co-operating and tolerating my Three-Shot, even I’m not good enough at writing. And Thanks a million for all your immense love and support.

Stay peace………keep laughing

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