Qurbaan Hua 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat plants a tree for Kripa

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Neil knocks on the room asking Chahat what is taking so long as she needs to come outside. Chahat opens the door and seeing her Neil is left amazed, Chahat asks him how she is looking as she is really amazed with the jewellery, Neil asks her why she has worn the belt on the head, Chahat is left shocked.
Ghazala calls her driver asking him to bring the things that she would ask him to however upon hearing it he ex[plains that it ruin the belief of Mant Viyas but Ghazala says that she is paying him a lot of money so he cannot ask questions, she thinks that now she would make him pay.
Chahat goes to the dressing saying that she doesnot know anything of the jewellery as they are not accustomed in their society, he corrects her mentioning that she is saying the wrong names, he corrects the jewellery which makes her nervous as he has really close to her, Neil explains that the reason they wear it on the wrist is so that heart keeps beating, he mentions that his sister taught him each and everything, she asks the logic behind the bitichia, he kneels then taking her feet places it on her feet, saying that the reason is that the women stays in control, Chahat refuses saying that it is in a lot of religions and the scientific reason is that the blood circulation keeps in control and clams the mind, she orders that he wear it as he will remain calm.
Neil threatens that he will wear it but she would explain it to Viyas jee, Chahat says that she would be the one to wear it as she cannot bear that Viyas jee doesnot talk to her, Neil asks her to come with him.
Baleq is with Godambari mentioning that her greediness would make her lose everything as when the function would be going on, she would be in the kitchen cleaning the dishes, Godambari exclaims that she has made plan calm down everything with Viyas jee. Jamuna comes with a chain made of gold mentioning that Godambari had it made for Kripa.
Viyas jee says that they should not have bought such expensive jewellery, Godambari comes mentioning that she loved Saraswati more than Naveli so how can she not do anything for her daughter, Baleq exclaims that then she should be the one to make kripa wear it, Viyas jee refuses saying that it is not possible as she would not attend the function and Chahat would be the one to make Kripa wear it.
Naveli comes with some clothes for Kripa, Baleq says that she has no brains as she brought the clothes prepared by Saraswati, Viyas jee gets up saying that they are the same as what Saraswati has prepared, Naveli asks him about the gift which he would give to Kripa, Viyas jee exclaims that he has no other gift but blessings however she has given him life by keeping the memory of his daughter in the house.
Chahat comes down, Godambari asks Neil the gift which he ahs brought for Kripa but he mentions that he forgot, she jokes that he would have remembered if he paid little attention to his wife, Viyas jee gets angry with her which makes her feel embarrassed. Chahat mentions that he has brought a gift for Kripa, jamuna mentions that she is no less than a mother to Kripa, Chahat exclaims that it is outside and she will show them all, they all head outside.
Ghazala goes outside where the driver has brought eggs hidden in bag, Chahat lifts the flower pot mentioning that it is from them both as they have brought it and it will remain in her life forever which will remain with her till the end of her life, Godambari and Naveli make fun of her however Viyas jee exclaims that she was the one to give Kripa a living gift which shows her kind heart, then he asks her to plant it and make Kripa provide water when she grows older.
Ghazala orders the driver to go back and then drags the eggs with the other grains thinking that when they would break then it would ruin everything for the Brahman family, Bopho comes asking Neil to check the camera as if anything goes wrong he would be forced to clean the stairs of the Mandir, Ghazala thinks that it would further make her plan solid.
Viyas jee asks her to come as they would start the function, Chahat asks about the function then Neil explains that they wright grains according to her and Kripa’s weight then give them amongst the poor, Bopho calls Chahat with a name mentioning that whenever he calls her Bhabhi Neil threatens to hit him so he says that she doesnot have that much weight and it would not account for more bags of grains.
Chahat and Neil get into a fight and she gets closer to him, when they back away she sees the mark however he runs from her but she goes closer to remove the mark that has appeared on his neck because of her lipstick. She starts itching after which Neil makes fun of her, but she mentions that she is allergic to eggs and feels that they are with the bags of grains.

Precap: Viyas jee says that after he starts the function, they must give Neil the drink, Chahat is on the weights and sees that someone has mixed something in the juice which Neil is supposed to drink.

Update Credit to: Sona

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