Qurbaan Hua 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat refuses to marry Rehmat Sahib

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Neel with all his might rushes to the house of ghazala but is shocked to see that the wedding is about to begin, he in ager tries to enter the house when the guards stop him and start beating him, he is thrown on the floor but even then, refuses to stop while constantly trying to get in the house so that he is able to protect Chahat.

In the house the Qazi starts the Nikkah explaining that Rehmat Sahib is being wed to Chahat Rahil Baig after which he inquires about the witness and they start the ritual.

Neel vows to enter the house under any circumstances when the guards exclaim how they were ordered to not let him in the house, they are about to kill him when are stopped by the employee of Ghazala who orders them to throw him out of the house because otherwise the entire reputation of Ghazala would be ruined, they take Neel out of the house.

The Qazi asks Chahat if she would take Rehmat Sahib as her husband which worries Chahat and she is constantly looking wondering what she would do.

The guards throw Neel out of the house exclaiming how if he dies after being crushed by a car no one would be able to recognize him, Neel hears the call of Azzan and prays to Allah that he listens to the prayers of Chahat as she believes in him after which he passes out.

The Qazi asks Chahat if she would marry Rehmat Sahib however she refuses to even accept him mentioning that if she doesnot marry Neel then would not even live so she takes a pill in an attempt to end her life, Ghazala acts as if she is concerned for her daughter, Rehmant Sahib asks her to take Chahat inside while also ordering a doctor to go and check her.

Baleq says to Vyas je that Neel assured him of marrying Chahat, Godamabri exclaims how she feels Neel should be thrown out of the house as he has become un pure, Meera comes saying how it is their minds which need to be corrected as they do not have the capability to understand the intensity of love which Neel has for Chahat.

Godambari gets angry exclaiming how she would tell them what is right and wrong, Meera tries to take the blessings of Vyas je however he refuses saying how he doesnot have anything to give her, Meera exclaims that he had a chance to prove that he is a better father however he did not care for his relation when he should realize that Neel loves Chahat to the extent that cannot be understood as it is the same as the love which Vyas je has for the god.

Meer pleads with him to not separate them both even if they are off different religions but Baleq comes saying that the house has served the gods and she is trying to colour it with the green colour, to which she exclaims that he should then also not wear the colour because they do not have any religion and he has already lost his daughter but might also lose his son which angers Vyas je and he orders her to leave their house.

The doctor asks what has happened in the house because she ahs injected himself with an injection and it is a police matter so they should call the police, Ghazala gets worried so asks her servant to show him the way out, when she goes outside the Qazi explains that it is time for Maghrib prayer and they must postpone the Nikkah till next Friday, Rehmant Sahib asks if he would also have to wait then goes in the room to take the bag of money, he asks Ghazala to also wait for some time, which angers her but she is shocked when Chahat wakes up.

Ghazala asks how she can be alright so Chahat says that she is herself a doctor and would be able to stay alive till Neel comes to which ghazala comes that he would be dead as her bodyguards have beaten him to the extent that he would be dead, Chahat doesnot believe anything she is saying mentions that she knows Neel would be alive as he live in her heart.

Neel is lying on the road when a van approaches but as he is about to be crushed two servants of the Dargah come and save him, they both take him as he is still unconscious.

Neel wakes up in pain then sees the portraits of religious important sites of the Muslims, he wonders where he is and who has changed his clothes he wonders where Chahat is and tries to leave however the servants come explaining how he should not worry because Chahat has not married, Neel asks how they know when the servants explain that he was constantly taking the name of Chahat so they went and came to know her marriage has been postponed till the next Friday, Neel thanks his god and the pleads with the servants to dress him just so that he looks like a Muslim, they ask if this would not harm his religion but he says that his religion would be harmed when those who love each other are not able to marry each other, they both exclaim how it is their honour to help them then they bless him.

Chahat in the room is worried and prays about what would happen because the wedding was postponed till the next Friday, but would Neel be able to come before then.

Neel in disguise comes to the house when he is shocked to see so much security and so takes up a basket, the guards ask why he is not talking to which Neel replies that he is a new worker.

Neel looks Chahat in the window then is walking however he bumps into Ghazala who asks who he is, Neel explains that he is a worker and is new to the work. Neel says that eh would place the flowers in the house however Ghazala stops him saying that he should first place the names of Chahat and her fiancé on the board, Neel is shocked to see that the names are in urdu to which Ghazala asks him if she has to teach him but Neel says that he would place the cards really soon.

Precap: Neel comes to know that she is the mother of Dr Baig and the grandmother of Chahat, she slaps Chahat exclaiming how she is also not pure and that she would be married to Rehmat Sahib on the coming Friday, Neel is shocked to hear the orders of her grandmother.

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