Manan: Magic is in you (episode 15)

Hey guys…I am dedicating this episode to preeti…

MaNan reach the Arete house hostel at same time… They argue without looking at each other…

Nandini: Why are you following me!!!

Manik: I am not… You are following me…!!!

Nandini: Why would I… I have better stuffs to do…

Manik: Maybe coz you want to lure me… Coz I am so hot and good looking… And girls drool over me… And you are jealous of that!!

Nandini frowns hearing him :Really… In your dreams!!! And why not…. You must be dreaming that I,Nandini Murthy will try to impress you… Afterall,I am beauty with brains and who wouldn’t love to be with me, except the ones who do not posses brains… And who knows maybe you are planning all this to impress me and provoke me… But let me tell you Mr. Frowning Arrogant Brat Malhotra , your dream will always be a dream!!

Manik: Ms. Good For Nothing Attitude Murthy!! I need not prove to you whether I have got brains or not… And if in case not wanting to be with you indicates absence of brain then thank you God that I don’t posses that kind of brain!!(he looks up joining his hand while saying that) Anyways,any sane person wouldn’t want to be with you… Do you know why?? Coz you are not insaan but insane! You are crazy and mischievous and troublesome… Always bossing around and throwing that useless attitude of yours… And yes of course… That attitude which is good for nothing…!!!

Nandini: If I am crazy,bossy and troublesome then you are a chirkut Arrogant spoilt guy… Who knows nothing but just frowning around as if royal blood and showing as if you are most superior creature in this entire universe!!! But you are not!! You are just unimportant!! Remember it in bold and capitals… U.N.I.M.P.O.R.T.A.N.T!!!

Meanwhile the speaking portraits have divided themselves into two teams and cheering for MaNan turn wise as they speak… This time Nandini’s team is hooting and whistling loudly as if she has hit a six on no ball!!

Manik gets irritated by this cheering thing and Nandini’s blabber… Meanwhile Nandini cherishes being on a lead and hearing cheerings for her…

Manik: Stop all your Bak Bak… Else the consequences won’t be good I am telling you… You are going to regret later…

Manik warns Nandini but she doesn’t pays heed and keeps on speaking meanwhile Manik interrupts her between about asks her to stop but Nandini is Nandini… She never listens to anybody!!

Nandini:Nandini Murthy is not afraid of anyone!!—

Manik: –Ah stop that!!

Nandini: I am the one who gives order and warn everybody and you are warning me!!!—

Manik: –Stop it I am saying again!!

Nandini: Who do you think you are?? King of London!!!—

Manik: –Ok fine!! Don’t you dare blame me for this coz I find no other way to stop you from speaking!!

Nandini: I am again saying this you are unimp——————

She cannot speak further for her lips are sealed!! Her eyes are widely opened for she is beyond shock regarding her current position… She goes into flashback for clarification and remembers that while she was speaking, Manik went to her and grabbed her waist pulled her to him and sealed her lips with her and started kissing her!!! And now in present it’s a shock for her and her eyes are wide opened…

The portraits who were cheering all have their jaws hanging to floor and some have closed there widely opened mouth with their hands to show the shocked expression!!!

Manik continues kissing Nandini…. He realizes that it’s too quite and infact he is enjoying it but he is so arrogant to accept it so he breaks the kiss… He looks smirking at her while she looked on being shocked…

Manik: I had told you… You will regret messing with Manik Malhotra!!

He lifts up his hood cap and covers his head in attitude and turns to go inside the hostel…

Nandini gets enraged and ties her hairs with a clutcher… She then goes on angrily towards him and holds his hood cap from behind moving it off his head and turning him around… She immediately clutches his collars and smashes her lips on to his…
This time Manik is beyond shocked… He never expected a revenge kiss from Nandini… He unknowingly grabs her waist and pulls her more towards him while Nandini clutches his collars more tightly and gets into him…
This time the portraits have closed their eyes with their hands to prevent themselves from looking at the scenario…

She leaves Manik and pushes him… He stumbles but doesn’t falls… He looks at her in deep shock!!

Nandini (in full attitude) :Nandini always pays back!! Tit for tat!!!

She turns and asks the old lady’s portrait to let her inside…

Portrait :Password!!

Nandini (angrily) :Do hell with your password.. I am a fresher here!!

The portrait gets scared and hurriedly opens the door for Nandini…. She storms inside…!!

Meanwhile Manik stands there still in shock regarding the recent incidents….

A portrait :Man you are so lucky!!! That beautiful girl just now kissed you… Infact you got to kiss her twice!!

Manik (realizing what the portrait is saying) : What the hell… Just shut up ok?? And she is going to pay for her deeds…(to old lady’s portrait) leave the way… I am fresher!!

The portrait readily agrees and Manik also storms inside….

After MaNan have left the portraits giggle among themselves and discuss that they can sense some story cooking up…

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