Qubool Hai 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Part 1

Sanam is talking on phone and writing down an address..! She assures she will reach that place on time! Sanam contemplates her decision and need to leave the house before Ahil notices her! Latif says ur lucky u have a generous boss like me! Sanam thanks him! She self though i was going to quit even if that person had not kicked me out!

Azhars mom talks of how she wants Asma to come in their house soon! The girls father says we want same thing …and says can this wedding happen after 6 months? She asks why? The girls mother says Asma has her final exams after 5 months ..! Azhars parents go aside and crib about how they culd be exposed in 6 months! They say … after 6 months this wedding cant happen ..! The girls father is shocked! Azhars mom says ..this wedding will take place in 1 month! They say she can prepare here as well .. ! Azhar assures he will help Asma prepare! Azhars parents say they will get marriage done soon! Latif comes and tells Sanam they have to serve sweets to all ..!

Nazia teases Asma ..! Sanam is serving sweets to all ..! Asma offers Sanam a gift! She hesitates but accepts! Ahil comes in the hall too! Sanam is in panic! Azhar hugs Ahil and he congratulates him ..! Ahil asks for sweet and Azhar calls Sanam ..! Sanam hides behind sofa! She realizes she has left the address of the location of her new job at the table and Ahil ends up taking it along under his file ..!

Azhars parents are happy and discuss how .. THAT came to them.. their own ATM machine! Azhars parents say now they dont need card to draw money from ATM ..! Sanam wonders what they are talking? She discusses how she should leave or she will be accused of theft..! She notices her moby ringing and receives it..! She assures to reach location on time ..! Sanam fumes that the address is with Ahil .. have to get it from him ..! She rues as to why he isnt leaving.. she will get delayed..! Ahil leaves the room and Sanam sneaks in!

Part 2

Sanam starts searching for that slip with the address ..! She finds it..! Suddenly she hears Ahils voice… ! He asks what are u doing here? Sanam has her back to him ..! Ahil says .. ur the new cook of the house ..right who was in my room the previous nite? Sanam keeps mum! Ahil steps towards her..! He puts his hand on her shoulder and the lights go off! Sanam turns to run ..! Ahil calls out..! She runs away .. but Ahil holds her arm ..and stops her! She tries to wrest free but he has a firm grip on her! Ahil turn his lighter on! He turns Sanam around and is shocked to see her! Flashbacks of past scenes! Sahil eyelocks ..! BG – Junoon tere ishq ka ..! He asks u .. in my house? What are u doing there? Sanam tries to explain! Ahil says.. u think u will come in my house and take revenge from me? Ur working at my house. without my permission and sneaking in my room ..what do u want? Sanam says nothing .. u did what u had to .. i dun even wanna see ur face! The lights come on! Sanam says i came here to work . if i had known this was ur house.. i wuldnt have come here..! I need to work . i need money .. coz u burnt my dhaba..snatched my happiness… ! Ahil says glad u accepted that ur here coz i burnt ur dhaba? Sanam says i came here to earn .. to restart my dhaba..! Its a coincidence that i came to ur house .. to earn money ! Ahil says u came here to break my pride? Sanam says no .. why do u think .. the world revolves around u? I am not interested in u..! Ahil says.. gud.. dun even get interested .. coz those who know Ahil .. want to stay away from him aka me..! Ahil fumes on Latif for keeping Sanam at job .. without telling him ..! Latif says.. will throw her out next day in the morning !

Part 3

Latif tells Sanam to leave! She says .. i dun wanna stay here .. i came here to work ..! Feeling happy to let u know . .i found a new job ..i will leave tomorrow morning! Ahil says tell her to leave from here.. now! Sanam says talk with respect . am not ur servant! Ahil says leave! Sanam starts to walk .. she stops…! Ahil asks now what? Sanam says leaving .. dun shout! She turns and walks back towards Ahil and picks up her dupatta..! Sanam walks off..!

Precap —- Media hounds Ahil about the pic of him kissing a random girl at the cafe Sanam was working at! He turns and pulls Sanam before media and says ..she is the one! Sanam is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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