Gustakh Dil 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The show starts with Nikhil on the phone at Ranjho place. Lajjo is overhearing his conversation and suddenly he feels like there’s someone behind.

Lajjo runs to Ranjho and says in her trembling voice that there’s someone over there. Ranjho asks if ever she has seen a ghost.

Ranjho goes to meet Nikhil and asks him about his new job he says he left it because it was recommended by his uncle. He wants to get a job on his own as he needs to prove to Lajjo, the latter smiles overhearing Nikhil.

Nikhil says he’s here to tell Ranjho something important to guess it… Nikhil praises Rhea for teaching, a good lesson to Barkha but still he says that Barkha will not let her inside as she banned her entry.
Ranjho says no matter as she has lots of friends and one among them needs to teach her mom in law a good lesson… Lajjo smiles overhearing Nikhil and Lajjo conversation.

Nikhil looks near the curtain and sees as if someone is standing and Ranjho asks what is he looking at while Lajjo is hiding behind the curtain, he says as if someone is there…

Ranjho says who let guess it… She says maybe Lajjo and Ranjho says this is absolutely brilliant that Lajjo is in Delhi that also in her room.

Nikhil says that his heart is not ready to accept it yet that Lajjo is so far… She must be getting ready to leave for the college. Lajjo thinks “she’s indeed ready”

Ranjho says bye to Nikhil as she also needs to go to the N.G.O.

Nikhil before leaving looks toward the curtain again where ranjho says it is her new roommate.

Ranjho asks Lajjo why is she crying and says she must be crying as she’s stuck between the two and both has such a strong connection. Ranjho says Nikhil and Lajjo love story is not exactly as Romeo and Juliet as their story will have a happy ending. Lajjo hugs Ranjho.

Barkha is saying to her mom, she does not understand Nikhil. Ravi helped him in finding a job what is the problem, he still needs to study and what is the ego he’s showing. Barkha tells her mom to explain to Nikhil but her mom says it is not Nikhil but Barkha ego problems

Barkha mom’s tells her what problem does she have with Rhea when Nikhil brings him home…
Rhea is completely the opposite of Lajjo, she’s rich and beautiful, but she thinks Barkha must be happy with her.
Barkha says Rhea is so rude as she likes to intrude on each and everything.
Barkha mom’s asks her why is she angry or worried?? Barkha says why should she?’ Her mom says, because she’s slowly losing Nikhil Barkha mom’s tells Barkha to bring back Lajjo.
Barkha tells her mom that Lajjo promised her to change and then she will step into her house, but she knows Lajjo will never be able to win the challenge so the chapter is close.

Nikhil nani thinks the few she knows Lajjo the chapter is not close as Lajjo can win the challenge and she smiles.

Nikhil is roaming unsuccessfully on the road. He has flashbacks of his mother taunting him in Sonbarsa and saying it is not at all easy finding a suitable job with his degree.

He also thinks how he refused the job and arrives near a tea stall. He orders for a cup of tea and Adhiraj joins him. adi is searching for vacancy in the newspaper and Nikhil asks if he’s searching for job he says yes…

Adhiraj and Nikhil introduce to each other. Ayesha calls Adhiraj and Nikhil overhears him calling her Miss blah Blah Blah.. Nikhil asks Adhiraaj about it and he says it was his special friend.

Nikhil tells Adi that he does not know about his friend, but he seems to be a very interesting person.

Ranjho is at Shreya place and she praises Lajjo to be so courageous and how she controls and stop herself from meeting Nikhil.

Ranjho asks Shreya what will happen if one day the two meet.
Shreya says it will be very interesting and a new twist will be introduced in the story line.

Lajjo is at her work place and the lady who takes care of Mily and she tells her to stay with Mily as she has got some few works to complete.. Lajjo tells her to hurry up as her house owner will not let her in after 10:00 pm. She says she will be back in half an hour.

The lady asks Mily to behave well and Lajjo is scared of the lightning and Milly tell her that she’s not at all afraid…

Lajjo tells her because she’s a strong girl. Milly says that she’s afraid of the dark and spider sometime she has bad dreams.

Ranjho and Shreya are worried as it is already 9:00 pm and Lajjo is not back yet. Ranjho tries to call Lajjo who says that it is difficult for her to return back as Anita is out and will be back in an hour.

Ranjho tells her to try her level best to return in time. Ranjho is worried and Shreya says better that their land lady is not able to know about it.

Lajjo and Mily talk about Mily mom who is no more and Lajjo tries to tell a story to Milly.

Milly falls asleep and Lajjo thinks how will she leave.

Ranjho and Shreya are still worried and Lajjo thinks it is no more, raining and Anita is still not back.
The landlord calls Ranjho… And Shreya hides herself.

Anita is back and wants to give Lajjo some money so that she can pay a taxi but she refuses.

The landlady is drunk and stumbling, she comes in Ranjho room. She notices Lajjo is not yet home and she asks Ranjho…
Ranjho says Lajjo in in the bathroom and she goes to knock. Shreya answers in Lajjo style and the landlady laughs.
While leaving the landlady tells ranjho she will increase the rent if they continually let the light on Ranjho agrees.
The landlady sees Lajjo entering and the scene freezes on Lajjo shocked face.

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Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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