Qubool Hai 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 5th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Shireem arguig with Rashid she asks him why he let Zoya leave with Asad…Rashid tells her that he has talked with Ayaan and both of them didn’t consider the Nikkah valid…SHireen argues that Nikkah is always a nikkah everyone has to adjust a little as Marriage is a second name of adjustment…Rashid replies that it shdn’t be as such an adjustment ruins 3 lives the life f two who get married and the third of that person who didn’t get married to the love of her life…Zoya has done the right thing and you will get it one day

Asad comes to Zoya’s room and finds her stuff all over the floor,he tells her that it took him so long to clean this room and she has ruined it all in few minutes…Zoya replies that this room has turned to a a nice room now and if he wants to fight then he shd know one thing that he will always lose…Asad tells her he will never lose not even from the fate…Asad looking into her eyes all mesmerised in love…Zoya says to him that these romantic lines doesn’t suit him…Zoya jumps on the bed and asks him if he wants a competition
Zoya tells him that for wining a fight one needs brain more than that of sixpack which she has and he doesn’t…Asad replies that he knows that he cant win in messing things up ,he asks her to light up diyas for diwali and also clean up her room…Asad leaves and Zoya says””dar gaye””…Asad opens the door and asks if she has said anything…Zoya makes it up by saying she was just abt to clean her room

Najma nd Imran come back to their home ,Imran asks for Najma’s forgiveness…Najma controls herself and tells him that she just want him to be truthful to her forever as this relation is based on the trust which she has on him…Imran assures her that he will never hide anything from her…

Nighat is talking to Shireen who is all devastated on Zoya’s departure…Najma is talking to Dilshad happily …Shireen is very angry and thinks that nothing can be back to normal,she thinks that Dilshad has done this all to make them feel bad…Nighat tries to calm her down ,she reminds her that Asad has done done alot for them and its right that Zoya has left,as Humera will get AYaan back now…Shireen is still angry she is fearful abt people who will make fun of them , …Nighat asks her to stay calm and shdn’t think abt the people…Najma tells Dilshad abt their trip to PPanchgani,she asks her to take care of Nighat as she is her younger sister…on the other hand SHireen asks Nighat to be careful abt Najma as she might cause her trouble …Nighat tries to tell Shireen abt Najma’s good nature but Shireen still has the same fear,,,,,Nighat cuts the call…Shireen is crying and is having a fear abt Nighat’s marriage she is also unhappy abt Ayaan going to be called as a divorcee…Shireen is jealous from Dilshad as her kids are getting happiness when Shireen’s kids are not…

Asad lights up soem candles and Diya’s…both wish Diwali to each other,Asad tells her that DIlshad has gone to Mrs Sharma’s house…Zoya shares her excitement and happiness on coming back to Asad Mansion..Asad replies to her that it was her destiny to be back and because of her this diwali is so beautiful,she asks her not to run from Nikkah this time…Zoya happily agress with…
Asad says to Zoya that he knows that after marriage like all other girls she will also bore her with her words but he won’t get bored…

Zoya interrupts him saying”kar di na aap ne 70 saal ke budhoon wali baat..mein tu bohat happeining hoon…isi baat pe shair arz hai meaning you talked like 70 years old person again.. i am still happening.. and then says a poem:

Toot gay hai mala bikhar gaye hain moti
my company is so interesting ke mein akele bhi kabhi bore nahi hoti
Asad gives weird expressions,Zoya hits him and he says “Wah Wah Zoya”…both smile

Zoya says to Asad””watch our lives will be very thrilling”
Asad asks how
Zoya asks him to close his eyes,Asad doesn’t get whats she upto,ZOya closes his eyes and asks him to stay quiet..Zoya kisses him and Asad smiles…
Sans mein teri in background both are having a sizzling chemistry…They dance and in the end they have a passionate hug…

Dilshad is going somewhere and she see Rashid’s car…Rashid cars hits a tree,..Rashid is on stretcher Dilshad holding his hand,Shireen comes there and pushes Dilshad a little,Doctor tells them abt critical condition of Rashid and says he might not reach the hospital alive..Shireen finds Rashid’s hand in Dilshad hand

Update Credit to: an_k

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