Pavitra Rishta 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 5th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the pedestrians stopping Arjun’s car and asks him to help the accident victim. Arjun helps the woman and takes her to the hospital. He doesn’t see she is actually Purvi. Arjun comes home, servant’s grand daughter asks him about his wound. Arjun says it is a minor wound. She tells him not to be careless about him. Arjun says sorry and hugs her. Prashant tells the kids that he will give Kulfi party to them. Ankita asks him to go and says she can’t go. Ankita asks him to take Sonu and Pranav. Prashant agrees.

Doctor informs Purvi that her injury is severe and her chin is very hurt. She advised her to talk with sign language. She asks about her family and says she knows about her name through the Id card. Purvi gets a call from Archana. Doctor picks the call and says she went for the meeting. Archana asks, why she didn’t take her phone in the meeting. Doctor lies saying phone is not allowed. Archana asks her to tell Purvi to call her.

Shashank comes home and asks Ankita that he is calling her since two days. Ankita makes excuses. Shashank asks what is going on and why she is avoiding him? Ankita says she can’t think of her marriage for 10 years. Shashank tells him that he is ready to take the responsibility. Ankita asks him why he wants to take up the responsibility and says it is her family. She says she wants to see him happy and settled. She asks him to marry Mansi. Shashank is shocked. Ankita tells him that Mansi is perfect for his home and his aai baba too likes her. She says Mansi likes him. Shashank asks who told her about her aai and baba’s preference. Shashank leaves angrily.

Ankita recalls the moments spent with Shashank while the song kabhi tha savera…. Ankahi plays in the BG. She recalls Mansi confession of love and Shashank’s mom saying she likes Mansi. Shashank comes back to Ankita’s house and calls for Mansi. He asks her to come and says they will marry now. Mansi says but today. Shashank says ok,we will marry after a week. He tells her that that he likes Ankita and she doesn’t want to get marry as she has responsibility towards her siblings.

Mansi is shocked. Shashank tells her that they are in love since 2 years. Shashank tells her that Ankita asks him to marry her as she came to know that she loves him. Shashank says that his happiness lies with Ankita and his aai and baba too likes her. Shashank says he is ready to marry her. Mansi says she can’t marry him as her tai loves him. Shashank says he will not marry anyone else. He tells Ankita not to decide about him. Shashank tells Ankita that he can’t keep Mansi happy. He leaves.

Archana is waiting for Purvi’s call and wonders why she didn’t call. Pari comes and asks Archana whether her aai talked to her. Pari says she is not picking her call and thinks she is angry. Archana says she is not angry on you. She calls on Arjun’s number. servant’s grand daughter picks the call and calls for Arjun. Archana asks whether she is Arjun’s daughter. She says yes. Arjun comes back and takes the call. Archana tells him about Purvi and says she is in Mumbai. Arjun says he didn’t meet her. Archana tells her that she was informed that purvi is in the meeting. Arjun tells her that the deal was cancelled by Purvi. Archana asks him to help her and search for Purvi. Arjun says he will search Purvi and will call her. Arjun recalls seeing Purvi at the hotel.

Mansi sends the kids to School. Ankita tells that she is happy that her younger sister is responsible enough and she should marry. She says you wants me to marry Shashank and says she likes Shashank. When he proposed her,she said yes. She says but you loves him. Mansi says you are elder than us so you thinks to sacrifice for us. She says she loves Shashank but she loves her more than him. She says we want you to be happy and asks her not to speak about Shashank again. Both of them hug each other.

Soham purposely comes before the running car. He gets hit by Rushaali’s car and falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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