Qubool Hai 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam tells tanveer that she doesnt like refusing her again and again. tanveer gets into a fury at her dare, and thn asks her to do so. Sanam says that she isnt refusing but once her husband comes, she would sign wherever she has to. she leaves, while tanveer stands stunned. she is resolved to take revenge on her.

In her room, Sanam is shocked at tanveer’s double personality which just surfaced now, which seems so unbelievable now. Ahil storms in, and sanam is about to speak, when he asks what she said to tanveer, that got her so upset. sanam tells what happened, and why she hesitated to sign and only wanted to wait to ask from him first. ahil gets tensed and moves aside, tensed and frustrated. He again remembers tanveer’s words, and gets into a fury. Ahil tells sanam not to interfere between him and his mother, and not to upset tanveer again, breaking a glass, and the glass shards falling on the floor. He tells her that he doesnt want her to use his confided secrets against him, and that he is forever indebted to tanveer and nothing can ever change that. sanam is tensed and tries to say something, but ahil asks her to stay out of it. As she begins to come to him, she slips, and before her hands can fall on the broken glass shards, ahil places his hand underneath hers. She is surprised. She apologises but then sees that his own hand is severely wounded. ahil is tensed too, while sanam is distraught. She tries to see, but he refrains his hand and says that its all right. He storms out hastily, while sanam wonders whats wrong with tanveer, and why is he doing so, and presumes that tanveer must have said something, hence pretending to be upset and angry with her. she wonders whats the real mystery behind his father’s murder and is determined to solve the puzzle, for which she has to stay here. she thinks that tanveer would try everything to get her sign and throw her out of the house, but she resolves that she wont leave the house and ahil.

While tanveer is fuming in her room, sanam finds her, and then thinks that if she lands her hands on the property papers, she would hide them, so that she gets sometime to find out about the actual mystery behind Ahil’s father’s murder. She finds tanveer keeping the papers back in the almirah. tanveer walks out, while sanam stands tensed. While sanam is rummaging through tanveer’s files and folders, she finally finds the folder. Just then, she finds tanveer walking in her room, who remembered something in the hallway and turned around. Sanam ducks beside the bed, while tanveer comes trying to search something on th bed, and then finds her beads finally, but in oblivion laying her foot, on sanam;s hand, who isnt able to scream and muffles her voice, so as not to be heard. tanveer leaves, while sanam is in great pain.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rehaan’s office
Seher enters the room, and is surprised to find it decorated with vballoons and a romantic ambience. Then she is blindfolded by hands, by rehaan who comes in front of her, while she is shocked. he says that he knows that she hasnt said yes, and that she wont find such a boring and unromantic boy, but he is willing to change himself for her, but one thing shall never change. He bends down on his kness, shocking her, and says that his love for her shall never change. He takes out an engagement ring, while seher is overwhelmed. He presents it to her, saying that this is the start to his new life. She is teary eyed, while he says that she brought happiness into his life, and made her feel how imcomplete he is, and asks her if she shall complete his life. she stands shocked and silenced. He apologises for being a little too poetic, and then directly asks her in a proposal, WILL YOU MARRY ME? Seher is all the more shocked. She is in a daze, as he takes the ring out of the box, and holds her hand ahead, and is about to place the ring in the engagement finger, when a sudden knock startles them both. He goes to check who is it, and in storm many policemen and women, seeing who seher is scared. Rehaan asks whats the matter, while they say that they have come to arrest her. rehaan is shocked, and boggled too, and says that there must have been a misunderstanding. He tells rehaan that this girl is a thief and a fraud, and that she is being searched for a long time. seher is shocked. the police says that today they have evidence too who would testify against her. the jeweller walks in, while seher is frustrated at the bad timing. as the jeweller starts telling about seher, rehaan asks him to stop talking nonsense. the jeweller asks him to ask her instead. He asks her to go ahead and falsify them all, but she stands speechless. He is tensed, while he asks her not to be scared as till the time he is here, they cant touch her. rehaan asks her to tell them that she isnt who they think she is, while she stands silent. She remembers rehaan’s trust on ehr, and her past moments with him. When he insists her to speak, seher breaks down saying that they are not lying and are indeed correct about her. rehaan is shattered and distraught, as past memories flash in front of her. she adds that there was one more truth, that she herself wanted to tell all this to him. he is shocked beying belief, while she begs him to trust her, as she had decided to tell him her reality. the jeweller taunts her that noone can trust her, and that maybe this girl was after rehaan’s money too. rehaan is hurt and apalled. seher says that its true that she came here for his money, but its not that anymore, and that she has changed now, and had wanted to tell him the complete truth. rehaan starts breaking things in a rage, saying that he had told her that he cant stand lies, and that she was the sole truth of his life, and he trusted her more than himself, and was willing to sacrifice even her life for her, but he also turned out to be one more lie of his. She tries to convince him, but he says that he doesnt want to hear anything. He takes her hand and hands her over to the police. seher keeps protesting innocence but rehaan says that he doesnt want to hear anything. Rehaan finally stops them, as they drag seher outside. all are tensed, while seher looks at him in anticipation. He comes and confronts her. He asks how much did she steal. the jeweller names the amount, and then gives the 10 lakhs that the jeweller had lost. He requests the jeweller to take back the case. the jeweller agrees and asks the police to let them go. the polcie lets go of seher, and says that she is being left as he doesnt have evidence of any other theft. They all leave, while seher and rehaan confront each other. rehaan turns away while seher tries to talk to him. She hesitatingly places a hand on his shoulder, but he jerks it away, eyeing her angrily, asking her to be out of his life forever. He leaves, while she stands heartbroken and distraught. She collapses on the floor, teary eyed and emotional, as past memories flash through her mind. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The lady tells razia that she would find seher at the same temple where she got this prashad from. razia is pleased.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. what the hell, how can they get married this fast? even though i like them together but its to early for them. and also tanveer needs to be locked up far far away

  2. Oh my god whT the hell is going nt again no one wants ahil n sanam to get separated at ALL plzzz do something sanam or ahil..!! 🙁 🙁

  3. sehaan rocks!

  4. God what happened between seher and rehan i was really scared !

  5. U r rite Mariym

  6. Guys what happend in Kumkum bhagya

  7. OMG!what is going on beween sehaan.i can’t see theom like this.And sanam has to do something to save her love from tanveer.

  8. writes what is going you all are not showing much of rahatt and faiz and the dumb girl and if you show anything it is just a little part come on we want to see more of their storyline we are getting fed up of seher and her twin sister sanam and ahil and his blind mother so speed things up ad preview more of rahatts life.

    1. In case of haya, rahath and faiz , looks like they are following the movie “nikaah”, but curious to see what happens to all the 3.

  9. Oh yes u go sanam u dig in tanveer past ull find or parents killer n get or love

  10. i agreee baby sanam deserves aahil afta what tanveer put her throgh

    1. Yes she does

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