Qubool Hai 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 31st December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat and farahn are tensed with each other’s presence in the room. She is about to go when he stops her, apologising for shouting at her, but she should try to understand what he is going through, when he is desperately trying to find sameera. Nikhat again tries to prove herself, but farhan refuses to believe her. She says that she has definitely seen sameera, as she has seen sameera’s pic, and that she was standing behind her. farhan says that haseena was right in saying that she is mentally unstable, as any normal person wont do this.

While haseena is eating, nikhat reprimands her for saying such things to farhan. Haseena says that it was very true what she said. she says that farhan doesnt want to belive that sameera is dead, and that she would have to tell this to him, so that he can start believeing nikhat. Nikhat says that she would have to tell him this. Haseena is scared at this prospect. She finds farhan coming through. She spills the cold drink on her face, and makes it feel to farhan and nazma that nikhat spilled it on her, out of frustration. Nikhat is shocked, while farhan and nazma are tensed. Haseena turns the tables around, and places nikhat is the guitly stand, saying that nikhat poured the sherbat over her. He gets angry. Haseena smirks while nikhat tries to plead for herself, and farhan doesnt believe her. He asks her to go inside. Nazma too takes her inside, while nikhat asks her to believe atleat. nikhat resignedly goes in. Haseena keeps lamenting that she got farhan stuck to a mental patient. Nikhat is horrfied at this, but nazma takes her inside.

inside, nikhat tries to prove herself, while nazma says that she actually was seen arguing. Nikhat tells nazma what haseena told farhan. Nazma tries to prove that her stance makes her seem like this. Nikhat tries to say that haseena too knows this. Nijhat remembers farhan not wanting to tell this to anyone else. Nazma tries to advise her to stop all this, and that she should try and get close to farhan and improve their relation. She makes nikhat promise that she wont speak things like this again to anyone. Nikhat resignedly does so.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is tensed that razia would definitely call their bluff today, but haider is super cool and thinks that they would surprise razia and stop her, from going to the lawyers. Haider says that its her marriage anniversary today. Zoya asks how does he know all this. Haider says that he knows much about razia and then makes up an excuse for it. She again goes into her impromptu poetry. Haider says that humaira would do this work for them, as it would be very awkward if haider or zoya do this. Zoya is concerned that it might hurt humaira later. but haider says that he would take care of this. zoya thinks that by this, they would get the time to find papers, while razia and mamu are busy with the party. They do their signature move, which they did in childhood. Zoya and haider both are shocked at this. Haider asks how does she know this, as he had taught chutki this. Zoya asks who was this girl. Haider says that it was a girl who was very dear to him. They get happy and get prepared for their plan.

Humaira is surprised at haider’s prospect of throwing a party for razia and mamu. Humaira asks why do they want to do this. haider says that its because he feels sorry for them, as they are going through a tough time, and says that if he manages to bring a smile on someone’s face, then he can do it to humaira too. humaira smiles in pretense and says that she is with him. Both know the other’s plan. as haider leaves, humaira thinks that he’s geeting deeper in her trap, oblivious that haider too is feeling the same, wheer in fact actually he is using her.

Later, humaira assures haider that everything has been organised as she is in the habit due to their partying with their group, and gets emotional remembering ayan. But humaira soon distracts him into talking about how good event organisers they both are. Haider gets emotional and says that his parents didnt have to do this for very long. Humaira asks what and why. He slowly whispers that it was due to her parents only. humaira asks what, and haider distracts her from this again. He begins eyeing her as she starts applying lipstick. They both remember the awkward kiss, while humaira is frustrated and asks her to pleasantly leave. He complies.

Later, while razia is talking to her brother, tensed and discussing about the papers, wajid comes in and keeps the papers, aside the files and folders on the desk. Badi Bi comes to Razia’s room to take her clothes which are on top of the files and papers, and she takes the papers along with her clothes, but Razia stops her. she searches through the clothes, saying that there isnt any of her cloth here. badi bi is angry at this, and says that she doesnt need her clothes as it is. Badi bi leaves, while razia says to her brother, that she would come with the papers in the evning, so that they can prove that its fake, before they can find the original papers. Badi bi comes out oblivious that the papers are with her. the screen freezes on Razia’s tensed and badi bi’s face.

Precap: A dishevelled Tanveer collides into mamujaan’s car. When mamu comes out, she desperately asks him to help her and clings on to him. He tries to get himself detached considering her to be a mad woman. As he gets back in the car, she shouts out that she knows his estranged daughter, and knows where is she/ this immediately gets a shocked mamujaan’s attention and he looks up at her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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