Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 31st December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu feeling helpless as he raised his hand on Shivani. He thinks how to apologize to her. Baburaam calls him. Raghu sees, Aunty, Jazz and Mahima in his house. Baburaam asks him to come. Raghu asks, what they are doing here. Baburaam says they came with a suggestion. They want compromise like us. Bella asks what? Baburaam says, Shivani is angry and doesn’t want to come here so we came to the conclusion. Lata asks, what? Baburaam says, as Shivani doesn’t want to come, Raghu will go and stay with Shivani. As according to Maliksaa’s will, they have to be together for 3 months. Baburaam asks Bella to pack his stuff. Raghu says, what are they to give me suggestion. Aunty says, we came to give respect to Balwant Rana and to fulfilled his

wish and this will be possible when you both live together. It is for your betterment. Raghu says, I understand very much about your intentions and says you cared for money. Baburaam says, all the property will go to trust if you both don’t live together. Jazz says, you should be thankful to us that we are inviting you to come to haveli instead of getting you arrested.

Mahima says, it is solution for everyone’s problems, so accept it and come. Raghu says, how can you stoop so low for property? Jazz asks him to mind his language and says your babuji called us and that’s why we came here. Baburaam says, whatever I did was for everyone’s betterment. Raghu says, I won’t go to haveli for everyone’s greed and my decision won’t change. He asks them to play at their home and not to misguide him. He asks them to go. Jazz, Aunty and Mahima leave after getting insulted. Baburaam shouts at Raghu for declining to go to haveli. Raghu says, how can you think that I can go there. I won’t go to that haveli. Baburaam goes to talk to Jazz. He tells Jazz that I will agree Raghu. Jazz says, he is stubborn. And asks Baburaam, why did you not talk to Raghu before calling us. Mahima says, we have to find a way. Aunty says, we have a sea of plans but can you manage to bear the loss of 50 crores. Baburaam gets happy and surprised. Aunty says, your dream house will flow before building up and leaves. Mahima and Jazz give him greed of 50 crores rupees. Baburaam gets angry on Raghu.

Raghu says, Maliksaa didn’t name his property on my name so that I can use it, he named it on my name so that I can protect it. He couldn’t trust Jazz and Mahima. I don’t have any right on that property. I will not go to the haveli to stay there. Baburaam says, you are out of your mind. Do you want us to be poor all our life. Raghu says that property was never ours. Vivek asks, it was clearly written in the will that half of the property is your and what is the problem if you have to go there to save the property. Maya agrees with Vivek and says you did a mistake by raising your hand on her. And you have to correct your mistake. Baburaam says, there is only solution. You have to go to the haveli else property will go from your and Shivani’s hand and she will never forgive you.

Raghu says, I went there to apologize to her but….I can’t live there as I was a servant there. Lata supports Raghu and says, you people are after money. She says, I know why you don’t want to stay there. But the reason is babyji. You know naa she is innocent and lonely, no one knows about Jazz and Mahima’s intentions. That’s why I think you should go to haveli.

Servant finds blood stains on the floor and informs Shivani. Shivani sees and wonders whose blood is it. She recalls pushing Raghu outside and thinks he is really hurt. Panna tai comes to Shivani and says, I couldn’t like the way you throw you out of the house. You and Maliksaa are his world. I don’t know what has happened between you. But I can says, his intention is not wrong. We can trust on him. I know he was worried when you went somewhere. He cares for you, and it is his motive to protect you. He can even give life for you. She says, that’s why Maliksaa named his property on his name. Baburaam tells Lata that you were saying right and asks Raghu to go to the haveli. Raghu is tensed.


Raghu tells Lata that today is Poornima and Maliksaa held Puja in the temple every time. I don’t think Mahima and Jazz will continue this tradition. He says, I want to held the Puja for Maliksaa. Panditji tells Shivani, Aunty and Mahima about the puja. Shivani says, we will surely come.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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