Qubool Hai 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 30th December 2013 Written Update

Zoya comes to Dilshad and asks her if everything is okay. Dilshad tells her, there is a big problem. Razia came to the study room while I was searching the paper, she didn’t see me, but I heard her talking to her cousin. That cousin knows a lawyer who is specialized in solving such cases and that cousin is coming here in an hour, and then both will go to the lawyer. Zoya says, we are gone.. how will we find papers in an hour? Dilshad says exactly. Zoya says, there is a way.. we will have to steal fake papers made by Haider so Razia thinks she misplaced them. This is the only solution. They leave from there.

Razia is talking with her cousin on the phone and asks to come fast. Zoya and Dilshad are outside her room and they listen everything. Razia is looking at some other papers. While

she’s busy looking at it, Zoya runs in the room. Razia turns back slightly and Zoya hides under the bed, and then tries to take file that’s on the bed. Zoya’s hand is on the bed, but Razia is so busy looking at the other papers that she fails to see Zoya’s hand. Zoya sees her and pulls her hand back. Razia takes the file and leaves from there.

Haider comes out from the shower and finds Humaira standing there. He turns back. Humaira tells him that she took out his clothes and asks him if he didn’t feel bad. Haider is surprised. He says no and thanks her. Humaira tells him to get ready fast. She turns her face and stands in the room. Haider quickly changes his pant. Humaira is smiling. Surprised Haider asks her why she’s doing all this. Humaira says, I misbehaved with you so trying to correct my mistake. I thought you’re my enemy, but you came out to be my friend. She asks him if he won’t forgive her. He says he forgave. Humaira says, no, I will only believe that when you come to drop me at my college trip. Haider says college trip? Humaira says, yes. She gives him the location and says it’s day after and she will wait for him. Confused Haider nods and says okay. Humaira smiles and leaves.

Razia is leaving. Zoya asks Dilshad what they will do now. Badi bi comes to Zoya and Dilshad and gives them an idea to stop Razia.

Badi bi comes to Razia and says there is a cat in store room where some of her important stuff is. Razia says she will send a servant there. Badi bi says he is too slow, by time he goes, it will be too late. Razia is confused. Badi bi then says if you don’t care about your own stuff, then why should I. Razia asks her if she’s saying the truth. Badi bi says if you don’t believe, then come and see. They are going to store room. Badi bi tells her to keep files there. They are outside store room and Zoya is making noises inside to fool Razia. Razia asks Badi bi what she can do.. she has to go somewhere as well. Badi bi tells her to go inside. As soon as she goes in, Zoya comes out from another door. Badi bi locks the door from outside. Dilshad comes and asks why she’s locking her inside. Badi bi says, don’t worry.. it’s an old love between us. We always give such gifts to each other. Zoya laughs. They leave from there. Inside Razia is wondering how cat got in. She’s checking stuff near a table and in that flour falls on her head and face.

Gauffer is searching for Razia in the hall. Zoya sees him coming out and she hides. He asks the servant. The servant says she was right here.. don’t know where she went. Gauffer is leaving, but then he sees the papers and Razia’s phone. He takes them with him. Zoya is disappointed.

He comes to his room and calls Razia’s cousin. When he’s talking on the phone, Razia enters. He asks her where she was and what she was doing. He then says, it’s good that I got the papers.. what if someone else had got them. Razia says, in store room… He tells her to leave all that and asks her to wash her face first. He will see what to do next.

Nikhat is talking with Shireen on the phone. She tells her both Asad and Zoya are good. They won’t do anything wrong with anyone. After she hangs, she sees Sameera and is shocked and scared. Sameera leaves from there and goes somewhere. Nikhat follows her slowly. Nikhat comes in the hall and Haseena is doing something behind the painting. Nikhat says she saw Sameera in her room and then she went to the corridor and then don’t know where she went. Haseena asks her if she’s gone crazy as she told her already that Sameera has died long time ago. Nikhat says to her, you’re hiding something, right? Haseena says her to stop talking nonsense, if Farhan hears it then he will get upset. Nikhat says he is already upset and asks her to tell the truth to her. Haseena advices her to get rid off her misconception, else she will drop her at home and will never bring back. Haseena leaves.

Zoya and Dilshad explain their situation to Badi bi and says if Razia and mamujaan find out that Haider’s papers are fake, then they will throw them out of the house. Badi bi says to Zoya, nothing like that will happen, you came to prove my son innocent and my blessings are with you. And no one can do anything to someone who has elders’ blessings. Dilshad asks Badi bi if she knows any place where Rashid can keep such papers. Badi bi says she doesn’t know anything about it, but thats for sure that Rashid is not careless in such matters and won’t give such important papers to someone irresponsible. Servant comes there and says mamujaan asked for the files. Zoya asks him to take it. The servant drops the files. Zoya says she feels papers are very close to her. Servant collects all the papers and papers that Zoya is searching are also in that. Zoya looks at the files, but fails to see the papers. Servant leaves. Zoya is slowly losing her hope now.

Haseena is with Sameera and says to her, I have to suffer so much because of you. I will have to do something so no one believes Nikhat.

Servant brings the files to Razia. The original papers are on top of the files. Mamujan calls Razia for something and she puts the files down. Mamujan tells Razia that he feels Haider’s papers are fake and Dilshad Zoya don’t have any original papers. Razia tells him not to worry as she will go to the lawyer tomorrow and get the papers checked. Mamujan says he will also go with her. And if it’s proved that they don’t have any paper and these papers are fake, then no one can save them from him.

Precap : Badi Bi comes to Razia’s room to take her clothes which are on top of the files and papers, and she takes the papers along with her clothes, but Razia stops her.

Update Credit to: DancingDiva

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