Tumhari Pakhi 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 30th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan fooling his history teacher saying Pakhi has punished him and cries. The teacher believes him finding him in a cupboard. She asks him not to cry. Ayaan signs Maa ji and smiles. Ayaan asks her not to talk to Anshuman about this and says he won’t listen to you, he will believe Pakhi. She says ok, I won’t say. Ayaan is happy and dances. She leaves. Maa ji and Ayaan are happy that their mission was successful. The teacher left her purse.

Lavanya makes an announcement and says as you all know I have travelled around the world but I found something missing in my life. Girish and everyone hear this. Lavanya says I have everything but it lookes incomplete, but now its complete, she hugs Naina and says now she has come in my life. She speaks well and

this makes Girish and Bua happy. Lavanya says I m happy to tell everyone that Girish and I have decided to legally adopt Naina. Anshuman and Pakhi smile. Lavanya shares her childhood story which her mum told her.

She says for me, Naina is most beautiful to me and its her favor that she gave me and Girish a chance to become her parents. She kisses Naina and Girish kisses Lavanya and hugs her. Anshumna looks on. Pakhi claps for Lavanya, everyone does clap then. Lavnay and Girish cut the cake with Naina. Ayaan comes in the party and claps. Pakhi sees Ayaan and says when did you come, and why so late. Ayaan lies saying I came long time back. Pakhi says I did not see you. He says you might have missed me. They take a family photo where everyone smile. Anshuman have a talk with Ayaan and asks him so you have won in chess in school, so play a game with me.

Ayaan agrees and Anshuman says lets play. They start playing. Ayaan is confident. Anshuman says overconfidence can make you lose. Anshuman gives him some good tips to become a good player.. Anshuman says you changed, which is a good things, but I think Pakhi doubts on you. He says no one can change suddenly right. Ayaan makes his move. Pakhi comes and says lets have food now. Anshuman says I have an important meeting. Pakhi says will you have food there, I will call you and remind you. Anshuman says I will be busy in the meeting, don’t call me.

Anshuman loses to Ayaan and Ayaan gives him some tips. Anshuman says very good son, even I want you to win the game. Anshuman leaves. Pakhi comes to her room and the sees the purse. Pakhi picks it and sees the ID and comes to know that its the teacher’s bag. She goes to Maa ji to ask her. Pakhi asks her did the teacher come. Maa ji lies to Pakhi. Pakhi shows her the bag and asks how did it reach my room. Maa ji is tensed and lies to her. Pakhi says fine, maybe Ayaan can answer this.

Maa ji informs Ayaan about this. Ayaan says stop Pakhi there. Maa ji stops Pakhi and says don’t be angry, I have hidden something from you, I went out for some time today and maybe she came in that time. Pakhi says fine, but how can this happen. Ayaan takes Pakhi’s phone and changes Anshuman and the teacher’s numbers. Pakhi asks whats going on. Maa ji nothing. Ayaan acts smart and laughs. Maa ji asks Pakhi to trust her. Pakhi says I can’t, I have to find out the truth. Maa ji informs Ayaan that danger is on the way.

Ayaan says all clear, I want her to call the history teacher, she will be in the problem, not me. Pakhi calls the history teacher and Anshuman gets the call. Ayaan comes to Pakhi and says I heard my teacher forgot her bag here. Pakhi says yes, I called her but she is not taking my call. Ayaan asks her to call again. Pakhi calls her again.

Anshuman gets Pakhi’s call again and he disconnects. Pakhi keeps on trying. Ansshuman gets angry and ends his meeting. Anshuman is trying Pakhi’s number now and she is calling him. Ayaan smiles. Anshuman talks to Pakhi on landline. She asks why did you call. He jokes and says I told you not to call me, but you called me so many times. She says what are you saying, Ayaan and Maa ji smile. Pakhi says I did not call you, you called me. Anshuman says how can you lie, I have call history. Pakhi says even my phone have call history, come and check my phone. She is annoyed and calls him rude.

Pakhi leaves. Maa ji is happy. Ayaan says we have to do something, if they check the phones, it will be a problem for us. He thinks of some idea. Ayaan is playing with Maa ji and by mistake the juice falls on Anshuman. Anshuman scolds him and leaves his phone and goes to change his clothes. Ayaan smiles looking at his phone. Pakhi meets Anshuman and both of them look at each other angrily. Ayaan smiles. They exchange the phones and check the call history. Maa ji looks on.

Pakhi asks where is the call history, show me. Anshuman checks his phone and says where did it go. He says how can this be. He thinks its Ayaan’s plan looking at him.

Ayaan is making plan with Maa ji. He calls Pakhi and says don’t beat me, Pakhi gets worried and asks Anshuman to take her home as Ayaan needs help.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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