Qubool Hai 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 30th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya tries to tell that she couldnt Asad says that he was almost on the verge of losing his sanity. Dilshad wants him to talk to her once. He says that she isnt helpless but brash. Asad again goes on a rant as to how irresponsible she has been and asks why couldnt she evn place a call. zoya says that she isnt a child, and can take care of herself. She says that he shouldnt be demnded to be taken permission from, every time she steps out of the house. Asad says that he isnt asking for that, but she should only ask once. Asad asks how did he reach and zoya remembering it, thinks that asad would be very angry of she tells him. She pretends to be very sleepy, and asad gets irritated. Zoya too lashes back saying that this applies on him too. They

both again fight and go their seperate ways.

While imran and nazma are tensed for them, dilshad asks them to sort out their new age love definitions. They decide to sort out this matter in between asad and zoya. Nazma tries to advise zoya as to how asad’s anger is due to his concern for her. Zoya breaks down describing her ordeal, and asad’s insensitiv ity towards it. Nazma tries her to understand asad’s reaction. Meanwhile, imran too tries to make asad understand all this, that zoya didnt want him to disturb in the neeting. Both imran and nazma desperately try to make the other understand. While nazma advocates for his love mixed with anger, and imran says her love is the reason for his concern. They try to make them understand that if they dotn patch up, everyone’s going to be bothered. Asad and zoya pretend to be indifferent to that.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence and Habib Ganj bus stop
Nikhat is sitting tensed, when shirin comes and asks about it. Nikhat says that she wont change her descision. shirin says that she hasnt come for that, but she knows what she is going through. She says that she understands one sided love, more than nikhat herself, and knows that it pains a lot. Nikhat asks her not to worry as she’s very happy. Shirin asks her to say it while looking at her in the eye. she complies, asking her to understand that its a wise descision for everyone. shirin says that for all that she has dreamt of seeing her as a bride, and that she would have the best husband. She hugs and kisses her on the forehead and leaves. Nikhat takes off the smile once she’s gone. She is shocked when humaira comes and says that she can lie to anyone but not her. But she says that she shouldnt start now. humaira says that she understands what she is going through, and reminds how she had known that huamira loves ayan. She too feels nikhat’s pain. she says that she mightnt share but understands her pain. Nikhat says that she didnt have any otherr option, and when pain gets unbearable then a person tries to run away from it as far as possible. humaira understands her apathy.

razia tries to make humaira understand that she has to take meds, and food properly, and develop a healthy routine. Razia gives humaira the meds and asks her to sleep tight. Razia asks her not to be brash and careless. Humaira shocks her saying that she knows whats wrong with her. as razia is stunned, humaira relieves her saying that she is just weak, and razia behaves as if she’s about to die. Razia silences her and says that she shouldnt ever say this again. Humaira apologises saying that she would nevere repeat this. razia assures her that she would be fine soon. Humaira takes the meds. After razia leaves, humaira spits them out. Humaira says that she knows that she’s not gng to get better, and now she doesnt even have a reason to. She thinks that her pain too is unbearable now, and she wants to go far away from it. She throws the meds outside, and closes the window.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The next morning, the stranger, Rajvir who had given zoya the lift, comes to her house, and both asad and zoya are stunned. Zoya asks whats the reason that he’s here. He says that she left her earing in the car. He says that he came here to return it. He takes her hand, and places it on her hand. Zoya is tensed for asad, while rajvir too looks on. Zoya is scared for asad’s reaction. The screen freezes on asad’s tensed face.

Precap: Asad asks how can she take lift from him, as he’s a suspicious guy. Zoya asks how can he decide in one meeting. He doubts her judgement. Zoya says that she doesnt need protection everytime she steps out of the house. Asad is exasperated.Humaira insistently takes on spicy things, while ayan asks her to stop, reminding her what may happen if she doesnt stop. She says that nothing worse can happen, other than seeing his disgusting face. Ayan is shocked.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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