Maharana Pratap 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 30th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with jaivanta calling for pratap and finding him. Then she asks a dasi that did she pratap. Then the dasi tells her that she had seen pratap go with dheerbai at the temple. Then jaivanta gets shocked to hear this.

Scene 2:

When dheerbai, kokaiya ,som and pratap are going to the temple, pratap asks his brother jagmal that will he come to the competition? Then som tells pratap that of course jagmal will come as he is his brother. Then som tells everyone that while going there are the godly bulls which are always prayed and given special food. Then dheerbai tells them that she forgot to bring green grass and sweet food the bulls. Then pratap tells her that he will go and bring some dry grass for the cows as they are holy. Then pratap and

som go to bring the grass. Then dheerbai keeps jagmal down on the ground and as he is wearing red clothes, the bulls head against jagmal. Rani dheerbai gets scared but is confident that nothing will happen to jagmal. Then when the bulls come a little near, dheerbai shouts for pratap who has not gone to far. Pratap comes running and picks jagmal and throws him towards dheerbai. She catches jagmal. As pratap is down on the ground, the bulls come and stamp on pratap’s both legs.

Scene 3:

At the palace ,pratap has been put medicine on his legs. Then dheerbai is acting like crying and jaivant comes and sees pratap but she does not come in. Then ranaji comes there and asks him that is he well. Then pratap tells him that he is well and he will heal till tomorrow and will attend the competition. Then ranaji goes from there saying that take care of pratap. Then dheerbai tells ranaji that from today such things will not happen.

Scene 4:

In dheerbai’s room, dheerbai tells kokaiya that the brave work which her son has done today, for that she must bring milk with chandan and kesar in it. At that time jaivanta comes there and dheerbai sees her. Then she asks her that she must have come to see jagmal, then she hands jagmal to jaivant and jaivant kisses him and tells that let him always be safe. Then dheerbai tells jaivanta that she has not heard the ramayan since days and she wants to. Then jaivanta tells dheerbai that she does not have any proof that dheerbai had tried to kill pratap but she knows that she is behind this. So jaivanta recites her the Ramayana. She is telling her that ravana was very learned. No Brahmin at that time was ever learned than ravan and he could not compete with him. Ravana used to recite themantra of shiva everyday 350 times before going to war with ram. But still at the end ravana was killed. Then jaivanta gives more stress on the word killed. Then dheerbai stays still looking at jaivant and jaivanta goes from there. Then dheerbai gets a little stumbed and then tells kokaiya that what is she seeing at her face, and tells her to go and do preparations for the puja as there is janmashtami next day. Kokaiya goes.

Scene 5:

In the palace next day morning, sacchabai and jaivant are doing the aarti and they finish the aarti. Then jaivanta prays to god that let both her sons get successful in todays competition. Then sacchabai asks her that what type of prayer is this. She tells jaivanta that today they should pray to girdhan gopal for their son. Then jaivanta tells her that all that is ok ,but for her all the sons are equal i.e., pratap, shakti, vikram and jagmal and so she prays for all of them. Then sacchabi says that even she will pray for all of them and she prays.

Scene 6:

Maharana udai singh and all his councilors and chundavat step in the competition ground. Shams’s has been disguised as a worker who is serving people with water. Then when rana and everybody enter, chundavat stops and tells the head that whosoever he doubts and thinks that is acting differently shall be immediately informed to him. The head says ok and chundavat goes.

Scene 7:

In the palace, pratap is wearing his pagri and is getting ready for the competition. Jaivanta comes and tells pratap that she will tie his pagri. Pratap says that it is ok he will tie by himself as he is not a child now, jaivanta tells him that for her he will always remain her sweet and good child. Then she asks him that is he ok now, pratap tells her that he is now ok(he lies). Then she sees pratap’s legs and sees that they are swollen, then she asks him that how will he appear for the competition and says that she will go and tell ranaji to postponed the competition, pratap then says that its ok as it is a small injury and he will easily overcome it and come in the competition. He then tells jaivanta to go and sit in the competition’s palace chairs and wait for him. Jaivanta goes.

Scene 8:

Guruji is welcomed and guruji says to rana that today’s competition will only decide that who is more capable and the competition is so important that it will decide the successor of mewad. Then ranaji tells him that yes it is important and they will completely accept even if shakti wins and it will decide the future of mewad. Then they both go and sit. Shams’s listens this and says to himself in his mind that today it is right because it will be the day which will cause a blast there.

Scene 9:

In the palace , pratap is trying to get up, while getting up he falls and som comes running. Pratap tells him that he will not be able to come for the competition as he is not able to stand on his legs. Then som tells him to wait for some time and he goes somewhere. There on the competition ground, everyone is waiting for pratap and dheerbai asks her son that where is his brother and she smiles and then som comes there running and tells the main student about all this, thestudent tells it to guruji. Guruji gets up from there and comes to the palace. Here pratap is trying to pick up the sword, when he removes the sword his hand shivers and the sword falls down and pratap sits down and gets sad and keeps his head down on his leg. Then guru comes and picks up his sword and then pratap gets up and guru tells him that to keep his respect he got up. Pratap says that his injuries has taken all his power and he is not having power to go for the competition ,guru then tells him that he has to remember what his guru has taught him and he has to write the history ahead. Then pratap says that he does not want to againdisappoint him again. Guru says to him that he had never disappointed him and tells him that the first time when he saw him in the cave, that time only he got to know that he is going to have a very strong student, and that’s why he gave him always tough levels so that he would learn to overcome difficulties. Then he says that it is now his decision of does he want to come or no. guru goes. Then pratap has the sword in hand and he decides to go. Som is looking from outside and he smiles.

Scene 10:

On the ground, the first bell is rung. Everyone is waiting for pratap. In the rani’s kaksha on the ground, dheerbai asks jaivanta that the first bell has rung and pratap has not come. Then she says that if the third bell is rung then the competition will be dismissed and shakti will become the successor. Then jaivant sends girja to find pratap in the palace. Now rana gets up and goes to rani’s kaksha and asks jaivanta that why is pratap taking so late, then she says that it must have happened because of the injury on his legs. Then he says that today is the first time that he has to put his head down in front of people of mewad and then says that he cant imagine of giving the successor to shakti as he is not capable. Then sacchabai is going to say that even shakti is capable but he shouts her and says her that because of her and shakti he has to take such a decision today and then he goes. The third bell is going to be rung and ranaji tells chundavat to tell the people sorry from him. Vikram tells shakti that he will win the competiton without any hardwork. Then shakti tells vikram that he wanted to defeat pratap in front of rana, the people and guruji but now lets see. Now the bell is just going to be rung and rana is leaving the ground when pratap comes and the bell is just saved from ringing and all get happy even shams’s.everyone praise him and even shakti when shakti comes there. Then they both go. Guru tells pratap that as he has come it shows that he has love for his people and is brave. Then he tells him that today’s competition will show who is capable and who is not. It will decide the future successor of mewad. Then he tells them that this competition will be made tougher and it will not count any marks related to their gurukul competitions. He then says that everything which will happen will be related with their gurukul teachings. Then he praises pratap that he is capable of being the successor and tells shakti that he is very hardworking and he will surely someday i.e., today or someday he will make him proud. Then pratap takes rana’ blessings and shakti does not so pratap asks him why not. Then he says that before rana did not give him his blessings then why should he take today. Then rana gets angry but guru stops him and both go to start the competition. They both go and take their mothers blessings.

Scene 11:

First is javelin throw. Shams’s and the yogi are talking and yogi says that if shakti wins an dif he picks the flag then he will die and not prtap. shams’s says that its ok as if shakti picks the flag then there will be chaos due to the blast and he will quietly creep and go and kill pratap. Som listens the last words and asks them that are they also taking part in the competition, shams;s then says no and tells him to do his own work and not interfere in older people’s talks. Som doubts a little. Javelin throw starts. Shakti starts and he has to put the javelin in middle of a moving dart. He does it In one shot. Pratap comes and he is not able to move his leg so he misses the first shot. Everyone are tensed and even shams’s as he wants him to win and pick the mewad flag and die so he prays to god so that pratap wins. There are 2 shots so he takes it for the second time and remembers what guru had told him and he throws it on the second shot. Then next they have to sit on a horse and while riding it they have to hit a lemon with a bow and arrow. One student tells guruthat pratap is injured and how will he climb on the horse, guru says that the rules will not change and pratap will have to take this initiative. Shakti climbs on the horse and he goes before pratap. Then pratap tries to climb but in vain, then he climbs and then he too goes. Hsakti has already played his one shot but he missed the lemon. Pratap hits for the first time too but misses. Now shakti hits for the second time and his shot goes. Another lemon is put and pratap hits for the 2nd time and his shot to goes. Now shams’s prays that let pratap win and then in his mind when he is finishing his sentence, he laughs like his original laugh and som sees this and doubts more now.Now both brothers look at the flag and then look at each other and the episode ends.

Precap: Som is finding shams’s and is saying to himself that where Is that man and he was also looking so weird. Then he sees on the ground that behind the people are standing, there is a rope which has been put slight above the ground and is attached to the mewad flag. He then doubts that why is it put. Then the yogi tells shams’s that this boy now must have doubted us and we have to finish him. Shams’s goes and asks him that what happened child when som is removing the rope attached to the flag.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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