Qubool Hai 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 22nd November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Panchmarhi
Imran and nikhat are shocked to find themseves in each other’s arms, while nazma stands shocked. Haseena pretends to be outraged, while she goes on a rant as to how nikhat is highly indecent and vulgar. She asks nazma to speak up, as she is her guilty person, and she would take her descision. Haseena says that nikhat proved today that she is the step sister, as she was flirting with nazma’s husband. She asks nazma to decide what should be done. nikhat is distraught. Nazma remembers the past incidents, and starts progressing towards her. she remembers nikhat’s dance with nazma, and tightens her hands to raise on her, while she flinches and imran and farhan are tensed. Haseena smiles evilly. But to their surprise, she places a reassuring hand on nikhat’s cheeks, asking her not to cry. Nikhat is shocked. The two sisters hug each other, much to haseena’s despair. She tells nikhat that she was not to be blamed. haseena is unable to take this, and asks nazma not to blindly love her sister, and tries to instigate her again. But nazma finally asks her to stop, as she has said enough and she has heard enough. Nazma says that she can never doubt nikhat as she is also of the same lineage, and says that nikhat wont ever betray her, nor imran. Haseena tries to say, but nazma shuts her up. she says that she respectes her as a Saana, whether they like it or not, but they wont ever go against her, as she is elder in age, experience, but asks her to be elderly in manners, as this is very unbecoming of her. She says that Imran and she have realised how much faith is essential. She sys that nikhat is her daughter even, and asks her to give a chance to be a part of this family. She asks haseena not to torture nikhat, and haseena is outraged at this accusation. Haseena asks if she does this. Nazma asks her not to get her talking and remind her of every incident. Nazma says that nikhat maynt stand for her, but her sister would. Nikhat is overwhelmed, when she says that she would stand by nikhat at every step. Nazma asks haseena not to forget that they both are asad’s sisters. She subtlely threatens him too in the name of asad. Meanwhile, farhan eyes a girl leeringly looking at him. Nazma goes onto show how only she has a problem, and noone else, and that she should try and get their relation to grow, as nikhat and farhan dont really know each other. haseena is scared. Farhan leaves with the girl. Nazma says that farhan didnt doubt at all, but she didnt spare any chance of doing the same. She asks farhan to be confronted if she doesnt belive. Haseena is angered and turns around to face him, but finds that he’s nowhere to be seen. All are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad enters dilshad’s room and finds her tensed and crying. He places his hand on her feet, while she flinches away in anger and hurt. He still persists and apologises that he was the reason of these tears, and asks for forgiveness. He says that he knows the torture she went through for nazma and asad, and how she pretended to be happy, but that man who left her stranded, took away her most beautiful years. dilshad tries to speak, and asad says that she thinks that he should forget and move on. He says that he understands her condition but he doesnt want her to do something that she doesnt want to. Asad says that its all a lie, like every time, and taken advantage of her. she is tensed. Asad composes himself and says that they have built so much, so that she never neerds rashid’s assistance, and hence has this house, him and zoya and asks her to forget whatever happened. He says that they would tacrning, hoping that she realsies that she’s making a mistake and she doesnt need him at all. He wishes her goodnight and leaves. Dilshad is in despair and says that she may have a home but its incomplete. she may have a house, a son and a bahu, but a woman is incomplete without her husband, and therefore more than him, she too needs him.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While ayan and nuzrat are having a good time, they deliberately ignore humaira who stands at the door. But ayan asks her to join them compliementing her. Humaira asks what does he want from her, that he’s complimenting. ayan asks her not to form presumptions. He tells her that she doesnt know to test people. They get into a verbal arguement, where ayan hurts her, in the wake of humour, and she leaves crying.

While humaira is crying in her room, ayan comes and asks her to grow up as he has always been like this with her. But she says that she doesnt like fighting all the time anymore, as they have grown up now, and times have changed. Ayan says tht she’s still the same. She says that her hopes and expectations have changed. Ayan asks what does she want. she turns away and says that she wants to be fel special, even in false true praise, and goes onto show what she wants him to say, that she wants to hear. She says that she knows that he loves her, but wants to hear it from him t oo, and that they should leave the childhood games. as she turns around speaking, she finds ayan walking in. Ayan says that he knows that they have changed, and his playful nature has emreged into love, and this love is his life now, and that now wants to revel in this love all his life, and make every day of hers as special as she is for him. Ayan gets the same kind of cake, that humaira had got for him, and asks that if she wants to marry him, then she should blow off the candles and say yes. She is overwhelmed and instantly blows it off. The screen freezes on their happy faces, as they hug each other.

Precap: Dilshad is packing her bags, thinking that now its time for her to leave for rashid’s home, as she is now ready to leave her son and move on with her husband. Meanwhile, Shirin tells ayan that rashid is planning to leave and ayan is shocked. she says that she has decided that she would leave her husband and go with her son. Ayan is speechless and stunned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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