Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rachana walking into the office for her interview. People are staring at her because her clothes are muddy and she covers herself with her dupatta. She goes to the desk and tells the receptionist she has an interview and they tease her for being late on the first day. A lady comes and tells her that she is 15 minutes late and Rachana is about to tell her the reason for the delay but decides not to and says she got stuck in traffic. The lady says if the boss was here he wouldn’t have taken her as he hates late comers but she’s lucky as he’s not arrived yet. She says they are doing a winter collection and Rachana has to design on the manequin with the clothes they have selected by the boss in the studio. Rachana drops her file and picks it up to reveal her dirty clothes to which the recpetionist poke fun. Rachana mentions that some guy splashed mud with his car on her. Rachana is then brought to the studio and she is awe of the designs and touches it but is stopped by the lady as she says the boss KT dislikes this. Rachana is impressed that he cares so much about his designs.

The lady continues saying that although he has an eye for designs but he is not an emotional person. She mentions that the theme is purple but KT has chosen multicoloured and Rachana thinks that however he is she wants to meet this great designer. Rachana then starts designing on the manequin but gets some mud on the clothes. She panics and tries to remove it but fails. Meanwhile her phone rings and she tells Shail she is busy now. Shail tells Sangeetha and Seema that she’s busy but she wanted to know how her first day was. Sangeetha tells Shail that she’s bound to be busy since its her first day. Seema says not to worry about Rachana as she won such a huge competition in Delhi then office work is merely and easy thing for her. Shail prays all goes well. The phone rings and they think its Rachana. Shail picks up and a guy named Vickram says he’s getting married. They all are happy. He keeps praising to Shail about the girl he loves and Shail asks when is he getting married and he says not without their blessings and Shail says she’s never differentiated him and Mayank and that their blessings are always with him. She says she will let Dayal know and hangs up. Vickram tells the girl that she’s agree and the girl smiles. The lady comes to see Rachana’s design and is shocked to see a scarf on the model and Rachana says its to keep warm and she tells Rachana she will discuss with KT and tells her she can go. Rachana is shocked and the lady says they will call her back. Rachana thinks she lost an opportunity the moment they see the stain. She realises Shail called her and takes it out but drops her phone.

Kabir walks past Rachana but she doesn’t notice. He walks into the office and notices mud on the floor. The office boy comes and cleans it. Everyone stand and get nervous on his arrival. He enters the studio. The lady feels bad for sending Rachana home but the receptionist say that Kabir would have sent her home anyway. Kabir notices Rachana’s design on the manequin and asks who did it. The lady says that its the intern whom they thought of hiring. He says to hire her and thinks that she’s smart. Rachana thinks that KT is a good designer and that his designs are classy and wishes to meet him soon. Gunjan and the girls are talking about self defense. The girls tell Gunjan that self defense class is for fun. Gunjan is upset that they don’t take it seriously.

Gunjan asks Rachaan how was her day at the office and Rachana says it was good and asks Gunjan if she passed her letter to the principal. Gunjan says yes and asks if Rachana told her boss she’s doing this job as a part time job. Rachana tells her that her boss did not come today as well and asks Gunjan about college. Gunjan says that self defense classes were good and that Rachana should have been there but she will teach Rachana. She tells Rachana that Sarika was a victim of snatch theft like Seema. Seema asks what happened adn Gunjan says they decided to form a committee that helps the police out. Seema and Shail tell her that she’s done enough but Gunjan believes helping the police will help. Rachana is thinking of the stain on the clothes and is worried. Gunjan says she notices Rachana mood a bit off and asks if she didn’t like her workplace. Rachana says that the boss is talented and his designs are good and she will learn a lot only if she is called back. Gunjan asks why won’t she be called back. Shail comes and tells Rachana to give some food to Kabir’s grandmother. Rachana says she would have eaten and that her grandson is very bitter. Shail says that his mother and her used to be friends till and stops.

Episode Ends

Chaya and a girl are being chased by two guys. Chaya comes to the Garg’s house and bangs on the door calling out to Gunjan and Rachana. Gunjan is walking to the door.

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