Qubool Hai 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s haveli
Ahil tells sanam that she failed in the second task too. nazia and latif come in asking how come this happened and how. sanam says that this was just an accident while she was making food. Ahil says that she was mistaken, and that this isnt an accident. He asks why didnt she ask anyone, if she didnt knew how to operate the oven. sanam finds shazia staring at her from hiding, and she remains shut, while shazia is scared that she might open her mouth. ahil is angry when sanam tells that she didnt ask anyone. Shazia is surprised. saanam asks him not to worry, as dilshad had told her to make anything super quick so that thge guests dont go hungry. ahil says that this isnt her dhaba, and that he would have to order from outside. he leaves angrily, saying that she lost the second task too. Sanam is distraught.

Later, she begins to excitedly work in the kitchen. Ahil attends to his clients and to make them comfortable, he cater to their palate serving them foreign cuisine. But he is shocked as he finds sanam coming in with her own interpretation of the cuisine and serving it along with the pudina chutney. He asks sanam to take it back, while they start trying sanam’s food. he is increasingly tensed and angry at sanam, while his clients taste Sanam’s “world famous” Pudina chutney. they ask about it, having liked it, and sanam tells them about the good effects of Pudina chutney, and then excitedly begins to serve them the rest of the food, while ahil watches tensedly. Rehaan is amused. As they dig in with knife and forks, she asks them to use hands instead, in her weak english. rehaan is amused, while ahil is angry and frustrated too. sanam notices this and asks ahil if he would like to eat, or isnt hungry. ahil gives her a terse look.

later, ahil reprimands her for making such cheap food.
sanam says that the clients made such good compliments. Ahil says that did so out of courtesy.
Ahil tells her that she neglected
sanam says that he wanted his clients to be happy, and what else does he want. he shuts her up and walks ahead, beginning top break the bottle. while she is protesting vehemently, he breaks the bottle. He leaves, while she vents out her frustration at him.

Later, latif tries to give her meds, but sanam refuses. latif begins to show her dance in order to distract sanam and get her in a good mood. sanam tries hard to stop smiling, while amused and feeling light and cheerful. hearing a knock, they stop the music, rehaan tells her that ahil would work late in the office and somebody has to go to take care of him. sanam says that she would go despite her illness, as she would have to fulfill the promise and motive for which she is here. latif and rehaan hear intently.

Later, sanam is stuck outside, in the balcony, while ahil is working on his laptop, with music earphones plugged in. hence he is unable

Scene 2:
Location: In the jail
tanveer’s sister and her husband go to meet Tanveer in the jail, saying that due to sanam, nazia’s life was saved. She tells about nazia’s overdose, and how sanam saved her. tanveer is tensed. tanveer thinks that ahil didnt tell her about sanam, the new cook, and that this is the first time, ahil had forgotten to tell her this. She asks about her background. They tell that they dont know. tanveer says that she doesnt care about her upbringing, but is hurt as to why ahil hid this. He says that he didnt hide, but must have forgotten. Tanveer tells them that they shouldnt forget, thart she must know everything about this girl. Tanveer, in her cell wonders who this girl, sanam is. She thinks that she would have to find out the entire history about this girl. they leave. Tanveer is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Asma, in her car, finds her in laws’ walking on the road and stops the car. she greets them and asks how are they here. he blurts out that he came to meet here. she asks who were they meeting here. He makes up some philanthropic excuse, and asma compliments them. they make an excuse that their money is finished, and they are unable to give meds to the old age people. Asma gives them a bundle of notes and they are super pleased.

Scene 4:
Location: Munisa’s haveli
Munisa is happy to hear that sanam got happily placed in bhopal, when dilshad tells her. Munisa requests her to make breakfast for her husband, and also check on him, as to why he didnt come and is so late. dilshad resignedly complies. as her husband comes flirting in, dilshad is uncomfortable. Dilshad is completely uncomfortable with his blatant romance and flirting. munisa tells about dilshad’s condition, and also how haya is going to be here. he lustily smiles happy at the prospect. Dilshad says that its only a matter of some days, and then she would be out. But he tells her that she can stay as long as she wants. She tells him that haya is 22 years old only, and starts talking about her innocently, while evil ideas begin to crop in his head, and he starts teasing also that sister in law is half wife only. Dilshad is surprised.

scene 5:
Location: Ahil’s office
Sanam takes care of ahil in the office, while ahil evidently finds that she is unwell, while working with his employees. He asks him employee to leave the papers to check in the night, and inform the watchman too that he shall be working late. While she is about to doze off, ahil orders for coffee. in her sleepy state, she accidentally spills the coffee on his hand and his documents too. He gets super angry while she apologises proufsely citing her sickness, but he takes her by the hand, and shuts her out in the balconyof his office. Ahil leaves frustratedly to get new copies of the documents. Meanwhile, the watchman comes in and finding noone in the office, he locks the door of the balcony, and walks off. ahil comes in with headphones and is unable to hear when she asks for the door to be opened. she resignedly sits down, while continuing to glance at ahil so that he seesd her once. She is sick and doses off with her head on the windshield. Later, sanam is stuck outside, in the balcony, while ahil is working on his laptop, with music earphones plugged in. hence he is unable to hear sanam’s frnatic plea, as it begins to pour cats and dogs outside, and she is drenched in the rain, and shivering in cold. the screen freezes on Ahil’s face.

Precap: Ahil hurriedly rushes in to open the door, guilt ridden and surprised, while a drenched sanam faces her and then falls unconscious and collapses in his arms. He takes her and gets her inside, in his arms.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I’m loving this romance

  2. I love the romance between ahil and sanam
    I think he will first who fall’s for sanam

  3. The story now is so much similar to iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ?

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