Qubool Hai 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 1st May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In a restaurant
While ahil and rehaan are relaxing, ahil observes a couple of girls mistreating their laptop, and goes onto correct it nicely. They stare at his bare chested torso lustily. later, when he is done, he eyes the phone tensedly, and wonders why is his mother late in calling today, and thinks that there definitely is a problem. By the late evening, he gets terribly tensed when his mother doesnt call, and he leaves to find out.

Scene 2:
Location: Sanam’s residence
Sanam is sleeping, when she wakes up tensed rfemembering the recent tragic mishaps. She remembers her promise to dilshad and writes that for the first time, she is taking a step that dilshad doesnt approve. She says that she doesnt know why is she so tensed for Bhopal, but she has faith on her upbringing and she wont be scared of any problem and would soon call haya and dilshad to her. she pakcs her bags getting emotional and teary eyed, as she keeps a pic of dilshad and haya, and of her parents in her trunk. haya is sleeping in the meanwhile. Sanam kisses her on the forehead, and then taking her trunk, she leaves the place. She gives a last cursory glance at Dilshad in her room, and wiping her tears, she sits beside her, and then touching her feet, she gets up and leaves her home. After having gone a few steps, she turns back to look at the house, getting emotionally overwhelmed. She hires an auto for the bus stand. at the bust stop, she takes her ticket and waits for her bus to depart. seh thinks that she is going to bhopal, the city where her partents met and their destinies too, and wonders what would happen to her destiny there.

Scene 3:
Location: Bhopal central Jail
A tensed ahil reaches the jail. He is shown the cell, where his mother lives. he tensed approaches the cell. He finds a lady, with her back at him and refers to her as his mother. As she turns around, its revealed that ahil’s mother is actually tanveer. she comes upto him, and he kisses her hands. She says that her heart knew that he would come definitely. She says that he shouldnt have come here, as this place isnt for him, as she didnt want him to see her in this condition. Ahil says that he cant live without hearing her voice, and asks why didnt she call him today and that if everything was alright, as he got very tensed. She says that she got to know today that due to her good behaviour, the jailor wants to release her earlier than her full term. Ahil is super pleased. finding her tensed, he asks if she isnt happy. she says that she is, but alongwith it, she is scared of the fact that in these twelve years, the world must have changed so much, and going back into that haveli again, where in that dreadful fire, his father died. He has a recollection of his childhood memory of his father having been shot, and Tanveer tending to him. Ahil is guilty that she had to go through this due to him. Tanveer says that he isnt at fault, but ahil says that its completely his fault. Tanveer says that he didnt do anything, as he was too young and its wrong to implicvate himself and asks him to forget everything. Both of them get emotional.

As ahil moves out of the jail, he again remembers his father beating him and whipping him, and then remembers tanveer saying that he isnt at fault, for what he did at such a young age. He is disturbed and frustrated. He is distraught and calls up a number, that says Do Not Pick, and on the other end, an excited girl picks up, and is surprised that ahil called up after so long and he is insistent thahe wants to party with her late night and says that he would just come tp pick her up. he leaves in a rage. A car follows him, in which Mr. Malhotra sits along with someone else, plot to destroy ahil, as he costed them a huge loss, due to his refusal to sign the deal.

Finally, Sanam reaches bhopal, and is overwhelmed. she is walking desolate on the road, wherein she finally finds the restaurant where she had applied for the job. but finds it locked. He wonders what to do now, as she had thought that she would book a PG nearby. she is in a dilemma whether to choose a hotel or not. She then views the cafe, and is very excited to start work from here tomorrow, and that this place would be as famous as her dhaba in punjab. She starts to dream about workintg very efficiently. she thinks that she would have to spend the night here but doesnt mind, as big people too started out on the road only. She says that this is good, and by the time she prepares a plan, it would be morning.

As ahil’s car passes by, the dupatta that sanam has, is blown away in the wind, and falls on Ahil’s bonnet, while he waits at a traffic signal. Sanam approaches the car, while ahil takes the dupatta off the bonnet. He carelessly takes it and throws it back, it falls over her head, and she takes it off her head, while he watches intently. Just before he can glance, ahil gets a phone and is distracted. he drives off. the screen freezes on Sanam’s face.

Precap: sanam starts her first day, in her modern dress of a waitress, in which she is highly uncomfortable. she starts messing up orders too. she is tensed, wehn customers start complaining. Meanwhile, Ahil gets furious when he finds a girl having an asthamtic attack, and starts to give her the inhaler, and is angry at the maid.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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