Paanch 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 1st May 2014 Written Update

The epi begins with the 5 feeling stranded and insulted by Roshni, thanks to Yudi’s dad’s request they can’t harm Roshni.
Roshni thanks Nikhil for being there for her always and they hug which doesn’t go well with Shivani,she asks her if Gauti called Rosh as he isn’t seen anywhere ever since.
Gauri plans to indirectly hurt Rosh via Gauti,Gauti mocks them and asks Gauri if she’s commanding him,she asks the the others to leave and says she’s requesting him, Gauti questions Gauri what will he get out of all this? she says nothing …but she can take something from him if he doesn’t get back in Roshni’s life.
She reminds him of a promise she had made to him.He gets mad and asks her to leave which doesn’t go well with Yudi , Gauri asks him to calm down and says she id what she wanted to do.
Roshni is talking to her dad on phone when When Gauti sprinkles silver paper from above ,he does a lot of emotional drama ,apologizing Roshni for not being there when she needed him the most ,she gets all senti and hugs him and the 5 smirk while Gauri says Roshni ur end is nearing in just abt 2-3 days,the moment u tell Gauti abt ur plan u will be finished.
Yudi is in a really pissed off mood and Gauri cheers him up saying its just a matter of few days, All they have to do is wait for Rosh to reveal her plan!! Yudi says aren’t we expecting too much?? what if she doesn’t ,Gauri simply says she trusts her baby brother in this department,everything will go fine.
Roshni is going somewhere in a hurry at night , Gauti stops her and asks where she’s going and starts her emotional blackmailing again, Rosh says she kept him away from the fight earlier too and will do the same again coz its her fight!! Goes goes on with his emotional act that she doesnt trust him coz he’s Gauri’s bro etc etc.

Precap : Nikhil questions Rosh that she’s gonna discuss the plan of Gauti?
he openly says he doesn’t trust Gauti and the 2 of them get into a physical brawl
Roshni stops them and shouts at Nikhil!!!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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