Qubool Hai 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 19th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad and Ayan’s residence
Asad is shocked to hear about nikhat. In ayan’s family all are worried for nikhat and ayan blames himself for this. Zoya is scared that asad knows everything now. The doctor assures the family that she’s out of danger, but she’s suffering from acute depression and that they have to be very careful, or else this might repeat. He asks mamu to take care of this next time around, so that he isnt compelled to report to the police. Ayan is highly tensed and guilty. Nikhat remembers haseena’s descision and is tensed. rashid and shirin are distraught to see her like that. they come by her bedside, while she barely controls her tears. rashid asks her whats was she about to do, as if anything happened to her, how would they have lived. she says that she did this for them only, so that they dont have to bear insult anymore. Rashid says that escapism isnt the right way to deal with things and do them right. Hew says that she shall have to live, for herself and the society. She says that she is destined with a cursed fate. shirin asks her not to talk like this, as destiny can be changed and everything would be alright. Nikhat says that it isnt that easy to change destiny, or else why would this have happened, and that ayan wont be blamed for this. They agree that they wont blame ayan for this. Nikhat says that some people are destined to win and some to lose. they ask her to stop being so aggressive, but she breaks down saying that she lost. She asks them to leave. ayan, seeing all this, from the door is distraught. Ayan thinks that he wont let her go far from them, and that he would change what destiny has in store for them

Zoya asks what did ayan say. Asad says that he couldnt understand anything clearly as he was continuously crying and that nikhat tried to kill herself, and he was blaming himself for that. He wonders whats this big mistake that ayan has done. Zoya says that she knows what is ayan talking about. Asad asks how does she know and what does she know. Just then ayan comes through the window, and hugs asad. Asad asks how’s nikhat. Ayan says that he’s out of danger but he’s scared that she might repeat it the first chance that she gets. asad asks him to tell clearly what happened. Ayan says that nikhat suffered a severe trauma, and thay have to act urgently or they shall lose her. Asad hugs ayan and composes him saying that nikhat would be safe and that he would give his life to have smile on nikhat’s face. He asks ayan what happened. Zoya and ayan are tensed. ayan finally says that he has come here to ask something from him. Asad asks what. Ayan says that for saving nikhat, he would have to give his bride to ayan. Asad eyes zoya, who’s shell shocked. Asad is in a state of shock and disbelief. Aayan and zoya are inconsolable, while asad eyes him angrily. Asda asks ayan if he knows whats he saying, and how is zoya connected to this. He goes to zoya and says that she had said that she knows ayan’s mistake, and holds her tightly and asks her whats ayan talking about. Zoya is in tears, and unable to speak. Zoya says that its a big mistake, from ayan and herself too. Ayan is tensed. Ayan says that they both werent at fault in this. Asad loses his temper and asks whats this mistake then. Ayan talks to asad and zoya, and says that destiny has played a cruel game with them. He tells that he and zoya got married accidentally, without consent nd without knowledge of the same. asad is shocked and asks zoya if this is true. zoya confirms his worst fears. Ayan tries to speak, but asad, in his anger, pushes ayan and pins him against the wall. Zoya is crying incoherently.Asad slams his hand against the window pane of glass, shocking zoya, and ayan collapses on the floor. Ayan says that he knows that he is guilty but asad is the only person who can save nikhat’s life, and tells about haseena’s descision. Asad is angered and is breaking around things. Ayan reminds him that he had told that he never distinguished between nikhat and nazma, and had nazma been there, what would he have done. asad says that he doesnt know whats he asking for, as had he asked for his life, he wouldnt have minded, but he’s asking for something that dearer to him than life. Ayan says that he understands and says that they shall only pretend to have this marriage, till nikhat gets married to farhan. ayan says that this isnt a true marriage, and that this was just a mistake and would forever be one, only for nikhat. He says that they have no other option left, and asks asad to consider only for nikhat.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamu tries to tell razia that they would have to agree to bear the consequences now, of ayan’s mistake, as the priest and the society accepts it. Razia says that they can accept as that ill mannered zoya, as ayan’s wife, and asks him to think about humaira. Mamu says that they would have to digest the bitter truth and so would humaira. Razia says that even if they agree, would asad ahmed khan agree to this truth. Mamujaan is tensed.

Shirin tells rashid that if asad trule loves his step siblings, then now’s the time to prove it, and that he should do so by sacrificing his love. ayan and rashid are shocked, while all others are tensed.

The screen freezes on Asad and zoya’s distraught face.

Precap: Zoya continuously keeps on ranting that she doesnt want to go anywhere else, as this wasnt a marriage with Ayan. Zoya says that she doesnt want to leave this house, or him, as she cant imagine stayiing without them. Asad asks if she believes in their love. (MITWA)Zoya is speechless. He holds her hand, and she asks him to let go of her hand. Asad takes her by the hand, and while’s she’s crying incoherently, he walks out amidst the guests and family, and walks out with zoya. Dilshad and nazma are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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