Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu’s mom consoling Shivani and says princess don’t look good while crying. she gives her fruit drink and asks her to drink. Shivani asks how do you know I like Jamun drink. Maa says Raghu told her and says she will take care of her likes and dislikes. shivani looks at her lovingly and says if my mother would have been alive then she also would have taken care of me. She says Daaju looked after her and later she came to know he is her Daaju. Maa says love is like that only and says Raghu didn’t born to me but he loves me more than his mother. And he loves me more than my son too. Shivani is shocked and asks what do you mean? Aren’t you his real mom?

Abhi says I declined your offer but Mahima says 30% property share is not a small thing. Mahima tells Abhi not to forget that he has to repay the money to Golcha. She says she will complete his dream project. She asks her to do her work. Abhi says he can’t guarantee that Dadaji will sign on the new will papers. Jazz says you can do it. Raghu calls Jazz, Mahima takes the call and asks about Shivani. Raghu says Shivani is little tensed and wants to come back to haveli. Mahima says she shall not come back and says Dadaji is still upset. We are trying to make him understand but it will take time. Raghu says you know naa that my house is small for babyji. Mahima gets angry and says what she shall do? for shivani’s sake whether she have to convert his small home into palace. She says she will send the money and asks him to shift to a hotel and this time around no hotel will refuse them. Meanwhile Raghu overhears Abhi talking to Golcha, while he is still on call with Mahima. Raghu is shocked to the core. Abhi says he will get the solution for his problems. Raghu thinks what is abhi doing with Jazz and Mahima. He asks her whether you are with Abhi. She asks him to shut up and do as she says.

She tells Abhi that he have to get the signatures of Dadaji soon. They leaves, Abhi thinks he trapped them infront of Raghu on the pretext of talking to Golcha. Now Raghu will be suspicious on them. Raghu thinks how Abhi is with Jazz and Mahima as Jazz and Mahima don’t like him. He thinks something is wrong.

Shivani says to maa that Raghu didn’t tell her anything and says he always talk about her. He loves you so much. Raghu’s mom says I know. She says he settled his younger brother and sister but he never think about himself. Shivani and Raghu’s mom shares a good time. Raghu calls Panna tai and says he wants to talk to boss. Panna recalls that Daaju is angry with them. Raghu tells her that he needs to talk to him urgently. She says I will try. She comes to Dadaji and shows him the phone. He says I dont want to talk to your babyji. She says Raghu wants to talk to you. She requests him to forgive and talk to him. He takes the phone in his hands and says tell to Panna tai to tell that Raghu that if he calls next time then I will send him to jail. He betrayed me. Raghu hears everything and thinks he have to do something.

Shivani says you care so much for Raghu that’s why he never think of you as step mom. Shivani says he has done so much for me. I respect him much more now. Maa thinks Shivani loves Raghu a lot and thinks of him as pati parmeshwar. She tells her that Raghu’s is the part of your life now. And blesses them to have a happy married life.

Meanwhile Raghu comes to Dadaji’s place but servants stops him. Raghu urges him that he needs to talk to boss. Panna tai comes and asks him to go as Malik is very angry. Raghu comes to Dadaji with folded hands. Panna tai requests Malik saa to listen to Raghu’s for your blood sake. Dadaji comes with the big pistol and targets at Raghu. Panna tai tells Raghu to go. She tells Malik saa that she will make Raghu understand. She tells Raghu to leave from here.

Raghu says he will go if he orders him to. He requests him to call Shivani back home. Babyji is missing you. Dadaji says what do you want? do you want to take my property. Raghu says he will leave this city if he wants. Dadaji says he came to know his real face. Raghu says don’t think babyji is wrong. she did everything because of Abhi. She did it to escape from Abhi’s trap. Dadaji asks from where you came in the picture. Did she got only you to marry her in this world?

Shivani tells Raghu, till when she has to lie as everyone are thinking she is his wife. She says till when we will hide the truth. Raghu is speechless.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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