Qubool Hai 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 18th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Humaira is asked by her friend about haider, and she expresses her disgust. haider sneaks through the other door, not knowing that huamira is fast approaching his room. he gets himself out of the woman mode, and gets into the plaster mode. Haider hears her footsteps and knocks on the door, and goes onto hurriedly compose himself for the next act. She gets in, while haider shouts from the bathroom, that he is bathing. she finds women’s clothes strewn all over the bedroom floor. She wonders if haider and heena are in the bathroom together, and is shocked. haider calls out to her, and when she doesnt respond, he realises that she is gone. while haider sees himself in the mirror, he starts romancing himself in the bathroom with the mirror,

and doesnt realise that humaira is disgusted with the idea of hearing voices of him romancing heena in the bathroom, and she leaves. he comes out and finds her gone, and thinks that she must have been angry for having been kept waiting.

later, he finds her passing through. Seeing her, he calls out to her, and when she gets irritated, he starts asking for his help, blaming his condition. she complies frustratedly and is about to leave, when he asks for newspaper, and she says that she would send the servant. He holds her hand and she jerks it off. He says that he’s sorry for not having been able to see her friend, as he was tired and dozed off. Humaira says that she knows all about heena and their bathroom activity, and asks him to remember that next time that he is in the bathroom with someone, he shouldnt sing out so loud. After she’s gone, he realises what she was saying, and gets frustrated at his idiocy.

Out in the lawn, zoya tells asad that she always thought relations can change a person, but she has seen it herself, after the way they have started understanding each other. Zoya says that their relation is strengthening by the day, and she isnt scared anymore of the future. (MITWA) asad says that she doesnt need to be, as he would always be with her, as she would alwasy somehow invite trouble. zoya is amused. asad apologises profusely and gets serious for all that she had to suffer today, and that too alone, and that he understands. He promises that he would never let her face anything alone, and would always be by her side. she is overwhelmed, while he kisses her hand. razia ses them from a distance, and an evil idea crops up which makes her think that company isnt going to save zoya, as she doesnt knw that the next trouble shall come due to being together.

A lady’s hand, presumably razia’s, mixes a tablet in zoya’s water. while walking on the lawn, they discuss today’s accident, while asad says that the best way is to leave. but zoya says that they havw to face the problems together. razia takes a video of them together, and slides a wooden bar underneath the grass in their way. She steps on it, and winces in pain. He carries her to her room, in his arms. later, asad gives her a painkiller along with the same water. she drinks it down. She is emotionally overwhelmed to find asad tending to her in the most caring way. Zoya starts feeling dizzy, and dozes off, while razia stands from a distance, smiling that her plan finally worked. asad is tensed to see her sleeping and then realises that she has dozed off. he caresses her and then drawing the blanket on her, he sleeps on the couch, while watching her fall asleep.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat wonders, while seeing farhan working, if she should tell everything thats been happening, and thinks how would she explain this. she thinks that before farhan leaves for the night, she would have to talk to him, but wonders whether he would believe her. As she approaches him, bhe says that he would stay at home only, as he is tired and wants some rest. nikhat thinks that its good that she didnt say anything, as it may have been a hallucination, and now that farhan is here, nothing would happen. Nikhat is disturbed in her sleep, and finds a female shadow staring at her in the door. She is shit scared and finds it unable to scream, while farhan is asleep and then finds that the shadow moves off. she also moves stealthily and scared outside to follow the shadow. While she is moving around, someone creeps up behind her and finds that its farhan, who asks her whats she doing at this time in the night, and if she is scared. she denies and says that she wasnt able to sleep. as he takes her inside, she wonders if it was just a hallucination, or there was actually someone. she is visibly tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya wakes up the next morning, with a headache, and asad too wakes up at the same time. he goes to tend to zoya, after hearing her wince in pain and asks if she’s feeling okay now. Zoya says that she is okay but has a headache just like last night too. Zoya says that she shoudl leave his room now. asad helps her towards the outside. they are surprised to find razia standing in the doorway, with dilshad and mamu. razia asks her where is she hiding now, as what had to be done has been done, and they are being infidel. asad asks what nonsense is she talking. Razia says that he can shut her up, but what about the society. razia accuses them of being adulterous without getting married, and especially zoya, who without being married to asad, is fulfiiling all wifely duties, hinting barbedly at their sleeping together. While asad is outraged, zoya is distraught, and points to dilshad that this is her upbringing. asad begins to speak but dilshad silences him. Razia says that he’s blaming her as if she has done this, and not him. razia tells dilshad that their house maybe like that, but not this house, but if she wants zoya to be the bahu, why cant she take her to their home. Dilshad is tensed. Razia says that she cant let zoya liev now in this house. Asad faces her angrily. razia leaves. Asad turns towards zoya, and finds her crying. The screen freezes on zoya’s tensed face.

Precap: Asad overhears dilshad talking to rashid, saying that soon asad would come to meet and he isnt angry at all at him. she says that he has forgiven him completely. asad begins to turn around. Dilshad sees this. Dilshad goes to asad and asks him to come inside and meet rashid. He says that rashid knows that he would never forgive rashid. dilshad is distraught while he leaves. She doesnt notice that a tear escaped rashid’s eye, meaning that he registered everything thats happening around him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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