Madhubala 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 18th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK asks Bittu why dun u tell me before appointing new servants? All are shocked! Bittu says they are producers! RK says must have come to meet Madhu.. met her? She must have said no? So they thot.. ‘Biwi ne kaha nahi to RK hi sahi’ ..dun worry.. i din feel bad..u can leave! The producers walk off..! Bittu offers to take RK to his room! Rk says am not a kid that u have to escort me to my room..! Stop calling me Chief..! From today i release u from all ur duties.. u dun have to do any work for me..! RK walks off! An empty drinks bottle rolls up to his feet! He looks up and sees Madhu walking all tipsy..holding a glass of drinks! Sikky-Dips are shocked too! Madhu falls on RK n says.. sorry i drank a lil too! Pabho-Radha are stunned! Madhu drinks again n says.. what an

awesome thing.. ! Btw.. how many pegs u took? RK is zapped! Madhu says shushh ..dun tell anyone. i took 4 pegs..this is 5th! RK fumes on Madhu n says.. what the hell is this? Madhu says.. char din ki zindagi hai.. so lemme live mine! Madhu says..its not fair.. if u wanna drink ..drink with ur wife…! Its special fun .. pati patni aur woh..! All are shocked! Madhu says woh meaning drinks! RK is about to slap Madhu n she holds his hand n stops him…! RK keeps fuming..! RK asks if ur nuts? U know who u are.. n where u are? Drinking in front of the house.. creating a scene? Madhu says.. m drinking? Creating drama.. whats wrong? U like all this.. u go to drink every nite.. with strangers .. as in. .stranger women..! U r pics are printed everyday… n today if i drank the house.. whats wrong? RK says din expect this from u..! Madhu says even i din expect what ur doing! Do one thing.. finish this drink..! Madhu asks what happened? Why looking away? Madhu says finish it.. maybe u will be conscious ..! Madhu pours it on the floor ..its water..! RK fumes..! Sikky says.. see she wasted the vodka n Dips says.. it was water.. she was only acting drunk! Sikky says.. super actress..!

Madhu says.. think what u want.. it depends on ur thots.. but i know.that i care for this family more than my life .. this is my house. .n i wont do anything to embarass anyone in the house..! Madhu says.. ur face was worth watching when u saw me drinking in front of the family …! It hurt? Right? Madhu says.. that too at home.. then think what i feel when u create ruckus every nite.. on road.. at a cheap bar..dancing with a drunk girl …! Imagine how hurt i feel?? Madhu tells RK . .i know ur in pain .. nothing is ok between us.. but we can fix things.. ! Madhu says.. i love u lots ..thats why i tail u.. n ask u to come home. .but wuld u wanna live a life like this? U wanna fix all?? U wanna fix this pain? Madhu asks u want right? Then i need ur support..! Madhu says if u drift away .. all will be messed up more! Madhu says i will fix all .. gimme a chance. n ur support..! Madhu says.. if u dun support me.. i dunno when all will be fixed..! Madhu says.. ye meri nahi. .tumhari nahi. hamari zindagi ka sawal hai.. hamare rishte ka sawal hai. .dhyan se kahin hum har na jaye..! Madhu says said what i had to.. now its ur call … if u wanna make a sincere effort to fix things .. or wanna run off like a weakling? Madhu walks off..! Radha Pabho too..! Bittu comes to RK n says.. this was expected…! Bittu says she ought not to have needed to say all this… whatever Madhu said.. was right.. ! Dunno how long u will act like this with urself.. how much will Madhu fight for u?? Why do u need a support? How long will this go on? She is not a stone.. u won her back n now losing again! Bittu says .. please handle ur life.. seriously .. such chances dun come often! Bittu says.. ur most important possession is not ur superstardom. .its Madhu .. if u lose her.. u will lose all ..! Bittu walks off..!

Next day morning, Radha is praying n turns n sees Madhu ..! She apologisez for the last nite..incident n says.. did to make RK realise his mistake! Radha says no need to say sorry..u needed to correct RK .. ! Radha says i culdn do this.. despite knowing all …! Radha rues am not a gud wife nor mom.. but what all u did.. m proud of u..! I know n trust that.. only u can handle RK and anything thats going wrong..! Radha asks m right? Madhu says till i m part of this house.. i will handle all .. n wont let things get messed..! They hug…!! Pabho watches from afar and fumes…!!!!

Part 2

RK comes to Madhu n says.. good performance last nite..! After days saw my Jungli Billi..! Madhu doesnt reply! RK says i am sorry..! He pulls her to him n says.. i know whatever happened was wrong ..i made mistakes.. i hurt u.. and i beg for forgiveness for this..! Madhu doesnt react! RK asks for one chance to set things right n says.. will do all to keep u happy! RKs moby rings.. n its Ria..! RK switches the moby off..! Ria keeps trying .. n fumes..n says.. wanna talk to u . .why keeping the phone off?? Such a jerk..! Ria says.. relax.. relax.. RK will call for sure..! Ria notices she broke her phone n is a bit obsessed.. n says RK will call ..!!

Part 3

Madhu asks if its not enough? First say sorry.. make mistakes.. hurt me. .n same cycle repeats! RK says i agree i made blunders.. all is pretty n i m destroying it all .. i have poison in my heart n i keep ruining things! RK says i realise my mistakes n i will set things right! Bittu comes n RK fumes n says.. stop coming inside at wrong time..!! Madhu says.. why do i love u so much after all the hurt? RK says i dunno . .i know its not Jungli Billi avtar.. its something else that has kept this house as a home n kept people as family .. but i know if i were u . it wuld still be a mansion .. n some people exist.. n there would be only some memories left..! Madhu asks Bittu to come n he says.. award function invite has come.. for RK n u..! U wanna come? Madhu says i dun ..! RK says.. u should ..all are praising u.. u should go! Madhu says.. did film for u.. film over.. i dun wanna go.. decided! RK says.. fine ..dun wanna go .. i wont force u..! RK says.. this invite should not go waste.. give this to the next IT couple..! Sikky says.. wife.. see i look like RK .. n says. wife.. so much drinks..! Bittu says. .shut up Sikky . thats why i dun like u..! All lauf..! Madhus cell rings n she walks off..! RK asks all arranged? Bittu says yes.. old songs.. flowers and all ..! RK asks shooting? Bittu says.. lets go.! RK says need car at 8 n yes u will get! Bittu asks why phone switched off? RK says din wanna attend some calls so..! Bittu smiles..!

Precap — Madhu n RK are having dinner together n she spots some lipstick mark on RKs collar..! Madhu fumes n asks RK what is this? RK is confused..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. superb epi.i loved it.

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