Qubool Hai 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Rehaan’s office
Rehaan is praying in the night, which seher sees and gets concerned for him, saying that the lord should listen to his prayers too and make him happy again. Rehaan finds seher awake, and apologises for waking her up too. She says that she is okay and asks about him instead. he says that he is okay. she asks what was he praying this late in the night. He says that its his birthday today. she gets surprised and extremely excited about it, and hugs him tightly, while he is surprisingly taken aback, as she wishes him all the happiness in the world. he is amused. she says that this deserves a party. he smiles. She thinks that its her task now to keep him happy, and plans a surprise party for him in his head. He continues to smile. she wonders how would she manage the money and then thinks that its no big deal for her, and decides to steal and organise a party.

As seher, next day, tries her hand at baking, she finds that its all burnt, and is frustrated with it. She finds rehaan coming in, who is shocked at what he sees. She asks why he came so early, as she was planning to surprise him. He tries his hand at the cake and says that she doesnt know how to make one. rehaan gives her a helping hand, and they together start working. Seher makes cake with rehaan in the kitchen, as both enjoy the other’s company. rehaan says that its overwhelming that she thought to do something for him. She says that the surprise is still on and reveals his room to him. seher shows how she has prepared and decorated the room, for his birthday and he says that this is the best surprise that he ever got, and the person she gets married to would be the luckiest person in the world, as she is a very nice girl. seher is overwhelmed to hear this. A romantic eyegaze follows, and then rehaan goes past her, while she still remembers what rehaan said. She wonders whats she thinking, as this isnt possible, as rehaan is a very nice guy and cant choose a girl like him, and asks herself to focus on her work.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil lies awake in the night, as he remembers tanveer’s outburst earlier. Sanam too is bothered, wondering that ahil loves but is also always scared of her, and assumes that maybe tanveer scared him in childhood, but then discards it off, saying that tanveer loves him badly, and then wonders whats the connection between the nightmares. she thinks that she wants to get ahil out of this but how. she turns around, and finds ahil awake too. Ahil turns around to her, asking why and if she wants to talk to him. she asks ahil about the fact that he used to get beaten by a hunter from his father. he gets tensed, and again reminds that he doesnt want to discuss his past and begins to get up. But she pulls him back, and apologises. ahil is tensed and then gets distraught when she asks him to tell how his father died. He remembers his childhood, and then again asks her to sleep, as they have a long day tomorrow. She wonders whats the connection between ahil’s nightmares and the murder and wonders whether its his father’s murder that he is haunted by. She is determined to find out.

The next morning, Sanam explains ahil’s nightmares to tanveer, and she gets frustrated that sanam is knowing way too much about ahil’s past and that this isnt good. tanveer is disturbed to find sanam assuming that ahil must have seen some murder in the past. She composes herself, and says that ahil’s nightmraes are common, given his stressful and tiring work style, and asks her not to put too much thought into this and find a meaning. Sanam says that ahil’s nightmares arent due to stress, but actually something’s wrong, as he doesnt have nightmares only, but gets disturbed when she talks to him about childhood and gets defensive and guarded. she says that its horrifies and torments him. Tanveer remembers killing ahil’s father and blaming him for it. sanam says that he refuses to talk about his childhood, and hence wants to talk to her, so that she can help him. tanveer smiles and says that when nothing has happened then why does he need help. She says that when did she start bothering about ahil so much, and again reminds her whats she here for. Sanam is again reminded by tanveer that their marriage is just a contract for 3 months, and they are about to get divorced and soon this marriage would be over and the reality would surface that she is just a servant of this haveli. She tells sanam that the divorce papers are in the making. She tells sanam that its for her favour that she is saying this, as she doesnt want her concocting dreams as they wopuld be shattered. sanam is disturbed and hurt, and leaves from there. tanveer is tensed.

In the corridor, sanam walks remembering tanveer’s statements. latif comes and asks sanam why did she bother tanveer for ahil’s childhood as she could have helped her. she shows sanam a room, that contains all of ahil’s childhood things, and asks her to go there. sanam thanks her. sanam says that she maybe a servant,. butw ants to know ahil’s childhood secrets, and the reason why he is so bothered, as she wants him to get rid of it, as this is her right for now atleast, and for this she shall uncover his past, come what may. she heads towards that room. Tanveer overhears this and thinks that sanam is just likle her mother, and would have to be stopped before she goes too far. she dials a number.

Sanam gets inside the room, that has ahil’s childhood memories, and starts rummaging through things. She looks towards her side and finds a sealed box, and thinks that this must definitely have something. Just then the lights go off, as someone pulls off the plug. Sanam goes to see whats in it, azhar’s parents come in to empty the contents of the box. sanam finds the main switch off, and then pulls it back to get light. Azahjra’s parents hide. sanam comes back and is surprised how did it open, and then finds it empty. She wonders if this was the same box that she saw. Sanam collides into something and falls on the floor. Sanam finds a hunter there and is shocked. She remembers ahil talking scarily about it, and deduces that this must be the same one, and thinks that if he is confronted with this, he shall have to face his past in front of sanam. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Faiz asks why did she get married to her, and why did she ruin his life, if she was to behave like this. In their scuffle, she jerks him away, and his head hits the table and starts bleeding. Meanwhile, tanveer tells ahil that sanam is taking much interest in his childhood, and tellshpw she came asking from tanveer about the same. She asks ahil how much would she know if she continues to probe about his childhood like this, and about his father and how would that affect him. ahil is tensed and disturbed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  4. ammmm sanam what about uncoverin ur pass or u ve also forgotten that like u ve forgotten the existence of dilshad and haya….and stop bein so trustin in tanveer thats how ur mom start of too but she picked up on tanveer schemes really quick u dont even sense her reaction to everything u do….I think rehan and seher have better luv scene than ahil and sanam now

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  6. I like saher surprise for rihan truth can never be hiden as long as tanveer ‘s

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