Hum Hain Na 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dad saying Pappu that he also had a love marriage with his wife after all the opposes and they both are maintaining their self-respect till now. He asks Pappu to not lose his self-respect. Bunty gets in with Saagarika. Everyone get annoyed seeing her. Bunty says she was standing outside saying Phubali has gone in, so he invited her to get in and have sweets. Dad says if she has come, let her have sweets. Lakshmi asks her to go and meet her cousin Rani in kitchen. She goes in and sees Phubali talking to Rani. Rani starts cribbing and burns kheer’s rice, adds butter milk instead of milk in it. Saagarika says she added something else, but Rani asks her to go out and sit. Saagarika comes out and hears Lakshmi telling about butter milk. Bunty asks her to wait for some time until bhabhi/Rani brings kheer. She agrees. Bunty’s friend taunts Bunty that even Saagarika does not want to part ways with him soon.

Saagarika calls Bunty and informs him about Rani adding butter milk instead of milk and asks him to do something. Satya sees them together and gets irked. Rani brings kheer out. Pappu praises Rani’s kheer. Panditji performs pooja and asks rani to serve it. Pappu eagerly waits for kheer and smiles. Bunty and Saagarika tensely watch Rani serving kheer to everyone. Dad eats kheer and realizes its bad taste. Bunty praises Rani’s kheer and says it is very tasty. Rani gets happy. Pappu and everyone eats with great difficulty. Saagarika also praises its taste, Phubali also follows and then Swara making weird faces. Bunty asks Panditji to peform pooja well. His friend warns Panditji to praise kheer. Daadi gives her gift with other members following her. Rani says she will pack some kheer for Panditji. Panditji says his servant will pick it.

Bunty then sees off to Saagarika and Phubali. Saagarika realizes her dupatta is caught and thinks Bunty has held it, but realizes that it is stuck in a bike. Bunty helps her entangle the dupatta. O mere piya…. plays in the background. She thanks him and shyingly leaves. Satya watches that and gets irked. She says Bunty that ammaji/Lakshmi wants him to finish the remaining kheer. He nods yes.

Bunty takes out new LCD TV and says Rani’s family gifted it. Everyone get happy seeing it. Bunty asks where to keep it. Rani asks to keep it in her room. Dad asks to keep it in hall. Rani gets irked.

Saagarika and Phubali discuss about Rani’s bad taste kheer and Bunty handling the situation, says she is happy that Bunty is there to take care of Rani’s mistakes.

Bunty’s friend taunts him about Saagarika’s father and asks what will he do now. Bunty says god will help him and he will get into good books of Saagarika’s dad now.

Saagarika’s dad and aunt discuss about the goon/Bunty and think he is politically strong, etc. They hear door knock and pick belan and spoon to beat goons, but hears Saagarika’s voice and opens door. Saagarika sees them holding spoon and belan and asks what are they doing. Dad says he thought goon had come. Sagarika thinks of handling goon now.

Precap: Rani gets irked seeing everyone enjoying her TV and asks Pappu only to enter her room with TV, else no.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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