Qubool Hai 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 17th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Haseena’s residence
After all the guests are gone, and imran is attended to immediate medical care, Haseena reprimands nikhat for being the sister who tries to take away the life of her own sister’s husband. Nikhat stands distraught. Haseena pushes her saying that she doesnt dserve to be with them or stay in this house. Farhan asks her not to blow things out of proportion, as nothing happened. nazma differs saying that anything could have. nazma says that something could have happened fatal to her or her child too. She says that haseena is right in saying that if she cant control herself then she doesnt need to stay here, with them and can go far away from them. farhan is tensed, while nikhat is shocked.

While nazma is tending to imran, nikhat comes and waits for permission to come inside. both of them are tensed. nikhat comes in and says that she knows that she is very angry with her and doesnt want to see her face too. she again tries to make them convince that she isnt lying and that sameera is here. imran asks her to stop this nonsense, as due to her they could have lost nazma and the baby. He asks her to move ahead, after that fatal accident. nikhat says that these arent stories, and its actually true. Nazma gets angry and takes nikhat outside to ask her where is the soul that she is talking about. Nikhat stands distraught. imran asks her to cool down. nazma says that she is not just a sister anymore, but a mother too. She says that she can risk her life for her sister, but not a mother. She tells nikhat that she has gone mad, and for the sake of her child, she wants to stay very far away from her. Nazma leaves from there, while nikhat stands heartbroken. Imran leaves too.

Scene 2:
Location: outdoor Location
Humaira wakes up in a haystack and then finds haider alongside it. due to the extreme cold, humaira takes haider’s shirt and wrapping it partoly on herself, she lies next to him. Haidre wakes up and has an evil smile on his face.

In the forests, Haider and humaira later keep walking. They find a fire, and deduce that its not long back. They decide to look around for people. Humaira spots a person’s footprints and they follow that side. haider and humaira split ways to look in different directions. Humaira comes across a person, with a rifle taking an aim at her. she is shocked. Haider, finding her, stands behind her equally tensed too. But before he can pull the trigger, haider overtakes humaira and stands in the way, before humaira and the rifle. humaira gets emotionally surprised to see this, that he has his protective hand around her and is in her way so that she doesnt get hurt. Finally the sound of the trigger shocks them both. The amry personnel tell them that its a restricted area and why are the girl’s clothes torn. humaira comes to haider’s defence and says that she had her clothes stuck in the thorny bushes. He introduces himself as the forest officer and asks them to be prayful that his rifle was empty. haider asks for his mercy. He decides to take them on the highway. .

Scene 3:
Location: Razia’s residence
razia wakes up with a heavy head, and finds mamu coming home. she asks where he was for the entire night. He says that he had gone to the masjid as he told. she says that she called there, and saw that he wasnt there. He says that he had some urgent work to tend to. He asks why does she look so hassled. Razia tells about zoya’s trap loast night. He asks what all she told her. she says that she cant recall. She says that she remembers zoya was asking about rashid, and god kn ows what she recorded and how much she confessed last night. mamu is tensed. later, razia wants to find out what all zoya got out of her. Asad finds razia within hearing range, and asks zoya to start with their plan. zoya selects an audio file on the mobile. Meanwhile, razia hears rashid’s voice, which is actually the message that he had sent asad, before razia pushed him down. she is shocked to find that rashid can speak. she goes towards his room, and overhears asad saying to him, that he should give his voice a rest, as suggested by the doctors, as he has just received his speech back. Razia is shocked to hear this. ilshad too plays alongwith it. They see that their plan is successful and razia is very tensed. Zoya is super happy, and says that her company got asad to execute such a brilliant plan. Dilshad asks next what. Asad says that this is just the beginning, and that they would get razia to a stage of confessing. for razia to get more into tension, dilshad and asad talk to the doctor in front of her, saying that he is completely fine and would recover soon completely. razoa decides to go and check herself on rashid’s condition. But razia finds reporters and the police being given a statement by zoya, that rashid is completely fine and would go onto give a statement tomorrow, about what caused his accident. razia is tensed and leaves from there. Razia goes to find that mamu isnt there in their room. Razia thinks that here where is he going.

Scene 4:
Location: Mental facility
Mamau goes onto ask tanveer, brought in by the medical staff there, who ask him if he’s sure that he wants to meet her alone. He complies. they leave tanveer there. He asks her that she claims to know that she jnows his daughter and asks her to tell him atleast.She says that she knows everything, and that she maybe teamed mad, but she isnt, and remembers everything. he asks her. She goes onto tell him something. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Mamu comes to razia and tells her that now is the time to be prepared for the consequences of their action 17 years back. Razia is taken aback by his stance. she leaves the room in haste. Razia finds that dilshad, zoya and asad are taking rashid out in the wheelchair and wonders where he is being taken at this time in the night.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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