Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th January 2014 Written Update

Sameer and Shikha are traveling in a car to mumbai. She asks howmany hours more, he says 5 hours minimum. Sameer gets a call. He picks the call and says he will reach by evening and cuts the call. Some youngsters try to overtake Sameer’s car in a jeep. Sameer does not allow them. They succeed in overtaking and taunt him. Sameer gets angry and he tries to overtake them and race. They start racing. Shikha panics and asks Sameer to drive slowly. She starts coughing in anxiety. Sameer sees that and stops the car. He asks if she is ok. Shikha says she has speed phobia. Sameer gives her water and asks sorry to her. He starts driving again.

They reach mumbai and Sameer says welcome to mumbai. He asks if she is coming mumbai for the first time. She says she came with her parents long time back. She says she wants to eat bhelpuri. He says they will have it some other day as he is tired today. Shikha asks about Sameer’s office. He says his office is in the opposite direction and will show her some other day.

Avinash is walking around in his house remembering how Sameer’s parents gave excuses to go to Raipur. He even remembers what inspector said about Sameer. He feels something fishy. He calls Shikha, but her phone is out of reach. He gets worried. Sudha comes and gives him water. She says she is feeling awkward that Sameer’s parents are going to Raipur suddenly. He again tries to call Shikha but could not reach. Sudha consoles him by saying she is on the way to mumbai and will call him once she reaches and not to relax.

Stalker comes to Sameeer’s nasik bungalow but sees it locked. He asks asks watchman who says after Sameer’s marriage, they left the house. Shikha asks where are we going, is this the right path to their home. Sameer says they are going right.

Avinash is still tensed. Sudha comes and asks him why is he still tensed. He says he is very worried about Shikha. He says inspector Nayak said that Sameer is not a good guy. He even said whatever incidents were happening, Sameer was the mastermind. Shikha asks still howmuch time to reach home, if they are going in a right direction. Sameer says they are going in a right direction. She says she is feeling hungry. Sudha asks Avinash why did not he say her about this before. He says he didn’t believe inspector, but is worried after Sameer’s parents said they are going to Raipur suddenly. Sudha says inspector does not have evidence, so we can’t believe him. She asks to call Shikha again.

Shikha and Smeer drop by a restaurant and they walk out of car. Avinash calls but she doesn’t pick as phone is in the car. Shikha and Sameer start having food. He says to have some more food, he does not know how much time it will take to reach home. Shikha asks shockingly, what? He says he is just joking. They enjoy food feeding each other. Serial’s title song is played in the background.

Avinash is still trying to call Shikha. She picks the call after reaching to the car. She says him not to worry and she is alright. Avinash asks about Sameer. She says even he is alright. Avinash says to call him after reaching home and keeps the phone. Avinash and Sudha are happy now after speaking to Shikha. Sameer and Shikha start traveling again. Sameer sees Shikha sleeping and stops the car. He takes his hand near her neck gesturing like strangling her but taps her shoulder and says they reached home.

Sameer gets out of the car and helps Shikha get out of the car. Shikha asks which place is this?

Precap: Stalker switches on his phone and calls Shikha..

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  1. Every moment in this show has a suspense. It’s going to be very interesting to watch. Feels bad that such things happen in this world. All the best (MNB)

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