Qubool Hai 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The new bride is upset remembering ahil’s atrocities and indiffernec towards her since their marriage, and his affection towards sanam, and she thinks that when she knows that ahil likes sanam, still she is getting attracted towards her. Tanveer comes in and the new bride is startled. tanveer says that if this continues, she wont be able to ever win ahil’s heart. She asks her to feed ahil dessert tonight, under the blue moon. The new bride says that he likes sanam. tanveer tells her that she knows whats right for ahil, and who he likes, and she should do just whats told to her. She grabs the new bride, saying that she doesnt like hearing NO, and hence she should do as told. the new bride complies, scared and tensed. Tanveer leaves.

In her room, sanam is distraught as she remembers their memories. Seher is tensed to see her like this, thinking that the lord is testing her patience, and she understands what her sister must be going through, as she herself cant stand without being with rehaan for even an hour. She comes in front of sanam, and says that she never thought, ahil would be so angry, and that she doesnt know whats happening to her, and that she needs ahil, as she cant live without him and his love. seher asks her to stop crying, as she looks good smiling, and she cant see her cry. she says that she is such a brave girl, whose smile, gives her courage. She asks her to have faith on her marriage and love, and ahil would come back to her. She says that she would dress her up, and when ahil sees her, he would think of her as her bride. She dresses up sanam, in blue, saying that she got separated due to her, and he would come back too to her, due to this only. She compliments seher’s beauty.

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Downstairs, Tanveer asks the bangle seller to show the new bride the blue bangles, pointing at them. Both the bangle seller and the new bride, are shocked. while tanveer continues to pretend that she is blind, and feels them by touch, the new bride is still boggled and confused. Suddenyl, as she is trying on the bangles, the new sanam winces in pain. Tanveer asks what happened. the new bride tells her that the bangles broke, and hurt her. Tanveer asks her to wash her hands and get ready. The new bride unhappily eyes her face, as she gets ready and eyes herself in the mirror.

In the hallway, rehaan is tensed thinking that she spoke a little too much to seher maybe. He starts dialling her number, and tanveer eyeing her from a distance, pretends to be hurt due to her blindness. He immediately gets to her care, and after she sits, she asks for a glass of lukewarm water. He leaves. She takes his phone. tanveer finds the call list full of a name, Jaan, and thinks that this must definitely be Sanam, and decides to send a beautiful and romantic message to Sanam, that they should resolve all their fights, and that he shall be waiting for her, in the front lawn, to have dessert by her hands, and he knows that she shall definitely come. As she eyes rehaan coming back, she again pretends to be hurt and blind. she takes the water and thanks him. He takes his phone and leaves. She smiles evilly. Seher meanwhile, gets the message and gets happy. Tanveer sees her and thinks that everything is happening according to her wish. tanveer presents the dessert to the new bride, asking her to wait with this, in the front verandah, and she shall send ahil to her, at ten o clock, as today is the day of lovers, and hence she needs to be with ahil.

On the terrace, tanveer finds seher waiting for rehaan, and mistakes her as sanam. seher wonders where is rehaan after having called her here. She calls up someone, and asks them to do exactly what they have been told, without any mistake. She goes inside again. Meanwhile, gazalla and razaak, come with a message from ahil, saying that he is waiting for him, in the front lawn. He is confused, but thanks them. They leave.

Downstairs, Tanveer finds an adamant ahil, saying that he doesnt believe in this, and she tells him, that he should do this selflessly for the new bride, as she has saved their fame and name in the society, and that he shouldnt break her heart, as she was very excited about this. He resignedly leaves. She tells ahil that his new bride is waiting for him, in the front lawn, where she sent the message, to sanam to be ready. Ahil is gone. She thinks that the new bride is waiting, but not in the front lawn, somewhere else. As ahil leaves, tanveer thinks that she wants ahil to be heart broken, as he would be able to see, what his love, sanam is doing by betraying him shamelessly, and then she shall turn him to the new love, the new sanam, from whose arms, he wont be able to come out ever.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Meanwhile, rahat and haya too eagerly wait for this moon, and she starts getting impatient, saying that she is waiting for long now. rahat tries to romance her and keep her happy and smiling, and distracting her from the moon not coming. she shys away at his romance. A call comes, and rahat goes inside to attend it, while she is impatient, and sullenly asks if the call is important or her. He teases her that it maybe an old girlfriend, who remembered him on the moon night. He leaves, while haya pretends to be angry. As the clock starts ticking towards ten, she excitedly gets ready with her dessert. Haya keeps her eyes closed and shouts, expecting rahat to be around, saying that he should come right in front of her, as she wants to see him, even before the moon, as she begins the countdown of the counting, and then wants to feed him. she holds out a spoon of dessert. Inside, rahat gets a call from the inspector, saying that the body they got from the farmhouse isnt faiz’s buit someone else’s. He is shocked. Meanwhile, Faiz comes out, hiding from the pool, and eats the dessert, from the held out spoon. She happily opens her eyes. She and is shocked to see faiz, as he dives back in the waters, pleased. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Sanam finds ahil, and he gets tensed, as she tells him, that the fact they are here together, means that they are meant to be together forever. Rehaan too on the otherside, asks seher if she would just keep him waiting or feed him too. She lovingly complies. Both the sisters enjoy this moment, on the other sides of the lawn. From the terrace, Tanveer is shocked to see the both of them, one with ahil and the other with Rehaan, thinking that this means both of the twins, that zoya and asad were parents to, are alive. She is dumbfounded.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. how sweet and so romantic whow i’m sure drama is going to start right now as tan-veer saw both the sisters

  2. Thanks for the update Rimjhim 🙂

  3. Wow i thought she will create trouble but things have became even better.am loving this already

  4. Hallo am from Tanzania i love this show big tym.and luv u all

  5. i do’nt like evily simle

  6. Tanveer get to know about seher nd sanam.wow..,nd that dumb sisters don’t know abouts tanveers eyes…shit yaaaaa…every time evil wins….time to end thid crap.

  7. Can someone push ‘Tanveer over a cliff? It’s annoying when she takes up a full episode about getting back her stupid eyesight when it’s not even logical…no scar, dark circle…the woman is always well made up, never saw a blind woman that put together before!!!

  8. what nonsense is going on with faiz so childish of him jumping in and out of a pool frightening haya please writers end the faiz story it has no substance and ahil and sanam story is also boring with no substance end this also well rehatt and seher something could develop with their romance as for tanveer and the new bride throw tanveer in jail and send the new bride back to her home or give her to faiz

  9. So….now that Tanveer knows that there are twins only she will win this battle? when would this be done?

  10. Hw i wish tanveer would die nd dat too a slow nd painful death

  11. chi
    4 hw long does only bad win over gud??????????
    try gud story line else shw gona loose its charm vch alrdy has gone dwn v.v.v.v.v. long back itself..

  12. R u guys going to make a twist where sanam or seher spot tanveer or make ahil find the truth

  13. If u guys keep making the twins plan Fail the story will be getting booked .it’s so hard to think of anything good will happen in qubool hai

  14. Sorry I meant bored

  15. Make ahil find the the truth that’s where romance will happen

  16. If ahil finds the truth the story will be that ahil wants tanveer to die

  17. Writerssssss pls do smthg interesting!!!!
    Haya stabbed faiz but still he is as if ther was no hurt on his body! !!!!!

  18. Writerssssss pls do smthg interesting!!!!
    Haya stabbed faiz but still he is as if ther was no hurt on his body! !!!!!
    Feelng bored

  19. writers pls learn something from Pakistani shows which air on Zee Zindagi…….
    guyz watch Zee zindagi I m 100% sure u all will like Pakistani shows……

  20. waw guyz t wl goin to be fun

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