Hum Hain Na 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with marriage registrar suggesting Amma/dad and Bunty/Sagarika that marriage should be registered only after 3-4 years of marriage as couples need to know each other well first. They all laugh. He asks Amma/dad who are their evidences. Bunty says they will and says they both are his parents and they will become each other’s evidence. Registrar asks if he is Shivprasad mishra. Bunty says yes. They exchange garlands and then take a selfie.

Swara in a skimpy western outfit sits behind her boyfriend’s bike and leaves with him to a restaurant.

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Rani dreams about getting out of a luxury car wearing precious jewelry and sari and Pappu holding umbrella over her in a blazer. She stumbles on Pappu’s shoes and wakes up. She tells about her dream to Pappu and scolds him for breaking her dream.

Swara goes to a restaurant with her friends and gets tensed seeing costly menu. She says her friends that food is very costly here. They says it is same in every restaurant. They suggest her to have pizza or at least coffee. She orders normal coffee. They asks if she will take them to multiplex tomorrow. She agrees, but if she asks money from Amma, she will kill her, so she will have to arrange it from other source.

Amma/dad and Sagarika/Bunty reach home and Daadi greets them in with aarti. Satya comes there and asks Amma about her political campaign. Amma says she got out of the dream and told her supporters she will not fight elections. Satya gets annoyed hearing that. Dad asks Bunty to print their marriage photograph and hand it over to inspector. Bunty jokes that he has better idea and they should fix a name board.

Rani comes down wearing white sari. Amma starts crying thinking Pappu is dead. Rani says Pappu is fine and is in his room. They all call Pappu and he comes down.

On lunch table, Dad tells how he went behind all brides singing his youth song searching for Amma. Everyone laughs. A man comes with his friend and asks Amma to get him license for a pan shop. Dad asks Amma if her political drama is not yet over. Amma says she is not a politician now and asks him to take area politician’s help. Man leaves. Dad gets happy.

While preparing food, Swara burns roti thinking how to arrange money for multiplex plan with her friends. Ratna scolds her and leaves. Satya hears her murmuring.

While having dinner, Bunty tries to get naughty with Sagarika and touches Daadi’s feet instead. Daadi jokes with Bunty that he should play feet touching game with everyone. Everyone starts laughing hearing that, Bunty and Sagarika get shy. Dad asks Pappu to throw Amma’s cutout out of Banaras tomorrow morning.

Rani takes out her jewelry boxes and dreams that she will buy more once she gets rich. Pappu sees boxes out and gets them in drawer back. She gives him milk and asks him to drink before 12 p.m.

Pappu takes out Amma’s cutout and Amma sadly fare wells it. Dad laughs and says Amma is worried as if she is seeing off her own daughter.

Rani opens her jewelry box and does not find necklace in it. She tells Amma about it.

Precap: Rani tells family members that her necklace is missing and she will check everyone. Daadi asks Amma how can rani doubt own family members. Amma says even she wants everyone to be checked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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