Qubool Hai 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 16th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
razia starts behaving absurdly as she starts having the effect of drugs on her, while zoya shuts the door. zoya begins recording. Razia says that she isnt scared of her and that she knows that zoya has done something. Zoya says that she just mixed something, for which first she would lose control over her laughter and then on her speech and would be forced to say the truth. Zoya asks her to say what all has she done. Razia says that she has done so many things that are endless. as zoya asks her to speak, razia rushes to the door, and starts to walk out the door. But zoya gets her back, and asks her to spill out the truth.

Razia in her drugged state state confesses to zoya, as she concocts the confession out from her, asking what did she do with rashid. razia blurts out saying that she spoiled his life. zoya is stunned. She takes the recorder and puts it close to razia’s face, as she blurts out the truth. Zoya then asks if razia pushed rashid. Razia takes a long timke before being able to say, but finishes her sentence midway, falling off to sleep. Just then, the door opens and asad walks in. Zoya is in a state of regret. Asad says that due to her immature act, she would be more alert now. Zoya says that she almost managed to confess but didnt. asad is tensed that they would have to take a differebnt course. zoya asks what. Asad says that rashid would have to speak. Dilshad says that only when rashid speaks is that possible. dilshad walks in tensed. She says that the doctors say that he is alright but dont know why isnt he talking. Dilshad says that everything is in rashid’s hand now. zoya assures her that rashid would be alright soon, and would be able to say everything too. Dilshad asks when would that happen. asad says that tomorrow it would happen and he would tell them about the guilty if not speak. He says that just that rashid can speak, is a hint enough to get razia and mamu to speak the truth.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Farhan reprimands nikhat for dressing up like this and shows the actual dress that she had been gifted. Nikhat tries to protest her innocence, but farhan doesnt listen to anything, and ask her to go and change into something decent. Meanwhile, haseena mixes something in the drink, and goes over to their room. she asks farhan not to scold or get tensed and sends him out to cater to the guests, while she handles nikhat here. after he leaves, she gives nikhat the same water, which nikhat gulps down. Haseena asks her to dress up in farhan’s dress and come down. after haseena leaves, nikhat is distraught, as she eyes the dress that farhan gave her and is confused. Just then, her mind begins to go dizzy, and she starts to go dizzy.

haseenma comes out and asks everyone to dance, and set the m,ood for the party. just then, the lights go off. Meanwhile, nikhat shocks everyone, including haseena, imran, farhan and nazma by dancing seductively in that dress only, on a hip number, something thats entirely against the traditions of the family. As they try to control nikhat, she is uncontrollable in her drugged state, as she dances in an objectionable manner. All the guests and everyone else are shocked. farhan takes her from there. haseena sees sameera, in her drugged state and is shocked too. Nikhat points it out to him, but she is gone and farhan thinks that she is ranting incoherently too. Nikhat goes to ask haseena too. nazma asks her to stop. Nikhat says that she isnt mad but haseena is trying to prove her to be one. haseena asks her to stop this nonsense, and stop from insulting them in front of the society. farhan takes her from there. Nikhat frustrates out and says that she wont go anywhere and that she isnt mad, and that there’s sameera’s soul in this house. She goes to everyone asking if they saw and tries to convince them. All are disturbed. farhan finally forcefully takes her from there. but she stops him with a knife in her hand, in a rage. haseena and everyone else are shocked now. she speaks saying that she isnt mad, and again talks abvout sameera. farhan asks her to relax and asks her to keep the knife there. haseena says that she has gone mad, and asks her to put the knife away. Nikhatb asks her to shut up and say that she is trying to prove her mad, and her intentions may be whatever but she wont let them fulfill. Nazma asks her to put the knife too down. but nikhat stops her too, pointing it at her. She says that noone believes her. Nikhat takes nazma to show sameera to her. Nazma says that she has full faith on her, but nikhat doesnt get convinced. as they all try to convince nikhat to leave the knife, nikhat accidentally stabs the knife into imran’s hand who tries to save nazma’s belly. all are shocked while nikhat stands stunned. The screen freezes on nikhat’s face.

Precap: Haseean reprimands nikhat for being the sister who tries to take away the life of her own sister’s husband. Nikhat stands distraught. Haseena pushes her saying that she doesnt dserve to be with them or stay in this house. Farhan asks her not to blow things out of proportion, as nothing happened. nazma differs saying that anything could have. nazma says that something could have happened fatal to her or her child too. She says that haseena is right in saying that if she cant control herself then she doesnt need to stay here, with them and can go far away from them. farhan is tensed, while nikhat is shocked. Meanwhile, razia hears rashid’s voice, which is actually the message that he had sent asad, before razia pushed him down. she is shocked to find that rashid can speak. she goes towards his room, and overhears asad saying to him, that he should give his voice a rest, as suggested by the doctors, as he has just received his speech back. Razia is shocked to hear this. in the forests, Humaira comes across a person, with a rifle taking an aim at her. she is shocked. Haider stands behind her equally tensed too. But before he can pull the trigger, haider overtakes humaira and stands in the way, before humaira and the rifle. humaira gets emotionally surprised to see this. Finally the sound of the trigger shocks them both.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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