Gustakh Dil 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 16th January 2014 Written Update

The show starts with Nikhil saying lajjo to take care. The other couple ask Nikhil where they met and if they fell in love at the first sight. Nikhil is reluctant and does not answer… Lajjo says how they met and a flashback is shown…the couple compliment them saying it is like a film. Trisha says she can’t believe Nikhil marrying Lajjo as he was so much in love with Ishana… the guy stops Trisha and they say this is what is call love and they are blushing while Nikhil is feeling uneasy…
It is dinner time and the other couple make each other eat while Lajjo is watching and smiles. Nikhil asks her to taste some food from his plate and Nikhil says the barbeque is hot Lajjo says if the food is coming from the barbeque obviously it will be hot. The couple want to dance they ask

Lajjo and Nikhil to join them, Nikhil refuses saying Lajjo does not like to dance.

Trisha says if she does not know she will learn to dance, Lajjo stand up and notices Nikhil who’s feeling bad…
Lajjo sits saying she’s fine better to watch instead of dancing. The couple dance on a song…lajjo once again has flashback dancing with Nikhil. Lajjo notices Nikhil who’s feeling uneasy and sad.
Lajjo is feling cold and Nikhil removes his jacket and covers Lajjo shoulder.
Ayesha enters the library, while walking she trips and was going to fall when a guy holds her. She tells the guy that he may be following her as only educated people do enter a library. The guy says she’s wrong as he’s also in the library for the same purpose as her.
They both have a tit for tat conversation.
Kunal takes some few flowers for Ishana and her mom tells him that Ishana just leave. He says it is okay. Kunal says he comes to meet her and the flowers are for her. ishana mom says there’s no festivals what is the purpose for these flowers. Kunal says for helping and recognising his feelings for Ishana. ishana mom is happy. Kunal tells ishana mom to talk with Ishana about the same, she tells Kunal not to worry.

Nikhil takes Lajjo and shows her the head of a tiger and tells her he’s going to ask her a few questions and she does not give him the right answer his hand will be eaten by the tiger. Lajjo laughs as he’s kidding… Nikhil places his hand in the tiger mouth and tells Lajjo to say the truth or otherwise… He asks her if ever she will fall in love will she tell him? lajjo is in tears and thinks to herself how can she tell him she has fallen in love with him. Nikhil makes as if the tiger really ate his hand and Lajjo is shocked they have a good time kidding and taking pictures along with the other couple.
Ishana mom wants to talk to her about Kunal and she tells her she has decided to get her married and that is why she talked with Kunal dad.. Ishana is shocked.

Lajjo at the resort slaps a man leaving Nikhil and the couple shocked.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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