Qubool Hai 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 16th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the jail
tanveer remembers everyone’s betrayal and gets frustrated as days pass on, and she keeps marking all passing days. She says that no court or no jail, can stop her from fulfilling her promise, that she made to herself, and zoya, that she would take her revenge. She says that they all betrayed her together and they would have to pay a price for this, when she comes back.

In another cell, nikhat goes to meet farhan, who is happy to see her. He tells her that he knew that she would come. she hands him the divorce papers. But he says that he has realised his mistake and wants to be given another chance to prove that he has changed. nikhat says that she’s sure that he would remain the same and asks him to sign the papers. He asks her to calm diwn

and think again, as to what would happen after she is divorced, as the society would taunt her. she says that he is completely mistaken and she doesnt need his support and that she is so powerful today due to him and his betrayal only. she says that her own family is always with her, but asks him to think what would happen to him, as he would be suffoctade in the jail, and gives him a pillow to rid himself of the jail, as he remembers that its the same pillow that he smothered her with.

As two months pass, tanveer is doing work in the jail, when she finds the door of a car ajar, which is nikhat’s who turns to talk to one of the wardens. Tanveer finds that its her chance to escape, and she stealthily approaches the car. Nikhat gets in to the front seat and drives off.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
After two months, dilshad organises a party in the celebration of zoya’s and nazma’s pregnancy, where all the ladies congratulate her as the guests start arriving. As shirin prepares the buffet, she is concerned for zoya, and humaira instantly gets pizza for zoya, telling shirin that she locves it. shirin asks her to get nazma and zoya down for the function. She asks about nikhat and humaira gets tensed.

Zoya and nazma are brought down, where they all bless the two ladies, and ask dilshad to save them from evil eyes. shirin and dilshad too blesses them. as zoya is gorging on pizza, they all tease her about the same. Dilshad says that her baby would be bored of pizza too. But zoya vehemently denies that her child mwould go on her. They all have a good laugh. Zoya breaks into her poetry:

Seedhi se jab thak jao, toh use karo lift,
khaana toh ab ho gaya, toh kholte hai ab gift…!!!

They start discussing gifts as they open it, and wish that atleast one of them has a girl. Finally nikhat arrives at home, from the jail. She finds her papers strewn around, and wonders how did that happen. She arranges them all together, and goes inside, asking wajid to take the stuff out from the car. As she comes in, she realises that she is too late. dilshad reprimands her amusingly. Nikhat is disappointed that all the gifts have been opened. She congratulates zoya and nazma. Just then, wajid comes with a gift, that a courier person delivered. She is about to open it, when haider comes in and distracts her, asking her to come weith him. they both get up and are blindfolded, and move out, while the gift lingers around starnded. haider and humaira take the ladies to a room, thats been decorated for the babies that are due. Asad comes in asking zoya how did she like it. zoya teases him how could he be so creative, as she cant believe it. asad says that it isnt her fault, as only the worthy can appreciate the deserving, and she may not but his baby would know his worth. nazma gets emotional thinking that they never had this kind of dream childhood, and asad says that thats tha reason that he asrranged all this. Humaira too congratulates them, while zoya teases her about her issue and its arrival. she gets shy. they all come down finally, hearing zoya’s poetry.

Hindi filmon mein servants hote hainveerus bholus
Dekho kitne talented hai humare bachchon ke mamus…..

She sees that the gift hasnt been opened yet. Asad asks who sent it. Zoya says that there’s no name of the sender. As zoya begins to open a gift, that has something ticking inside it, asad gets suspicious while zoya is casual about it, and he asks her not to take any chances. haider agrees with asad, but zoya doesnt believe it. Asad says that in this gift, and tries to scare her, and she fearfully asks what, and he relieves and pleasntly surprises her by presenting her a model of the taj mahal.(MITWA) They relive their wedding memories, as zoya looks at him romantically. Dilshad reprimands asad for teasing zoya like that. asad says that just like this symbol of love, their love too is for forever, and asks her to witness that no one shall be able to cast an evil glance at her or the family.

Scene 3:
Location: In the jail.
tanveer isnt able to run off, as the wardens catch her, and tie her in her cell, so that she cant run again. She starts laughing incoherently, and then stops eyeing the names she scribbled on the wall. tanveer goes berserk thinking about the ladies that caused this to her, zoya, nazma, dilshad and asad. she is highly frustrated. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Zoya tells dilshad that she feels scared at having had so much happiness in her life together. Dilshad says that whatever would happen now, they would have to accept it, thinking that itd god’s wish, be it good or bad. Meanwhile, tanveer stabs nazma with a knifer in the stomach, while she is shocked. tanveer expresses her frustration that in the past, this house saw the worst and today also it would.b The only difference being, that day it was on her, and today it would be on nazma. nazma falls on the ground, clutching her stomach, as she doses off into unconsciousness.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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