Gustakh Dil 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 16th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil asking Lajjo does she love him. She does not answer him and runs inside. Lajjo’s dad comes and Nikhil says I want to talk to Lajjo. Her dad says she is very stubborn, she won’t listen to you. He says she is angry on you, go to bus stop and wait there for Lajjo. Nikhil smiles. Nikhil takes his blessings and leaves. Lajjo meets Putti on the way. Putti supports Nikhil and his love. She asks her to go back with Nikhil. Lajjo says I can’t understand, I can’t trust him, why is he loving me, I m the same Lajjo, then how love happened. Putti says now he realized, so whats wrong.

Putti asks Lajjo to accept Nikhil, go with him else you will regret later. Lajjo asks her to think about her, she asks where are you going being so much ready. Putti says I will not tell you. Lajjo says I know everything, I have eyes. Putti asks what do you know. Lajjo says love is not wrong, but you know your mum and the villagers, they will not understand. She asks her to be careful. Putti says fine and smiles. Lajjo comes to the bus stop and sees Nikhil there.

Baba talks to Lajjo’s parents and says Nikhil’s mistakes can’t be forgiven but he is a true and honest man, he realized his mistakes and its great that he loves Lajjo. He understands it now. Lajjo’s mum says sorry to say but Nikhil loved Ishaana right, then how did he realize that he loves Lajjo. He says Lajjo’s heart is not a toy with which he will play. He can change his mind tomorrow again. Baba says I think we should trust Nikhil. She says we can’t do this, we are worried about Lajjo. Baba leaves requesting them.

Lajjo gets in the bus and Nikhil also gets after her. Lajjo smiles. A man gets in touch with Lajjo and Nikhil comes in between. Ehsaas jo mujhe ho raha hai……………. Ise tu na pehchaan paya…………. Dil be ki hai gustakhiyaan……………..plays……………..Nikhil and Lajjo stand closer. Lajjo then leaves. Nikhil waits for her to return at the bus stop. Nikhil tries to talk to her. Lajjo comes home.

Nikhil comes after her and they have a eye lock from far. Lajjo’s mum talks to her and asks her to have food. Lajjo says I m having stomach pain. Nikhil gets worried. Lajjo says I will not have food. She shows as if she does not care about Nikhil. Lajjo’s dad talks to Nikhil and gives him food asking him to have it. Lajjo looks at him. He says if you don’t eat, Lajjo’s stomach pain will not go. Nikhil eats. Lajjo sees him having food. Its morning, Lajjo comes to the clinic.

Some people come there asking for Doctor Kaka. They are angry and try to break the clinic. Lajjo tries to stop him. Nikhil comes there and stops them. Lajjo looks at Nikhil.

Lajjo and Nikhil have a romantic hug in the rain.

Update Credit to:Amena

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