Qubool Hai 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Party Venue
sanam turns around surprised as dilshad, in her veil catches hold of her hand. She finds her wrists wounded, and then sanam asks dilshad who is with her. Dilshad points out to seher, walking around, but sanam is unable to see her. Ahil finds sanam attending to dilshad and then excuses himself from the guests and Tanveer, to go to sanam, and Tanveer is frustrated. Ahil searches around for sanam, who has gone to get some first aid for dilshad. Meanwhile, haya tries to get azhar’s parents to tell about sanam and she points in a particular direction. Haya stands beside Dilshad, oblivious that she is in the wheelchair. haya notices her wounded hands too, and starts to bandage them with her hankey, while dilshad tries to show her seher standing at a distance. haya misconstrues that she is asking for water and goes to get some. dilshad is distraught. With great difficulty, she tries to wheel in the wheelchair ahead, but stumbles and her veil falls off. She is then helped by seher, who helps her get up, while dilshad is too stunned to react, while she is taken back to childhood memories of seher, and how she had lost her, after the massacre. she starts crying incoherently. Seher tensedly asks if she is okay, and then drapes the veil around her, keeping her face open, while dilshad eyes her overwhelmingly, with tears streaming down her cheeks. Seher asks her not to cry, as she would just get water for her. She begins to go, but dilshad holds her hand and makes her sit. seher agrees not to go anywhere asking her not to worry. She gets water from the waiter. Seher thinks that she must definitely be paralysed, when she doesnt move, and offers to make her drink herself. Dilshad complies. Seher is giving water to dilshad, who eyes her granddaughter overwhelmingly, while oblivious that both the other daughters, haya and dilshad too are getting water and first aid for her. She is overwhelmed with emotions. Sanam is distracted by ahil, as she catches him talking to someone. She finds azhar’s parents busy in eating, and then goes to talk to him, but is stopped by haya, who is boggled to see sanam having changed dress. sanam asks her totake the first aid to the lady in the wheelchair, while she goes to talk to ahil and then would talk to her. She leaves. haya is tensed. Meanwhile, seher tells dilshad that she would get someone for her. Dilshad is tensed as she covers her face yet again. as seher turns around, haya arrives and is shocked to see seher, who she misunderstands to be sanam who changed dress so suddenly yet again. haya tries to tell that she had just gone there, and seher callously asks if she is with her, and asks her why did she leave her alone. She reprimands haya saying that she was crying and had fallen down. She leaves. haya wonders whats wrong with sanam. dilshad wonders whats all happening. She wonders how to tell haya that she isnt sanam but seher. she thinks helplessly that her daughters are here, and leave alone hugging them, she cant even call them endearingly. She is distraught.

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Sanam finds ahil busy again with tanveer and the photographers, and thinks that she has to send message to ahil somehow, amidst the business, and wonders who can she send this message through, that tanveer and azhar’s parents dont doubt. Rehaan sees sanam, and thinks that if sanam sees him here, she would ask him thousand of questions, and he stealthily escapes from there. Seher meanwhile instinctively gets the idea that rehaan is around, but then wards it off, asking herself to focus on her work. Haya finds sanam in the lobby again in the change of dress. haya asks sanam whats wrong with her, and why is she behaving so strange. sanam asks her to focus on what she is about to say. sanam asks haya to get ahil in the corridor somehow, as she has something very important to talk to him and that noone should get to know of it. Sanam starts moving towards the corridor, while oblivious that seher stands there with her back towards her. Dilshad remembers razia’s plan, and dilshad thinks that destiny has brought the two sisters together and hopes that they both are saved from some calamity. haya goes after ahil, once he is free from the photographers. She finds ahil questioning azhar’s father, about sanam, who wards off the questions. haya is tensed. she finds a waiter taking a cake, and she sends him off to their direction and they both are distracted by the food. Ahil is left alone, and hay agoes after him. Sanam meanwhile waits impatiently in the lobby, hoping that haya gets ahil here before tanveer gets them to sign the papers. She remembers tanveer’s threats, and wonders what tanveer is upto, but knows that if she tells ahil everything, before tanveer’s plan, she can stop tanveer from spoiling ahil’s life. After finishing the cake, azhar’s father is tensed that tanveer would kill him, if ahil gets to meet sanam.

Meanwhile, rahat is tensed remembering faiz and haya’s situaion with him, and wonders that he has become selfish for faiz, that he is helpless in what he is doing, and that he would end up hurting haya and his family, and wonders what to do now. He doesnt find haya anywhere and thinks that she must have told everything to sanam by now. as rahat asks about sanam from latif, tanveer overhears and comes to him, asking if he is looking for sanam. rahat says that he is looking for sanam, and but he cant find sanam or haya or ahil. tanveer says that she would get them all. rahat leaves. tanveer is determined to get rid of sanam by any means, as she is born with the same audacity as zoya and asad.

Haya takes ahil aside and tells him that sanam is in the corridor and then goes with him to take him to sanam. ahil begins to walk ahead with haya. As sanam searches through the packet, she is shocked to find that its empty and after searching around, when she doesnt find it, she understands that the paper was in the car, and she got just the packet. She wonders what to do now. Waiting in the lobby, sanam thinks that she would have to expose tanveer’s reality anyhow in front of ahil. Sanam is determined that she would tell ahil about her mother’s actual reality, oblivious that tanveer has her death planned, as she holds out a dagger to stab her, from behind. But she wonders what she would do if ahil doesnt belive her without evidence. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Sanam tells tanveer that she knows the entire mystery behind Ahil’s father’s death and that she actually is the murderer, and she only got ahil to believe that actuallyt he killed his father and trapped him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. simply creating tensions… but d story din’t move even a bit forward

  2. It has reached a dragging point

  3. Yes u are right sahil even seeing after a week i think u won’t miss much

  4. C nimpirte koi se spectacl, tt se tmp Sahil se st mm pa rencontrer, Sanam na mm pa encor di a Aahil la VriT sur Tanveer, Sanam et Seher se st jms rencontre, c tro nul….sa navznce pa du tt, jespere 1meilleur spectacl ke cela

  5. Very disappointed with how this show is shaping up.All these msunderstandings that are taking forever to clear up.Even the rahat haya romance not heading anywhere(sigh)

  6. Indian drama story lines are funny. and the way they drag the stories and giving the rich too much powers baffles me, its boring.

  7. actually it is nice the story like is nice.

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