Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram seeing Meenakshi in her modern look and being shocked. Everyone look on and smile. Vikram stops Meenakshi and asks what are you doing here, whats all this. She says she is not Meena, she is Meenakshi. She goes inside the house. Bhabho and Babasa come doing acting. Vikram says see Meenakshi, what clothes is she wearing, no shame at all. Bhabo says she is marrying someone else, what can we do now, I can’t scold her now. Sandhya teases Vikram about Meenakshi marrying someone else now. Meenakshi adorns herself and looks good. Zakir talks to Sooraj and says no one believes me now, except Sandhya, my family is paying for this blame, I feel good to have good friends like you.

Sooraj says truth will win come, Bhabho made special dish for you for Diwali. He makes Zakir smile. Taisa taints Zakir for cheating the country and calls him a traitor. Soora defends Zakir. She says she knows what Zakir did, he should be punished. Zakir gets sad. Sandhya comes and defends Zakir. She says you don’t have right to say against Zakir. Taisa says she has a right, as Zakir has put her behind bars before. She brings black powder to apply on Zakir’s face and Zakir stops her. He says don’t dare to call me traitor, and scolds her. He says he is honest man, don’t make me helpless that I leave my honesty. He leaves angrily.

Disha and Prema smile seeing this. Bhabho asks Sandhya not to worry, as they all know Zakir is honest police officer. She says Soorraj got him here to make him happy, but Taisa made him angry. A man comes asking for Emily and gives her new scooty keys. Emily is surprised. Bhabho says take it, its by Mohit, as Diwali gift. Emily turns to Mohit and smiles. She says it was not needed. Mohit says it was needed, as you travel out for parlour work. She thanks him. He says lets tell Sandhya and Soorraj to do its puja. Emily asks Sandhya to come.,

Everyone go out. Sandhya and Sooraj do the puja. Misri comes and looks on. Sooraj shows the number plate and shows Rathi. Misri reads in English as the numbers in reverse look as alphabets. Sandhya thinks can that code be the number. She goes inside the house and writes down the code. Disha comes and says she has good news for everyone. Bhabho asks what is it. Disha shows the Dubai ticket for Sooraj, and flight number 2310. Sandhya writes 2310. Sooraj sees the ticket and smiles. Sandhya thinks whats this number. Bhabho blesses Sooraj and says she is very happy. Everyone say congrats to Sooraj. Disha smiles and thinks his flight will be hijacked. She thinks about the video. Mohit says we will celebrate Diwali well. Disha thinks just 5 days remaining, as after that the flight 2310 will be hijacked.

Disha asks Sooraj where is Sandhya, give her the good news too. Sooraj says I will tell her. Disha thinks Sandhya should know this, as she is handling RK’s case, she will not know this flight is part of Operation Grahan. Sandhya tells SP about code decoded 2310. SP says I also wanted to tell you, as intelligence decoded it. She says we have to find out about this number. Prema hears this and thinks she is smart and reached 2310 too, I have to do something.

Disha tells Sandhya about good news. She shows the flight ticket. Sandhya smiles. Prema is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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